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last edited on ZLT: 29.11.21

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Translator’s Note:

helloo friends, super excited to start this project~ always been a fan of JP light novels, the power of technology makes the impossible possible… and hence this JP>EN translation is born 😀 of course my forte still lies in EN>CN translation, so please let me know if you spot any translation errors;

also there’s gonna be a Chinese translated version (JP>CN) updated synchronously together with the English version if you happen to read or be interested in the CN version, since i’m already translating i figured i should just settle the CN version too while i’m at it, it’s good practice hehe 😀 links will be added in every chapter;

personally reading and typing japanese is the fastest way to learn for me, so i’ll also be adding some Akuyaku Reijou-related japanese learning resources i arranged as i translated (e.g. vocab list, with romaji, hiragana/katagana, kanji, EN and CN translation) soon if anyone’s interested in picking up some JP as you read 🙂 it’ll be under the ‘learning resources’ tab, more information to be released;

a note on translation style – since this is a JP webnovel, i’ll be sticking to the original japanese suffix (e.g. -sama, -san, -kun, etc), as well as kinship names (e.g. onee-sama, otou-sama, danna-sama, oku-sama, etc, explanations will be added); punctuation wise, it will also be as exaggerated as it is in the original webnovel (e.g. !?);

Akuyaku Reijou will be updated every Friday 10pm (GMT+8), advanced chapters can be purchased (soon) on my Ko-Fi shop if you wish to support 🙂

Click here for the Chinese translated version:第一章 重生成反派千金1

A balmy afternoon.

The Duke’s daughter Christine Fanel was given a hand mirror by her fiancé Crown Prince Adley Rufus in the mansion garden.

“A present for you. It’s an intricate and beautiful rare mirror I got from the East.”

“Thank you, Adley-sama.”

Admiring her glittering fiancé who was now a year older, Christine received the mirror from him.

Golden blonde hair, sapphire-colored eyes, and a spectacular nose bridge, Adley was a beautiful crown prince.

Studded with crimson-dyed amber, the round back of the hand mirror was printed with floral pattern.

She looked at her own reflection in the mirror.

The girl in the mirror had exquisite skin and dark blonde hair; a shade of purple, her lifted eyes were beautiful, so were her rosesbud-like lips.

What a picture perfect match she was for the crown prince.

“I’m very happy. I will cherish it.”

Christine smiled, she placed the hand mirror on the table before lifting her tea cup by its handle.

However, the tea that sipped down her throat left bitter notes in its wake.

Memories violently rushed at her all of a sudden.

── Such a strong black tea …… No, she remembered she was drinking Japanese tea.

Such a thought suddenly flitted through her head.

── !?

She a high school girl from a country called Japan.

It was the morning that she drank too much astringent tea. The accident happened when she was on her way to school; a bus crashed into where she had been waiting at for the traffic light — she died.

The person she’s seeing in the mirror right now was a character from a game she played in her previous life.

── Christine Fanel, an arrogant and malicious villainess.

As she spat a moutful of blood, Christine fell forward, splayed across the table.


Christine blacked out as a terrifying memory surfaced in her head.

Four years after, the crown prince was sentenced to abandon his engagement, after which Christine was imprisoned on an isolated island or at worst murdered.

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM


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