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Three days later, Christine was either up and worrying, or asleep.

Her death in her previous life happened when she was at the prime age of sixteen, just when she was supposed to experience the vivaciousness of life. 

If she didn’t do anything about this, she would die at the same age in this life…! 

She must avoid this tragedy. 


First things first, I should write down as many important points from the game as I can remember.

The points she wrote on the paper was in the language from her previous life; it’d be disastrous if someone else accidentally saw it.

“Romance and Corolla of the Saint”.

That was the world she was in — the title of the game. 

This otome game detailed the heroine* falling in love with five handsome guys from the Royal Magic Academy. 

* ヒロイン = heroine, i.e. female lead 

In her opinion, this game was suitable for players from all walks of life.

The unapologetic villainess Christine Fanel initiated a number of outrageously unpleasant developments directed at the heroine.

As a result, she received much condemnation, thereby leading to her tragic undoing.

Even though she was technically Christine herself, she could still remember how crazy the villainess had been when she played the game in her previous life. 

In this world, humans possessed magical powers of the Water, Fire, Earth and Wind elements. 

In Lufys Kindgom, it is mandated by law that all magic-wielder had to live on campus in the Royal Magic Academy if they were between the age of fifteen and eighteen to learn the foundation of magic.  

The majority of royals and nobility possessed magical powers. ♢ AKUYAKU REIJOU, CHAPTER 04 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

Legend has it that the royal family had signed a contract with the spirits once upon a time. This was also why their descendants could still wield magic.   

In addition to the four elements, there were also the Star and the Light elements. These two elements were extremely valuable as the number of star and light magic-wielders were very rare. 

Christine’s magic was the Star element, hence as to why she was chosen as the fiancée for the crown prince.

Magic-wielders have a proclivity towards either Night or Day affinity, depending on their element. 

The burden of possessing a magical power was often greater for those that have a Night affinity as compared to those that have a Day affinity.

As such, magic-wielders of the former affinity were often poorer in health.  

While Christine’s magic appeared to have a Night affinity, she was in fact closer to the Darkness affinity. 

Darkness was a very dangerous affinity. When the Duke’s family discovered this, they concealed such news to the best of their abilities.

Even if Christine’s magic was the precious Star element, it would bore much trouble for the Duke’s family if she was discovered to have a Darkness affinity. Not only so, this would also jeopardise her marriage with the crown prince. 

Because of her Darkness affinity, Christine was also a magnet for trouble. 

Perhaps her affinity for Darkness was also among the reasons as to how she ended up as the villainess, and contributed to how she lost sight of herself easily.

Not only so, magic-wielders with the Star element and Darkness affinity were often poor in health.  

——As for the heroine, her name was Sonia Bleun.

Her magic was the majestic Light element. She also possessed the most powerful Flora element, however the latter was hidden within the Saint in her body.  

The heroine was probably leading a commoner’s life in the countryside right now. 

According to the plot, the heroine was really in fact the daughter of the previous king. If times hadn’t changed, she would be a princess right now. 

The condemnation event was an evening ball held four years later. 

According to the routes, as long as the heroine fell in love with any of the five capture targets, her powers would awaken, and she would be summoned to the palace to learn that she was in reality a princess.

It was an event that deepened the love between the heroine and one of the capture targets — it was also in this same event where the villainess was condemned.

For Christine, it was a tragedy that ruined her in public, and it was one led by the Crown Prince.  

Ahh… why did I reincarnate into a villainess that is destined to die…!

There were five capturable targets. 

The glittering crown prince, Adley Rufus. 

Christine’s black-bellied brother, Swijin Fanel. 

A very cool staff, Lamez Evart.  

A friendly magical swordsman, Lee Conaire.   

A mysterious prince from a neighbouring kingdom, Lucas Blante.  

All of them were characteristic in their own way. The heroine would fall for each of them, and chart an emotional romance for every one.  

The villainess on the other hand was welcomed with an unfortunate death.

Regardless of whether it was true, good or bad… there was no detailed description nor narration of her death, she simply died; but one thing she was certain was that the word “murder” appeared in the routes. 

She shivered as she penned down the villainess’ doings and ending in Japanese. 

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