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Christine heard a shrill exclaimation. 

When she turned, she saw her okaa-sama rushing towards her.

Okaa-sama’s face was pale. 

“Christine, you, what are you wearing! …Adley-sama, my apologies. Christine had been anticipating your arrival, and she had been very excited. Ever since she fainted the other day, she’d been a little strange. Quickly change now.”

“It’s fine, I don’t mind.”

“This won’t do Adley-sama! Hurry now Christine!”

Just before Christine was forcibly pushed to changed, she said in a hurry. 

“Okaa-sama, I’ll need time to change. Adley-sama and Ramsay-sama had taken valuable time out of their schedule to come down, it would be impolite to let them wait any longer.”

“I don’t mind Christine’s attire, what she wears wouldn’t diminish her beauty.”

“Adley-sama… I apologise for my daughter’s actions.”

After a moment of hestiation, okaa-sama decided to let Christine remain in her current attire.

Dressed in suteteko, Christine sat down beside Adley and Ramsay at the table after entering the waiting room.

Christine regretted arriving late to tea.

I should’ve made prior preparations. They might have already left… I screwed this up…!

“You’re going to continue dressed like such?”

Ramsay looked at Christine gravely.

“…Yes, that’s right Ramsay-sama. Dressing up is not my forte.”

Though she liked dressing comfortably, she quite liked wearing pretty dressed too.

Mel placed the tea and snacks on the table.

The tea he brewed today was black tea, so it wasn’t too strong.

Christine turned her gaze towards the fragrant snacks.

I must watch what I eat. It’s not good to overeat. From today onwards, I should try to eat more beans, eggs, and chicken fillets to build muscle.

She thought as she drank tea. As expected of Mel, the tea was good.

He knew Christine’s taste well.

“Christine, have you recovered?”


Christine, but smiled and became a little awkward. 

She knew what Adley was thinking. He was very glum about Christine’s behaviour.

His best friend Ramsay also felt the same.

Ramsay sighed mentally, why did his friend have to marry a girl like that. 

The marriage was decided by the people around them. The news of their engagement was something that greatly excited Christine. Adley on the other hand was reluctant about the marriage, and he didn’t care about Christine. 

Adley wanted to decide who to marry himself. 

This was what he told the heroine in the game.

If the person was a concubine, he would be able to have his say, but the crown prince’s wife was not a decision that he could make himself. However, the heroine turned out to be a royalty. 

Therefore when Adley broke off the engagement with Christine, he was able to get engaged with the heroine easily.

In this current stage however, he seemed reluctant about the engagement with Christine.

If only I could pretend I was ill and have them leave…

Ramsay drank a sip of tea and glared at Christine.

“Even though Adley didn’t say anything, but Christine, you don’t look anything like the crown prince’s fiancée right now.”

Christine mentally applauded Ramsay’s words.

Ramsay felt that Christine did not meet the expectations of a crown princess consort.

“You don’t have the right to say that, Ramsay. You’ve overstepped.”

“No, Adley-sama. Ramsay-sama, you are right. I’m not worthy.”

The two of them turned to look at Christine.

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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