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Their definition of hidden was just finding a comfortable pile of bones to hide behind, and plop their butts down on a relatively even surface area so they weren’t too affected by the protruding bones.

The hidden group of them looked at the loosening parts of the wall ahead. Suddenly, a hand burst through, and the hand clawed forward as though in a desperate struggle…

Tightly after, a head, one filled with dirt and grim, protruded from hole made in the wall. The person looked around with wide eyes, before coming into contact with a pair of dark sockets…

“Ahhhh!” A shrill shriek in symphony with the sudden gunshots suddenly added a little bit more verve to the previously dead burial pit. 

That human was a female? Xuan Mo remained neutral and open. On the other hand, Zhao Jing Lei and the others were a little confused. In such situations, given their missions, the appearance of the female from earlier was really a little too sudden. Of course, that was not to say they would dismiss her presence completely.

The scream stopped, and the female covered her mouth as she struggled to crawl forward desperately. She looked behind her once in a while. The gunshot sounds continued. They could also make out someone else screaming.

After a huge bang, the entire plane of the wall crumbled. The bright flare of the gun lit up the place, its light reflecting off the piles of skulls, making this place all the more eerie.

Xuan Mo braced herself. Even though it would be very dangerous to use her mental powers now, this was just one of her abilities. Even if something were to happen to her, she would still be able to fight, and she was fully confident of her abilities. Killing a bug was not an issue at all to her…

The figure that the light had lit up however was a human silhouette. The figure stood among the crumbled debris for a while, before the figure took a large but awkward and wooden step forward. 

That’s right, it was a very jerky and unusual step. ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 177 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM  ♢ 

The gun sounds neared, but the bunch that was firing evidently was still a distance away from the escaping female and the chasing figure. While the figure was wooden in its motion, and particularly eerie in this dark area, it was very quick on its feet. The skulls piled up around did not seem to affect the figure a single bit. The figure made a straight dash towards the escaping female. 

Xuan Mo could clearly make out her teammates nearby. They were shuffling towards each other in an attempt to discuss what’s next. 

The female crawled forward. She seemed to have twisted her ankle, it was angled in a very strange position. She zipped her mouth shut, not daring to make a single sound as she panted away, the gunshots blanketing the sounds of her trying to catch her breath. She seemed to be trying not a make any noise. 

Following the silence, the figure that had been chasing the female seemed to stop in dubion, before it tried to listen for her movements.

Suddenly, a clear crack gave the female’s location away. The female lifted her hand from a bone she’d accidentally pressed on that made the cracking sound. With this movement however, her other hand supporting herself on the ground also accidentally cracked some other bones on the ground. 

The sounds giving away her location, the figure moved forward with large strides. The figure raised a foot and stepped down on to the female’s back, before it bent forward and reached out…


A shriek pierced through everyone’s ears once again. With the confirmation of this female’s identity, the situation had them almost a little speechless. Why couldn’t their ol’ neighbour be a ‘lil less nosy? Why do they need to stick their heads into everything happening around here? And why did they bring a female down? Couldn’t they just stick to doing fun stuff back at home? 

As the female moaned in pain and desperation, she threw everything she could grab at the figure behind her. Skulls, femur, ribcage, sacrum, pelvis… She kept throwing and throwing bones. The figure behind her seemed to have stopped after stepping on her, no longer moving. 

Meanwhile, Xuan Mo and Ai Er Ge were trying to figure out what exactly was the creature in front of them. 

Given the human appearance of the figure, it was definitely not a Portoli Fire King Bee. An insect was an insect. Even if three hundred thousand years passed, it would not be able to transform into a human being, much less it’s only been three thousand years. In order to hide themselves from the figure, they had deliberately reined in their presence, including their mental power. Despite so, the figure had still stopped short just in front of them.

Was the figure trying to decide what to do with the female, or did it sense that something was off just a little distance ahead of it? Whatever the reason was, Xuan Mo felt that dragging things out like this was definitely not to their advantage. That was because the other members in the team also knew that they were hiding here. If any of them were to suddenly jump out in an unnecessary attempt to distract the enemy away from them to “help” them, things wouldn’t go down too well… 

The creature’s foot on the female shifted. Immediately, they could hear the female’s groans of agony. The female tried to stay conscious before giving in and blacking out. After which, the creature slowly moved towards them.

The figure came closer and closer. 

Xuan Mo sighed. Just as she was about to make her move, she heard a gunshot sound. The creature instantly zipped around and lunged in the direction of the gun. A layer of armour coated the back of the creature. Within it was a smoking hole where the bullet had been removed on its own. A faint scorched smell lingered in the air.

“Insect King! That’s the Insect King!” Ai Er Ge suddenly stood. His face paleing, “you guys, leave now! Quick! Go over to the wall! You guys don’t stand a chance against it!”

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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