(as of Dec 2022) alive :>some of the main projects will have a 12 Days of Christmas updates! do keep a look out :3
[Main Project: Ongoing]
My Classmate Is 200 Million Years Old
every Monday 10PM (GMT+8)
[Main Project: Ongoing]
You Look Like You’re Drawing Me
every Tuesday 10PM (GMT+8)
[Main Project: Ongoing]
The Dark Villain Daughter is Too Loved
every Friday 10PM (GMT +8)
[Side Project: Ongoing]
Chart Topper Queen
fortnightly Monday 11PM (GMT+8)
[Side Project: Sporadic]
Special Forces Ace: Young Master Officer’s Wife Pursuit
side project, updates sporadic
Moonlight Rhapsody
(Black Moonlight Holds the BE Script)
The Oath of Love

The Youthful You That Was So Beautiful
Endless Love
dropped, please email if you wish to pick it up
[Coming Soon]
Let’s Waste Away Together
[Coming Soon]
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