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She looked around, but there was no one around, no humans no demons; she didn’t sense any other creatures nearby either.

The voice from earlier was almost as though a hallucination, invisible and intangible, she couldn’t identify its source or where it went.

Yuan Yuan Yuan knew that it was time to finally conclude everything that had happened to her over the past few weeks.

She slowly pushed the door open. The toilet was completely empty. The lights above was bright, and it reflected off the opposite mirror, as well as the line of words written in red lipstick. 

【I want to play a game with you.】

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the words that appeared out of nowhere, and glanced at the tightly closed toilet door. 

The toilet was quiet, even the air seemed to have frozen.  

She clenched her fists, and then relaxed. She slowly nodded. “What game do you want to play, I’ll hear you out.” 

The red words from previously were roughly wiped away, staining the mirror in a messy smear of red. A new line of red words appeared. 【Increase the times you use this identity, and allow me to finish my manga.】 

…Yuan Yuan Yuan nodded again. 

The person communicating with her through the red words seemed incredibly happy at her agreement. The previous line of words was once again wiped away; the mirror was only left with the crimson remnants of the lipstick. 

Suddenly, countless red lines appeared on the mirror; they clouded the mirror in the most haphazard manner, as though a child drawing randomly, or perhaps as though someone was practising writing. 

The images that appeared out of the red lines were very strange and confusing, they were unrelated things that seemed to be linked together, forming a puzzling depiction; they were as though an image but at the same time not an image. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan’s gaze followed the red line as it moved. The drawings on the mirror appeared, got wiped away, drawn on again, and wiped away again. 

She was only able to make out some parts of the information; the rest were wiped away before she had time to think about it. 

Moreover, she hadn’t completely digested the situation she was in right now. A line of clear words appeared above all the drawings. 

【Why don’t you start by going home with this face.】

In a blink of an eye, the mirror before her magically cleaned itself, and the conventional sound of the toilet and passers-by gradually returned. 

It felt as thought Yuan Yuan Yuan was suddenly jolted awake. 

Her thoughts were still lingering on the last line of words she saw on the mirror. 

【Go home with this face.】♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 16 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

She calmed herself down as the vague noise from outside gradually increased in volume. Her mind spun for a long while before she turned to look at the window. 

…no can do, there’s too many people outside. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan tsked. Fortunately there were no surveillance within the toilet, but there would be security cameras once she exited the toilet. 

She lowered her head, pushed the toilet door and walked out. She turned towards one of the shelves based on her memory of the supermarket. 

She seemed to recall there was the rack that sold hats…

Even though she only had fifty or so dollars (USD) left, she had no choice given the situation. Yuan Yuan Yuan carefully avoided the crowd. But this was a supermarket after all, there were really too many people. 

She walked towards the pet food rack. There were less people there. When she passed by an aisle, she sensed that there were only two people behind the rack. 

She lowered her head while walking past. As she did, one of the girl’s voice sounded.

“Is this brand better, or should I get that one…”

“I don’t know, I heard that this brand healthier for cats though?”

As Yuan Yuan Yuan walked silently past behind the two girls. To her surprise, one of the girls suddenly turned around. After a short exclaimation, the girl quickly turned her head back.

“What’s wrong?” Her friend beside her asked.

“Look behind, behind, I think there’s someone cosplaying…” The girl that had turned earlier pointed behind carefully as she spoke to her friend.

“Where? Aye? The person in black clothes?” The friend turned around to look.

“I think it’s a manga character.”

The girl turned around again, sneaking a glance in Yuan Yuan Yuan’s direction as she whispered: “He’s kinda hot…”

Meanwhile, Yuan Yuan Yuan was shocked out of her skin at their sudden glances. She quickly zipped through the cat food row and made it to the rack of hats.

She gradded a baseball cap from the rack, paid for it and turned to leave the supermarket. 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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T/N: it just suddenly occured to me that i have no idea how long is Yuan Yuan Yuan’s hair, i think she has mid/long hair though iirc, i supposed the length of her hair changes when she switches face…?

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