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CHAPTER 19 ♦ The Detested Magic II

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“Yes, Adley-sama?”

Adley maintained his consistent visits to the Duke’s mansion. 

However, he was visiting much more frequently these days. This had Christine unsettled. 

Her heart trembling, they sat in the garden drinking tea. 

Adley gazed at Christine with his sapphire-blue eyes. 

Cold sweat started beading for Christine.

“You’re looking healthier every day.”

Because of her daily exercises, her previously pale skin got a little tanner. 

“The sun’s pretty strong these days… I’m a little burnt.”

She’d been jogging for quite a while now, but she usually only did that in the early morning. 

Meanwhile her self-defense training was done indoors inside her room.

She didn’t want to get any freckles in the future, so she should start paying some mind to the UV rays. 

Adley came down on his own today. Occasionally, Ramsay would join him too. 

When both of them were here, things would get even more tense. 

Ramsay would also look at Christine, as though he was observing her. ♢ THE DARK VILLIAN DAUGHTER IS TOO LOVED, CHAPTER 19 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

Ramsay-sama is truly a demon… if I tell Adley-sama that I want to marry him, would that lead me down the destruction route…?

But if what she said were to result in the condemnation evening party four years down the road, it would be akin to committing suicide. 

She’d wanted to work with Ramsay to cancel the engagement. Unfortunately, the latter had rejected her suggestion and single-handedly deleted this cooperation opportunity.

As she mentally prepared herself for this horrifying otome game to begin, she continued learning how to sing from her brother Swijin. 

Even after his voice change during puberty, Swijin, known for his angelic voice, still could sing very well. 

In the game, Swijin and whisper-sang into the heroine’s ears. Christine remembered that she it had been a beautiful scene. 

But that kind of heartbeat was not an experience that she was looking for now. 

All she could to was to beg her brother to teach her, and absorb as much as possible in hopes that it might save her life in the future. 


This daily routine continued for approximately a year and a half.

Christine did everything she could do on her own by herself. 

If she were to go down the island route — where she would be sent to an island faraway — it’s be very troublesome if she didn’t know how to do anything. 

Christine’s constituition improved considerably. She had successfully picked up the art of self-denfense. Even the way she spoke had changed a lot.

Despite so, something bad still happened.

If a magic wielder with a Star element had a Darkness affinity, his or her body would naturally be much more frail than the average person. 

This was a natural phenomenon. However, in the past year and a half, after Christine had gotten stronger and healthier, she did a lot of things that her body and mind was unable to withstand.

She’d forcibly changed the negativity into positivity. As a result of bodily rejection, she would experience a round of seizure once every few weeks. 

It was hard to breathe. The agony that she had to endure was hell. 

I’m much healthier now, really didn’t expect something like this to happen…!

When she took some medicine, the seizures would subside, but such medications were quite expensive. 

Even though the cost was really nothing much to the Duke’s family right now, she wasn’t sure if this would still be the case in the future. 

And if she were to be locked up on an island, would she still be able to get these meds?

—No. Definitely not. 

She would die as a result of these seizures. 

This was her future. 

How did it end up like this… did all my efforts go to waste, I must do something about this…!

Christine thought as she sank into pain.

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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