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Despite so, it was already too late. Their teammates were not one to watch Xuan Mo and Ai Er Ge get themselves into trouble while they went off into hiding, and so, they’d already opened fire. Even though they claimed that they didn’t bring much firepower earlier, they had at least enough arms to create a web of damage. Seeing how the creature remained perfectly silent even after receiving so much damage, bullets, and perfectly upright and alive in its tattered armour, they suddenly were even more confident than Ai Er Ge about this creature’s true identity. This bunch of people, after all, have heard and learnt about a lot of things that normal people didn’t know. 

“Relax! Isn’t it just a zombie! We’ve killed these before!” Someone hollered. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 178 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM  ♢

If he had blood in his system, Ai Er Ge would have long since spat a mouthful of blood. A palm against his chest, he was in resentment, before an important question surfaced in his head: “They have weapons! Why don’t we have weapons!?”

“Yi Fei, Fang Ke and Ling Yun don’t have any either.” Xuan Mo replied blandly. When she saw Ai Er Ge’s confused expression, she had to explain, “still don’t get it? They don’t regard us as proper crew members, so why would we need to be armed?”

“…” Ai Er Ge really wanted to spit out some crimson-coloured mental powers to mimic a blood-spitting action so as to demonstrate the extent of his shock, “they didn’t regard you as a combat personnel… they must be mad!”

Xuan Mo shrugged: “If you have a Tante Galaxy No. 2 Mental Power Ripple Assault Gun, would you be jealous of or bother to steal their firepower?”

“What’s a Tante Galaxy No. 2 Mental Power Ripple…” Ai Er Ge paused for a moment, before donning an expression as if he was unsure if he should smile or not, “the gun from two hundrend million years ago, the one that should probably only be displayed in a museum? And it might not even actually exist… maybe only history books would know, and a living fossil who lived as long as you did would know…”

Living fossil… this was the first time someone defined her so accurately. Xuan Mo watched the battle play out before them in a bit of a daze, before she came back to: “Well, since you’re much fresher than I am, you go ahead, I’m old, I’ll watch.” At that, she walked over to lean against a pile of bones and looked at Ai Er Ge.

To improve the ease of visibility during combat, everyone had switched on their headlights as they fired away at the monster, but to no avail. The monster remained on its steady trajectory forward as it ate the bullets. No matter where the bullets were fired, it would enter deep into its body before bouncing back out.

As the monster neared, the people around managed to make out its appearance. The monster had a severed, damaged face, and a pair of big empty sockets without eyeballs. Something small and yellow sat where its eyeball would have been; every time a bullet hit the monster’s head, there would be some kind of yellow liquefied material that spurted out. 

“Is this still even a zombie?!” Someone screamed, “non-combat personnels move out now! Find the furthest place to hide! We’ll cover you!” 

Cover! How could humans like them cover for others when up against something like this?!

Ai Er Ge was planning to join the fight even without Xuan Mo giving any instructions. He had no idea why this monster had the scent of a Portoli Fire King Bee. Even so, any creature that was even the slightest bit related to a Portoli species would not any easy opponent.

If there were any races that could compare to Scorpions’ combat abilities, then that would be the Portoli race. The Portoli race had an even longer history than Scorpions. They had a high fecundity rate, and were incredibly adept in combat.

In every battle the Great Coalition had engaged in, the Insectoids presence could be seen. The Scorpions was naturally among the major force to be reckoned with in the Great Coalition’s battle efforts. In fact, they’d taken it upon themselves to clear out the neighbouring territory occupied by the Insectoids, and took the initiative to become an informal border guard. Rather than mobilising their troops after receiving the call for aid in nearby planets along the border, they instead initiated battles once the presence of Insectoids were discovered, so as to nip them in the bud.

The Scorpions were the ones behind the Great Coalition’s countless years of peace. Almost every Scorpion would have participated in a battle against the Insectoids. A number of Xuan Mo’s accomplished battles, or Abudory Marshal’s accomplished battles, were battles against the Insectoids.

Also because of this border, Scorpions had very stringent and arduous military schools even during peaceful times. Every new member of the race that was fit for battle would be sent to this military school located at the frontlines. After a short period of training, the recruits would be sent straight to the battlefield. This regime was in existence so as to entirely proliferate and maximise the combat potential of every Scorpion. 

The Scorpions were accomplished as a result of the Insectoids race, this was something that the Scorpions could not deny.

Ai Er Ge had not had any time to wonder if Xuan Mo had been planning to fight, because there was no time for him to think. The creature had already neared their teammates. Armed with daggers, a number of soldiers were already engaged into a physical fight with the monster. 

“Stop!” He hollered. Before the creature reacted, a mental power shield opened up silently before their teammates. He lunged forward and hugged the monster as the two of them rolled to the side. 

Even so, the monster did not make any sound, it remained silent even in its struggle. The monster was very strong, and Ai Er Ge evidently wasn’t combat-trained. He was at max an emergency-trained librarian. Now that he was up against an intellectual and high-damage Intectoid, he was on the shorter end of the stick. Even so, he could only clench his teeth and tightly grip the monster, engaging in a difficult brawl.

After so many years of war, Insectoids and Scorpions had to a certain extent developed some form of immunity of each other’s mental power attack. Well-read as Ai Er Ge would naturally know this. With this in mind, he could only use his mental energy to protect his own body and reinforce his strength. As a result, the two of them, Ai Er Ge and the monster, rolled around here and there; it was truly the least decorous position to be in, that’s for sure. Despite so, they were going all out at each other.

In order to kill an Insectoid, you need to either shatter them, or whack ‘em where it hurts. Ai Er Ge was not armed with anything that was strong enough to shatter it, so he could only use his mental powers to scan this monster and find out where its source of mental power was. 

The source of mental power for an Insectoid was the same as the brain and heart of a human being, they wouldn’t be able to survive if any of their sources were destroyed. Usually their sources would be hidden away beneath their sturdy armour on their back, towards their abdominal area. As their bodies function, the source may dilate and shift in position slightly. To kill an Insectoid, you would usually use a large weapon and aim at their abdomen. There were also people that were so strong they could just stick their hands into the Insectoid’s body and crush the source… Ai Er Ge himself had killed a normal Insectoid this way before, but wasn’t sure if his hand, now enhanced and strengthened with his mental powers, would be able to pierce through this creature’s body.

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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