Title 书名

Yami no Akuyaku Reijō wa Aisa Re Sugiru

The Dark Villain Daughter is Too Loved (Akuyaku Reijō)


Author 作者


Mai Aoikawa

Book Status 小说进度

Japanese – Completed

Chapters 章节


Translation Status 翻译进度

English Version – Ongoing

Chinese Version – Ongoing

Raws 原文


Rating 分级


Tags 标签

Reincarnation, Romance, Otome Game, Comedy, Antagonist


One day, the Duke’s daughter Christine came to a terrifying realisation.

She had reincarnated as a the daughter of the antagonist in the otome game that she had played in her previous life.

In the future, her fiancé, the crown prince, will break off their wedding engagement; there was also the possibility that she would be met with futher torture in the form of murder in the future.

At such a realisation, Christine fainted, and fell asleep. ── Regardless, the current situation she was in, this cannot do!

Christine decided to confront her future horrors!

The assassin will be saved even after being released, so let’s focus on improving her weak constitution first!

As soon as she got things figured out, Christine collapsed. Goodness she hates this body…

She decided to pick up self-defense training, but … But would this really help her evade her tragic undoing…! ??








正当她决定好将来的去向,她晕倒了。这副身体实在是讨厌… …

克里斯汀决定开始练习防身术…… 但这一切是否能让她避免她的悲剧下场……!?


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Note: English and Chinese translated versions are updated synchronously / 英文中文翻译般同步更新

01 | Reincarnated as the Villainess 1 / 重生成反派千金1

02 | Reincarnated as the Villainess 2 / 重生成反派千金2

03 | Reincarnated as the Villainess 3 / 重生成反派千金3

04 | Tragic Future 1 / 悲惨的未来1

05 | Tragic Future 2 / 悲惨的未来2

06 | Tragic Future 3 / 悲惨的未来3

07 | Exercise 1 / 健身1

08 | Exercise 2 / 健身2

09 | Exercise 3 / 健身3

10 | Strange Looking 1 / 奇怪的样子1

11 | Strange Looking 2 / 奇怪的样子2

12 | Horror Time 1 / 恐怖的时间1

13 | Horror Time 2 / 恐怖的时间2

14 | Let’s Talk About the Future1 / 谈谈未来1

15 | Let’s Talk About the Future 2 / 谈谈未来2

16 | In Order to Avoid Tragedy 1 / 为了避免悲剧1

17 | In Order to Avoid Tragedy 2 / 为了避免悲剧2

more chapters to be added 未完待续

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