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It was approaching twilight by the time her consciousness returned.

Adley wasn’t around anymore, he had already left the mansion.

Christine wiped away her cold sweat.

I’d been wanting to end up together with Adley …

From the heroine’s point of view, Adley was wonderful, but from the villain’s point of view, he was simply dreadful.

Unfeeling and cold-blooded, he ultimately drove Christine away.

Christine buried her hands in her hair.

She was so shocked she was rendered voiceless, she couldn’t even gather enough energy in her to cry.

And yet, he wasn’t blamed for his actions.

Christine turned to recall what the villainess did…

She was a hateful character known for her blatant and nefarious torment of the heroine character.

Is this a dream …?

However, the current her in this world had the same surname, same appearance and lived in the same environment as the villainess in the game.

But she did appeared to be a little younger than the in-game Christine when the game started.

Above all, she could remember exactly everything that had happened to her having lived for 12 years as Christine Fanel.

“Are you okay, Christine-sama?”

Mel Glen who had been quietly waiting called out when Christine, still affected from the impact of her discovery, didn’t recover from her earlier sprawl.

Mel Glen was her personal butler who took care of Christine and all matters related to her.

Mel was also the one who usually brewed her tea. However, her tea today was brewed by a new servant.

“Mel. Tell me, has Adley-sama really returned …?”

“Yes. He was worried about Christine-sama, danna-sama* urged him to return.”

* danna-sama: master, referring to Christine’s father

“Is that so…”

Still, she figured that Adley wasn’t worried about her.

He wasn’t interested in Christine, in fact, he was sick of her. She knew this because this information was given in the game she played in her previous life…

“I will inform danna-sama and oku-sama* that you have awakened.”

* oku-sama: madam, referring to Christine’s mother


Wait, wait a minute!

However, Mel has left the room before she could stop him. Shortly after, her parents, her brother, and the new servant came in.

Disoriented and confused, she’d wanted some time alone to sort out the everything in her head first…

“Oh, Christine, how are you feeling? I heard you collapsed?”

“You look terribly pale.”

“I’m feeling alright, otou-sama*, okaa-sama*…”

* okaa-sama: mother, otou-sama: father

Even though she wasn’t alright at all, Christine, concerned about her sweet and indulgent parents, replied otherwise.

Her father said, “I heard you collapsed after drinking the tea brewed by the servant.”

As he did, he turned to look at the pale servant standing behind him.

The servant was trembling. She looked only about four to five years older than Christine?

“I am very sorry…!!”

With tears in her eyes, she lowered her head as she apologised.

“We must dismiss this servant.”

Her okaa-sama agreed with otou-sama.

“I agree. No matter how new you are, just the fact that the tea is so bitter Christine collapsed — this is too terrible. I cannot have someone like this in the Duke’s mansion.”

The reason why Christine grew into a selfish person was because of her parent’s pampering and overindulgence.

Like now — firing the servant because the tea she made was too bitter for their daughter.

“Please wait, otou-sama, okaa-sama.”

Christine covered her mouth as she exclaimed in hurry.

“You don’t have to dismiss her. I didn’t collapse because of the tea.”

The tea was very bitter, but that was probably why it elicited her memories of her past life.

She was very thankful that she managed to learn about her future crisis in advance.

The maid blinked at Christine’s words.

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