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CHAPTER 18 ♦ The Detested Magic I

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After leaving the Fanel Mansion, Ramsay let out a deep, throaty laugh as the carriage drove on across the bumpy road.

Ramsay had never believed that Christine would turn out to be Adley’s wife in the future. 

Even though she came from a very prestigious background, this girl had a flawed personality. 

She grew up selfish and unrestrained. She wasn’t able to objectively assess herself, and had her nose stuck up so high in the air it was taller than mountains. 

But a few days ago when him and Adley met Christine, he realised that her aura had completely changed. 

How should he put it… her arrogance had definitely died down; the largest difference about her was that she no longer wanted to be Adley’s fiancée. 

When Ramsay met her again today, he realised he was starting to become curious about this girl.

In the past, he could tell from the get go that Christine had been absolutely infatuated with Adley. However, all of that had disappeared. Now, she seemed quite serious about cancelling the engagement. 

Why was that so?

This piqued Ramsay’s curiosity. 

His feeling that Christine and Adley weren’t a good fit still didn’t change. 

If she didn’t bring it up, perhaps she would have already started talking to Adley about cancelling the marriage. ♢ THE DARK VILLIAN DAUGHTER IS TOO LOVED, CHAPTER 18 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

She’d wanted to get married to Adley so badly before, why the sudden change of mind?

Christine was among the rare Star element magic wielders.

Even though most of the Star element wielders likely had a Night affinity, this was probably not the case for Christine. 

Even so, as a Night affinity magic wielder himself, Ramsay had a feeling that Christine had Night affinity too. 

The side effect of an Earth element magic wielder was negligible. The situation for Star element magic wielders however was the polar opposite. 

That was also why she was always very frail.

Apparently this element had other side effects, hence Ramsay didn’t share that he had a Night affinity himself. 

The things that she did and said — Ramsay felt that Christine was a very interesting and perhaps eccentric Star element magic wielder with a Night affinity. 

Every generation of the Duke Evat’s family were involved in magic research. Ramsay himself was also knee deep in the research. 

And hence, from that day onwards, Ramsay had developed a deep curiosity and interest about this strange young lady.


“Christine-sama, it’s time that you learn some self-defense skills.”


After increasing her overall strength, Christine realised that she became less tired. 

She’d also been actively eating vegetables that she didn’t necessarily liked, controlled herself from snacking and made sure she had a balanced diet. 

It’s been three month since she starting exercising before Mel finally brought up the topic of teaching her self-defense. 

— As expected of a Shadow. 

Mel taught her how to attack someone’s eye, stab someone’s throat, twist someone’s neck, shatter someone’s finger, kick someone’s knees and other scary moves. 

Looked like she’ll need to spend some time mastering all these…

After all, sports wasn’t her forte. 

But she wasn’t going to give in here. 

While she went through the self-defense lessons with Mel, she was mentally preparing herself to battle the abyss of a future that awaited her. 

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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