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“No, it’s not that… when is he coming?”

“I don’t know the exact date, but I believe it should be the within the next two to three days. If the prince were to see you in such an attire, he would be very surprised.”

“You can let me know just before he arrives and I can change out.”

“Please don’t try anything this strange.”

“Yes, onii-sama…”

Swijin gave her a kiss on her forehead before he left her room.

Even though I admired onii-sama, I was still a little scared of him…

Swijin wasn’t looking out for Christine, even the words he’d said earlier wasn’t; rather, he didn’t want her actions to tarnish the reputation of the Duke’s house, neither did he want her to tarnish her own reputation.

In the game, he had cruelly abandoned the convicted Christine.

Upon noticed Christine’s pale face and her lowered head, Mel asked hesitantly.

“Christine-sama? Did something happen?”

“…it’s nothing.”

“Swijin-sama had said… Christine-sama would usually be very happy upon receiving news that Adley-sama would be visiting… Christine-sama is looking a little pale today however.”

“It’s because I’m not happy.”


Christine couldn’t help but sigh. Mel blinked his eyes.


Christine looked up and glance at Mel.

Mel was not one of the game targets, rather, he was the person closest to the villainess. Mel was deeply loyal, he was on the villainess’ side inside the game, and hence, he was of service to the villainess.

Christine couldn’t bring up her previous life, neither could she speak about the game. Even if she were to confess to Mel, he wouldn’t accept it and take advantage of her. She was not going to let her life head down the same tragic route again.

Christine solidified her decision and started. 

“I’m not happy to see Adley-sama, in fact, I’m scared to see him.”



“I believe Adley-sama treats Christine-sama rather kindly…”

“It’s just a facade, his kindness isn’t genuine. Adley-sama is only fulfilling his responsibilities for the marriage by paying a monthly visit to the mansion. I’d used to foolishly think that he came down to see me. It was only later did I realise that this was not the case. Rather, it was because my father is an influential Duke in court, and the Duke’s daughter should not be treated lightly. Hence, no matter how reluctant, he has to come down once a month. Mel, I’m sure you’ve noticed as well right.”

Mel averted his eyes slightly.

“…No, I do not know this. I believe that Adley-sama visits Christine-sama because he misses you.”

“You don’t need to lie about it. Taking into consideration my past behaviour, I will only deepen Adley-sama’s dislike for me, right.”

Mel was at a loss for words.

“But I’m fine with that, I don’t want to marry Adley.”

Swijin’s earlier words had inspired her and got her thinking. 

If Adley were to see here wearing her suteteko outdoors, perhaps he would think that she would be unfit to be the crown prince’s wife, and perhaps may even decide to cancel their engagement before school started. 

If this could happen, she would be able to successfully evade one of the major reasons that led to her tragic undoing.

From tomorrow onwards, Christine decided that she was going to take a walk outdoors everyday in her suteteko.

“I don’t want to get married, Mel, I need your help.”

Mel looked at Christine, unable to comprehend.

“Why would you think so? Weren’t you extremely excited about the wedding with Adley-sama previously…”

“I’ve come to my senses now, this can’t go on!”

Mel was so surprised by Christine’s vigour that he was rendered speechless.

“I can’t just marry him so carelessly.”

“…You must have hit your head hard the other day… so you don’t want to marry the prince…”

Mel seemed to mutter. 

“Mel, help me out.”

“…I think Christine-sama is still a bit confused after fainting the other day, please consider this carefully.”

No matter how carefully she was going to consider it, her decicion wasn’t going to change.

But since Mel had put it across this way, Christine nodded her head in agreement. 

“I will.”

Once Mel had digested the information overload, she would ask him for his help again. 

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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