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Review: The Leisure Life of the Xuanxue Master

This is a story about a Wei dynasty princess, Yun Yu, skilled in the art of xuanxue transmigrating into the body of a girl in the modern city. Yun Yu later decides to return the countryside, the hometown of this body, to improve her family’s agriculture with her holy water source she’s brought over from when she was still a princess, start a family business, and all the while continuing part-time as a xuanxue master to help solve other people’s supernatural encounters.


重生回高二,孟听短暂生命里最好的一年。她这回一定要好好活。重拾跳舞的梦想。不再为了救火灾里的白眼狼妹妹毁容,保护好自己的容颜。更不会去招惹江忍,那个后来高举屠刀杀人的恶魔少年。然而高二这年夏天,孟听回去拿自己的英语书。楼梯转角处,不良少年们聚众抽烟。她停下脚步不敢过去。却不期然听见那个痞坏少年江忍笑得肆意张狂:“老子喜欢什么样?孟听那样的。”“忍哥可别,校花那么难追。” “老子压上一辈子。” 为她生,为她死,为她手上沾满鲜血,为她拂去碑尘埃。

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