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Christine-sama‘s expression looks a little strange…

Mel Glenn was very confused by his master’s actions. 

Duke Fanel’s daughter Christine was the Rufus Kingdom’s future queen. 

His glinting maroon coloured eyes was lowered. 

Though she looked fierce, Christine was a very dignified and beautiful young lady. 

Her personality could summarised with one word: arrogant. 

But this trait was common across most of the nobility. It was regarded as normal and natural even if they were overbearing to their servants.

 Mel had been at the orphanage until Duke Fanel brought him out seven years ago. 

The badly wounded Mel had been found by a river by the orphanage. His memory stopped at his time at the orphanage, he couldn’t remember anything else that happened before then. 

Duke Fanel had been making his rounds, and Christine had been with him back then. When she saw Mel, she asked for the Duke to bring him along. 

Christine had mistaken Mel for a girl back then, and had treated Mel like a Barbie doll. 

Whatever the case was, he was very thankful towards the Duke’s family. 

He also sent a large portion of his salary back to the orphanage. 

Mel was appointed as a Shadow when it was discovered that he had the Wind element magic. 

 Shadows were people that carried out the Duke family’s secret missions undercover. There were a number of Shadows in the Duke’s family. 

Mel had learnt the art of attack and defense from the Shadow seniors, including how to assassinate people. 

He served as Christine’s personal servant and bodyguard during normal times. In situations of emergencies, he would also need to get his hands dirty. 

As the Duke’s daughter, Christine was doted and cherished when she was brought up. 

She treated servants as though they were lowly bugs, and often fired people she didn’t like. 

However, compared to before, she seemed different now. 

It all started from the day she fainted after drinking the overly-saturated tea. 

If it had been the her before, she would have immediately fired the maid that brewed the tea. However, she appeared protective and defensive instead. 

After three days of rest in bed, she did even stranger things. 

In her effort to improve her constituition, she started jogging, and even requested that he teach her.

As the daughter of the Duke, he told her that she didn’t need to know any combat abilities to defend herself. 

Mel was her personal bodyguard, if she were to be in danger, even if she couldn’t fend for herself, he would be there to protect her. 

Exactly what happened to Christine-sama…

After hitting her head, she’s… became a lil strange. ♢ THE DARK VILLIAN DAUGHTER IS TOO LOVED, CHAPTER 10 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Christine had a weak constitution. They didn’t jog for long before they stopped. He took a walk with her afterwards. 

Even so, she became tired quickly. But she was very serious about this. And had even started practising a strange form of exercise called “yoga”.

Because yoga was good for your health, she’d even invited Mel to practice with her. 

That was something he’d never seen or heard of. 

Despite so, his body felt warm, his blood circulation improved and it also allowed him to improve his energy. Seemed like this was advantageous to his heatlh.

Perhaps this exercise would be good for Christine too.

However… that attire was not something a nobility like Christine would wear.

If she herself liked the attire and had said that it was convenient to move around in, what Mel said didn’t matter… however Swijin disagreed with her attire as expected. Even the Duke and the madame told her to be mindful. 

The most surprising thing was, she told him that she wanted to break off the engagment with Adley. 

And she needed his help.

Even though she’d used to admire the prince, and greatly so …

Christine-sama’s confusion would dissipate with time.

Mel thought so.

Till date, she’d always got others to complete what she wanted.

Even though there was no need for her to do things herself, she had enthusiastically started doing them on her own.

And it was apparently for her future.

He didn’t quite understand either.

As the queen, she won’t need to prepare food or wash clothes.

While shocked by Christine’s change, he was also confused by his own change in state of mind.

Even though he was a servant, he also had his own feelings and thoughts. 

Though he had always been thankful for Christine, he’d never had any other thoughts of her. 

Recently however, he felt that she was closer than before. Many times, he found that he couldn’t move his gaze away from her. 

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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