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Why did I do stupid things like these…!  

But when she recalled her past twelve years having lived as Christine, she couldn’t help but think that she wouldn’t be able to not turn out like this even if she’d hoped for otherwise. 

Born in one of the most prestigious noble families in the kingdom, Christine was the only daughter of the Fanel clan. Not only was she born with a golden spoon, her beauty was lauded, and she herself too possessed the Star magic.  

And so, Christine, the future queen of the kingdom, was flattered by the people around her, doted on by her parents and indulged on by her brother — though it was only now that she realised wild the ambitions her brother bore were — as she grew up.  

The product of their indulgence was an arrogant, unreasonable and imposing daughter of the Duke’s house. 

Christine had always admired the crown prince. At the news of their engagement, she was as a result very elated. Unlike Christine, the crown prince on the other hand found her beyond suffocating.  

Evidently, he had already started to feel that way… not a few years later after the game started.

She the kind that won’t be able to get over it if she didn’t get what she wanted, kick up a huge fuss at the people around her just because something trivial didn’t go well, and fire people easily at her own whims. 

Even she herself found this Christine to be too much. 

Just the thought that she’d done exactly the same thing in the past had her wanted to slam her head against the table real hard.

The villainess had even attempted to murder the heroine though to no avail.  

If she grew up in such an environment, this was honestly something that she would be capable of doing, and very unfeelingly so.  

It was really no surprise that Christine was condemned in the end.

In the Duke’s clan existed those that go by the term “shadows”, they were the ones that settled all the dirty deeds. 

And Mel was one of them. ♢ AKUYAKU REIJOU, CHAPTER 05 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

Though he was Christine’s valet, he was also her bodyguard — his combat abilities were second to none. 

After she enrolled into the academy, the villainess ordered Mel to assassinate the heroine. 

According to the different routes they took, Mel would either be defeated or killed together with the villainess. 

If she were to let this go on, she would be endangering not only herself, but Mel as a shadow as well. Christine grasped at her hair as she tried to figure out a plan for her future.  


First, let’s sort out the weak constitution!

A healthy spirit dwells in a healthy body. 

Due to her Star magic and a Darkness affinity, she had a weak constituition. 

Though it would be very challenging to improve her consituition, it was still better than not doing anything.

Hence, when the sun rose the next day, Christine was running rounds before breakfast in the backyard. 

Unfortunately, she collapsed almost immediately. 

This body… you must be kidding me…

She was mundane and mediocre in her previous life, but at least she was healthy. 

How precious and wonderful health is! 

She realised now that she’d lost it. 

“Eh…? Christine-sama?”

Her valet Mel ran over from nearby.

“What in the world happened…!?”

He crouched down beside Christine. Christine wiped the sweat on her forehead. 

“…I was running earlier.”


The Duke’s daugher never runs. Not only so, she was still in her room earlier this morning. 

Despite so, she couldn’t be bother to think about if she was looking glamorous or not right now. 

“I’m trying my best to exercise.”

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