ZHAN LANN hosts English translations and Chinese learning resources (coming soon :>). Established in 2017, we seek to impart the beauty and fascination of the Chinese language, and well, what better way to do that than through literature?

WYNNE (the one and only lone soul you see slinking around here) is an avid procrastinator who likes evading homework and not meeting school deadlines 🙂 Currently residing in a tropical country, experiencing the after-effects of global warming, and sweating away in front of her computer while translating Chinese novels > < Please be nice to her!

雯逸 (这儿唯一晃悠的孤单小灵魂T-T )热衷浪费时间外加逃避学校功课作业任务期限等,现处于热带地区的某个小岛,正汗流浃背地坐在电脑前打字,享受着全球变暖的后遗症嗯 > < 请多多指教!

DISCLAMINER ZHAN LANN owns all original works and English translations (under ZHAN LANN) uploaded on this site.

声明 本站旗下的英翻及原创作品为湛蓝 ZHAN LANN 所有。

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