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CHAPTER 16 ♦ In Order to Avoid Tragedy I

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“I think we shouldn’t force Adley-sama to cancel the engagement now, we should go ahead with it. If the Corolla Saint awakens and Adley-sama falls in love with her, we can immediately raise the concern and cancel the engagement. This way, things will pan out more smoothly. If you want to call the engagement off now, Adley-sama might not be able to agree to it. And it would also but a puzzling move. Danna-sama would not forgive you for doing this either. I can understand your concern about the future, Christine-sama, but I will definitely protect you. In case anything does happen in the future, I will teach you self defense too. So please do not go ahead with cancelling the engagement.” 

“Mel, you’ll teach me self-defense?”

“Yes, after you have built a basic level of strength.”

Christine sighed in relief.

“…alright then, I will not talk to Adley-sama about cancelling the engagement for now. But once Adley-sama falls in love with the Corolla Saint, I will leave the picture immediately, I hope that things go well and the engagement can be cancelled then.”

“Please only attempt this at the very last moment. Adley-sama’s future wife is Christine-sama, please hold your ground. I hope that Christine-sama marries Adley-sama and become the future queen.”


After Mel left the room, her brother Swijin came in.

“Christine, what are you doing?”

Swijin was very surprised when he saw Christine doing sit-ups. He smiled and held Christine’s hand to pull up her to stand.

(I really wished everyone would not interrupt when I’m doing my basic strength exercises…)

“As a girl, all you need to know is how to dress up and smile. You don’t need to train your body. You’re very beautiful, and that is your biggest weapon.”

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“I heard from your mother that you were strolling this morning in the gardens. Don’t overdo it, you’re the crown prince’s fiancée after all.”

“Don’t worry.”

“You’re quite active these days.”

“That’s became I want to improve my health.”

“Strengthening your core is good for your voice. Perhaps you can try using your diaphragm when you sing next time.”

Christine was surprised.

Even though onii-sama is quite black-bellied, he has a airy and melodic voice.

Swijin had a beautiful voice, he could sing easily, and was able to hit both the high and low notes.


“What is it?”

“Can you teach me how to sing?”


If she were to be attacked by an assassin in the future, but she knew how to change her voice, she could pretend to be someone else and escape. 

She wanted to learn as many skills as possible, one of these may become her uno reverse card and help her escape her tragic future. 

“I want to learn how to sound different.”

“Unh, girls with a beautiful voice does stand out, perhaps the prince would be very happy too. Alright, I will teach you.”

“Thank you!”

She didn’t know what her brother was thinking back then, and didn’t want to forgive him for what he’d done. But she was still quite happy that she would be able to learn how to sound different.

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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