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“Better yet, why not cancel the engagement?”

Even the air froze for a moment at her words. Mel quickly spoke.

“Adley-sama, actually Christine-sama has been ill for a while now these days.”

“Mel, I—”

Mel continued, not giving her a chance to interrupt.

“Even though she’s in the midst of recovery, Christine-sama still has a low fever today. Christine-sama is looking forward to meeting Adley-sama. However, today might not be the best day, if you would be so kind.”


Adley nodded.

“Don’t force yourself. Christine seems a bit different from usual today, I was confused too. I didn’t know you’re still feeling unwell, my apologies, Christine. Rest well, I will head off first.”

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“Is that so? You’re strange today because of your fever? It does seem like it’s not a good day for us to drop by.”

Ramsay spoke, his tone regretful. The two of them stood.

When her mother was speaking to Adley in the hallway, Christine sneaked over to Ramsay and whispered into his ears.

“Ramsay-sama, I have something important about Adley-sama that I have to speak to you about.”

“About Adley?”

“Yes. Are you able to come down again later tonight?”

Ramsay’s mouth dropped, his expression dubious.



After the two of them left, Christine was told off by her mother.

“Christine, why are you wearing something that even our servants don’t wear? You used to dress up very nicely whenever Adley-sama visits.”

“I didn’t expect to meet him today. Also, it’s really easy to move around in this attire. I wanted to improve my health, and was strolling this morning, that’s why I’m dressed like this.” 

“In the future, when we have guests, Adley-sama included, you definitely must not dress like this.”

After promising to dress up properly, her mother gave her approval of Christine wearing her suteteko attire when exercising.

Her mother thought that it wasn’t a bad thing for her daughter to improve her health.

After changing into a pink gown delineated with delicate embroidery, she called Mel over.

Mel had a stiff expression on his face.

“I’m sorry.”


Christine sat down and slanted him a glare.

“Why did you say I’m not feeling well? I don’t have a fever, and I finally found a chance to bring up cancelling my engagement!”

“Christine-sama… are you serious about cancelling your engagement?”

“Of course!”

Mel shrugged, unsure what Christine’s of course was referring to.

“Why is that so? Why do you wish to cancel your engagement with the crown prince? My apologies, but I don’t understand.”

Christine sighed.

If she were to bring up about her game, they might think that she’d gone crazy…

So she can’t say it.

But, the cooperation of her personal bodyguard was vital to her survival.

She shall just say what she could then.

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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