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“Otou-sama and okaa-sama know that I have a weak constituition. I met Adley-sama for the first time in a month today. The mirror he gave me made me very emotional, that’s why I fainted. I also seem to be down with a cold. I didn’t faint because of the tea she brewed, so I don’t think she needs to be fired.”

The room suddenly sunk into silence.

She wondered what’s with their reaction. Perhaps the Christine from before would hysterically scream about something like this; needless to say, her parents would hence fire the maid. 

Now that she’s retrieved the memories of her previous life, she understood that everyone makes mistakes, and she wouldn’t be able to dismiss someone over such a small slipup. 

“I’m going to be dismissed…?”

“It’d be great if you can be more careful in the future.”

The servant’s livelihood depended on this job after all. 

“Well, if that’s what you think…”

Christine’s doting father retracted his previous dismissal at her words. 

Her mother caressed Christine’s cheek.

“You’re down with a cold?”

“Yes, okaa-sama. That’s why I wanted to rest.”

She had to somehow sort out this mess of information that’s confusing her head and emotions. 

Her mother nodded.

“You are the kingdom’s future queen, you must be very careful in taking care of your health.”

(I won’t end up as the future queen, okaa-sama, what’s waiting for me down the road is tragedy, and death…)

That was not something she could put to words though. At that, Christine tucked her chin instead. 


After her parents and the maid left, her brother Swijin who had stayed on reached out to stroke Christine’s hair.

“Christine, don’t worry too much.”


She felt as though she was breaking out in cold sweat as she looked at Swijin.

He was also one of the target characters from the otome game. 

Coupled with a slender figure, Swijin had dark blonde hair, ice-grey eyes, and an adequate nosebridge; even his slightly lifted lips was arresting. 

He was a year older than her. He’d also been among the participants that was against her during the condemnation event in the game. 

(I’d have anticipated seeing him if it weren’t for my memories that’d returned…)

She recalled the contents of the game — he wasn’t merely a kind person, he viewed Christine only as a valuable piece.

The Duke’s family had no successor, hence her brother-in-law, now her paternal cousin, was adopted into the Duke’s family.

While he was on Christine’s side, he bore wild ambitions of his own.

He’d tried to control and manipulate Christine, but changed his ways for the better when he met the heroine.

(Be careful, I musn’t forgive him…!)

Her brother smiled and left the room. Now that she knew the full plot, his smile was as malicious as the devil’s…

Only her personal valet Mel remained in the room.

Mel knelt immediately.

“I am very sorry, Christine-sama.”


His long lashes swept downwards. 

“I am displeased about my earlier absence. If I had been serving, Christine-sama wouldn’t have fallen.”

At her father’s orders, he had been away from the masion today. 

“Mel, as I mentioned earlier, I didn’t fall because of the tea, I collpased because of my cold. It’s not your fault, don’t worry about it.”

She saw the unease and shame in his gaze when he looked up. 

“Christine-sama …?”

His embarrassment gradually turned into concern.

“When you fell, did you accidentally hit your head…?”

Mel seemed surprised at her concern. After all, the Christine in the past was not one to care for her servants, even if she was the one in the wrong. 

“I didn’t hit my head. I was sitting on the chair when I collpased on the table and blacked out.”

“Then… you hit your forehead?”

Just in case, she should press her palm against her forehead to check. If it didn’t hurt, she probably didn’t hit it very hard. 

“Is it red?”

He lifted her fringe and asked as he got up.
“I beg your pardon.”

Before she could decline, he had already checked her forehead. 

She was startled. 

Coupled with platinum blonde hair and dark blue eyes, Mel had beautiful features.

Her father stopped at an orphanage during one of his province inspection trips seven years ago, Christine had went along with her father then. At the orphanage, she saw a child with a beautiful face, Mel. 

She’d asked her father to bring him home together, when she was back, she had the beautiful doll-like youth to become her personal valet.

To her, it was just a whim, but to him, he faithfully served Christine ever since.

The in-game setting was the same.

He was incredibly loyal to the Duke’s family. While he had been a non-capture target on the villain side, he was really too handsome. It’s a pity that neither herself nor the other players could capture him in her previous life.

But now, she was grateful that he wasn’t a capture target. Game developers please accept her gratitude.

Mel was unlike the crown prince and her brother, the sense of security he gave her was incredible.

“It doesn’t look red, but … I think you hit your head pretty hard.” His expression was melancholic.

“Why do you think I hit my head?” Even though she could predict it, she still asked.

Mel’s reply was muffled: “…Christine-sama seems a little different from usual…”

That was because she was able to recall her previous life, and was able to objectively look back on her past twelve years as Christine Fanel.

But this wasn’t something she could voice out. She had no choice but to conceal the truth.

“Is that so? Must be the cold.”

“Maybe you have a fever. Are you feeling alright?”

A tragic future awaited the villainess Christine.

She bit her lower lip and clenched the bedsheets.

“…I’ll rest for a while. I shouldn’t pass you my cold, can you head down?”

“Please rest well. If you need any help, please call for me immediately.”

“I will.”

Mel thanked her politely and went down.

Christine had always had a frail constitution. Hence ensnarled in her over-anxiety of her future, she ended up being bedridden for three days straight. 

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