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“You only managed to get up yesterday, why are you over-exerting yourself to this extent…”

She didn’t want to end up in a tragedy, this was the only way out; she had no choice. 

“──please allow me to send you back to your room.”

With that said, Mel lightly picked up Christine and walked towards her room.

Christine observed Mel’s face up close.

When she first saw him, she’d mistaken him for a girl.

Because his face was delicate like a doll.

Though the fourteen year old Mel now was still svelte like a girl, he was in fact muscular but lean from the various backend errands he had to run.

Having being carried along, Christine got a shock when she could feel Mel’s muscles working to manage her weight. 

“Mel, teach my self-defense.”


After returning to her room, Mel gently placed Christine down on the sofa. 

Christine looked at him again.

“I want you to teach me how to protect myself.”

He knelt down before Christine and asked gently: “Why do you want to learn that?”

She could feel his confusion.


A terrible tragedy would await her if she were to let things continue as it was. 

Not only so, there was a very high possibility that he would be dragged into this as well.

(I can’t say that can I…)

He wouldn’t believe her even if she told him. If her parents learnt about this, they’d be confused as to why she’d think like this, or worst case scenario, send her to the hospital because of this. 

She really hated the tragic outcome of her future, but she didn’t want to end up in the hospital just because she said something either.

What she wanted the most right now was to lead a normal, peaceful life.

Christine took a deep breath and uttered from the back of her throat: “─my body is very weak, I slept for three days just because I had a flu-like symptom.”

Except that she’s not actually sick, she’d collapsed from the shock she received.

“I want to improve my constituition, that’s why I was running. I want to increase my stamina and strength, so from today onwards, I intend to run every day.”

Her words had the often expressionless Mel scrunching his brows. 

“Christine-sama, running like this… danna-sama and oku-sama will be worried.”

She did not exercise even once till now. 

She really thought she was gonna pass out from the run earlier, indeed, if her parents saw the state she was in, they’d definitely be worried. 

Perhaps running was too challenging a feat for her to begin with. 

“Yes… what about let’s start with walking…”

Walking in large strides was also a form of exercise.

“Yes, if you want to move your body, shall we keep things to this level first?”

“Like I said earlier, I want you to teach me self-defense.”

“I practice self-defence to improve my strength. Christine-sama is the daughter of the Duke’s family, there is no need to learn self-defence.”

“No, I definitely need it!” ♢ AKUYAKU REIJOU, CHAPTER 06 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

If she were to enter the murder route, she would be killed by the thug released by the crown prince’s right arm.

The game didn’t give any details about the murder so she didn’t know much about it, but if knew some self-defense when facing off the thug, the chances of her escaping would definitely be higher.

Mel was rather taken aback by Christine’s gravity. 

“… First of all, it is better to start with walking to build some stamina…”

Even if she could memorise all the movements, she would not be able to execute it properly.

(If I don’t even have the strength to, that is!)

“I understand!”

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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