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Christine sat beside him and watched intently as Mel tried out the New Moon pose. 

In the game, Mel was portrayed as a very frightening character.

He was a servant that was a Shadow— 

He had undergone specialised training, among which included assasination.

As a result of the villainess’ orders, he had also taken to extreme measures in certain situations. 

In the end, the villain duo was defeated. 

However, the current 14-year-old Mel that had not enrolled in school yet was not at all scary.

Christine had told him to teach her self-defense, but he’d been avoiding this topic.

Never mind then, I should start from the basics, let’s improve my stamina first.

Christine wore her suteteko and strolled around the garden.

She’d hoped that Adley would be able to see her in such an attire. Perhaps he would cancel their engagement as a result. 

However, every time he came down, he would give them notice in advance. Whether she liked it or not, she’d have to dress up especially for him. So that was impossible.


Bright and early one morning, when she was taking a stroll with Mel, Christine bumped into Adley.




Beside him was his close aide, Ramsay Evat. 

Ramsay was also one of the capture targets in the game that had participated in the final condemnation event.

“Christine… your attire?”

Upon seeing her suteteko, Adley was shocked.

Onii-sama Swijin had mentioned that Adley would be visiting soon, but for some reason this time, he arrived without prior notice unlike previous times. 

Seeing that her fiancé was here, Christine’s entire being was trembling.

Ramsay was here too.

But if she were to scrutinise this scene, perhaps this was quite a lucky situation to get into. After all, she was in her suteteko. 

Perhaps he might cancel our engagement!

“Good afternoon, Adley-sama, Ramsay-sama. What brought you here today?”

The two of them didn’t dare believe their eyes, and turned their gazes towards Christine.

Ramsay was handsome but cold. 

He had grey-tinted blue eyes, silver hair that glinted like moonlight, a slender nose bridge, and thin lips. 

He was known as the frosty young master. 

In the game, his route was the most mesmorising route out of everyone’s, but now really wasn’t the time to feel that kind of heartbeat thudding away in her chest.  

“I heard you fainted, and was very worried. I’ve some time on my hands so I thought I should pay you a visit. Ramsay was just touring the palace, so he came along with me. My apologies for not letting you know in advance.”

“Thank you very much for especially making the trip. I have worried you. I’m already better.”

The two of them standing before a smiling Christine donned in her suteteko were rather confused. 

“It’s great if you’ve recovered.”

“Yes, thanks to you, I have already recovered.”

“Christine… what is it that you’re wearing?”

“Ara*, well!”

* あら(ara): (interjection) ah, well, my goodness

Christine looked down at her own clothes, and pinched the material as though she’d just realised what she was wearing. 

“Please do excuse me for dressing like this!”

“You always dress like this?”

She couldn’t help but shiver when Ramsay’s cold but angry voice sounded, yet at the same time, she smiled.

“Yes, I do like dressing this way these days, and I wear it very often, it’s very comfortable, and it’s easy to move in, ohoho.”

“It does look easy to move in… but as the crown prince’s fiancée, it’s not appropriate to dress in this manner.”

Adley rebuked Ramsay strongly. 

“Ramsay, if Christine likes it, why not?”

“But Adley—”

Even though Adley had defended Christine, he was equally shocked at her attire.

That’s right, Ramsay-sama is right, this is not appropriate, please cancel the engagement now!

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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