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And so, Christine started taking a walk every morning. 

The Duke’s Mansion was very large, hence was a suitable location for her daily walks. 

Basked in the morning sun, the greenery in the garden seemed to radiate in verve. 

The morning air was pleasant and refreshing; the brilliant flowers were in full bloom, their petals swaying. 

Beside her was Mel, following in her footsteps. 

Not long after she started walking, Christine’s body succumbed to her poor constitution. 

Even walking was too challenging a feat…

And she’d only started less than fifteen minutes ago. 

“Christine-sama, shall we call it a day…”


She hated her poor constitution, but she couldn’t help it either. 

In order to work towards a peaceful future, I won’t accept defeat!


Christine changed out after her walk. 

Christine had gotten some fabric from one of the maids previously to sew herself a pair of yoga attire to wear. 

In the end, her yoga pants turned out to look something like suteteko* instead… except that she’d prioritised ease of movement, so it’s way more functional that it actually looked. 

* suteteko (ステテコ): suteteko is a type of knee-length underpants, usually worn by men; suteteko is loose-fitting and doesn’t stick to the skin; usually white, made of plainly woven cotton cloth. 

She’d confuse a lot of people if she were to walk out in this attire. And so, Christine decided to walk inside her room. 

Yoga was done in her own room, so it was fine. 

It was tiring wearing a dress all day. ♢ THE DARK VILLIAN DAUGHTER IS TOO LOVED, CHAPTER 07 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

In her previous life, she could walk around the house leisurely in her sweater all day. 

She missed the normal family life of an average office worker now.

Life was easy; there wasn’t anything she’d have to worry about.

While the environment she was in now was gorgeous, but she had to be extremely careful with her actions, for any misstep could lead to a terrible ending — a tragic death. 

In order to change her dark future, she shall practice yoga! Let’s get moving!

Let’s start from the small things!

Shortly after, she heard knocks on her door.

“Christine-sama, tea and refreshments have been prepared.”


Christine replied as she got herself into the Sun Salutation* yoga poses. 

* Sun Salutation: Sun Salutation or Salute to the Sun, is a practice in yoga as exercise incorporating a flow sequence of some twelve gracefully linked asanas

“I beg your pardon—”

After returning with a trolley, Mel immediately stood when he saw Christine in a pair of suteteko pants. 


“Ah, Mel, I’ll have them after this.” 

Mel stopped the trolley he was pushing and closed the door. 

“Christine-sama… may I understand what you are attempting? What exactly is this posture…”

Christine explained as she exhaled. 

“This is yoga. I made this clothes myself, it’s light and easy to move in. Do you want to practice yoga with me?”

Mel minced his lips, and sank into a moment of silence.

“…Is this an order?”

“This isn’t an order?”

Christine turned to face him in a hurry.

“Don’t treat every word I say as an order, you don’t need to obey everything I say. It’s alright to say no if you don’t like doing something.”

Mel was very loyal, she should be careful with her words. 

He was her servant and she was his master, Mel had every reason to obey her at all cost.

After her memories of her past life in a country where all lives were equal, Christine suddenly found it a little difficult to dish out orders.

It was also this understanding that allowed her to realise how arrogant and impudent she’d been in the past.

Exactly how insolent of a person had I been in the last twelve years…

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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