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“Four years later, the engagement would be cancelled, since that’s the outcome regardless, I want to cancel it as soon as possible. 

“That’s impossible… Adley-sama would not do this.”

“No, he will. Because Adley-sama will meet his destined soulmate, and he will be attracted by her.”

Mel shook his head.

“Impossible, no one is more suitable that Christine-sama. That is why the two of you are engaged. Adley-sama should be very clear about this.”

“He is obligated to meet his fiancée, someone he doesn’t want to see, every month. But there will be a day where the engagement is called off.”

“In the unlikely event that someone appears to deceive or seduce Adley-sama, danna-sama will not let things be. Christine-sama should not worry. The usual Christine-sama will not lose to someone like this if you choose to fight. Why not stand your ground? You should not give up before even starting. If someone who threatens Christine-sama’s existence appears, all you need to do is seperate that person from Adley-sama, I will eliminate the person, please do not worry.”

“No, you definitely cannot do that!”

Christine’s eyes widened. 

“If you eliminate her, that will be our undoing!”

“I will not leave behind any traces or evidence, don’t worry.”

“I said you can’t!”

“I am Christine-sama’s personal bodyguard, but before that, I serve the Duke’s family. Danna-sama hopes that Christine-sama will marry Adley-sama. If any obstruction surfaces, the Shadows will be mobilised. If you do not get married to Adley-sama, there is no future to talk about.”

Christine broke out in cold sweat.

That’s right… Mel was loyal to the villainess because of his loyalty to the Duke’s family. In his attempt to eliminate the heroine who got in the way of the villainess’ ambitions, he began his assassination plan…

But things were not that straightforward.

Christine sat down on the lounge and held her head.

“Christine-sama, does your head hurt? Perhaps you should rest…”

The cause of her headache was the Mel standing in front of her.

“…I know this sounds crazy, but can you listen to me please?”

“Please go ahead, what is it?”

“I saw the future.”

“The future?”


Christine gave a heavy nod.

“I fainted a few days ago when drinking tea right? When I was unconscious, I saw the future. Three years later, Adley-sama will meet his destined soulmate. About a year later, I will be heavily condemned during an evening party that I attended. The engagement will be called off, and Adley-sama will choose to marry his destined soulmate.”

“This cannot happen.”

“It will, because the magic that that girl possesses is the legendary Flower element. She is the Corolla Saint.”

Mel’s eyes widened.

“Corolla Saint… legend says that they can bring peace upon a kingdom…”

“Yes, how can I compete against someone like this? There’s no point.”

And she didn’t want to compete. 

The heroine would capture Adley’s heart.

Christine was not infatuated with Adley in any way, so she wanted to cancel the engagement with him as soon as possible. This way she would be able to feel a little more at ease.

However, in the game, the villainess did not do this.

“If we try to rival them, they will only seek revenge afterwards. And if that happens, it will be our tragic undoing. That’s why I want to cancel the engagement with Adley-sama as soon as possible.”

“You really saw the future?”

“Yes, I really did.”

Every time she thought of it, she would shiver involuntarily. 

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