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Yuan Yuan Yuan walked with hastened footsteps. 

Her head was lowered. She turned into an alley. When she heard the sounds of footsteps from a distance behind, her heart sank. 

It’s already been two hours since she left the supermarket. It was completely dark outside now.

Despite so, Yuan Yuan Yuan still had not made it home.

…the footsteps tailing behind her at a consistent distance was the reason. She didn’t dare to go home.

She clenched her teeth, checked the time and continued making her way forward. She had already however produced a dagger in one of her hands. 

She seemed to have been surrounded by demons. 

Two hours ago when Yuan Yuan Yuan first made her way out of the supermarket, she’d made a headless dash towards the direction of her home. After realising that she’d gotten herself into a dangerous situation, she decided to take the more secluded routes home. Even so, she still caught some demon’s attention. 

After all, she was not the only demon that chose to live here, there were quite a number of other demons that resided in this area. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan had thought that she was already careful enough, but she didn’t account for the fact that there were a number of sharp-eyed demons around.

She tried to rein in her demon scent as much as possible so that she could pretend to be a normal human being. Holding in her scent evidently worked, because some of the demons that noticed her slowly left after a period of observation.

Yuan Yuan Yuan continued taking careful notice of what;s behind her. When she saw that the bunch of them left, she sighed in relief. Despite so, there were still a persistent few that tagged a distance behind. 

There was no way she could go home in this state, it was too dangerous.

She was afraid that the demons tailing her would tag her all the way home and find out where she lived. 

With this thought in mind, Yuan Yuan Yuan made two full rounds near her place in an attempt to throw off the demons on her tail. However, one demon behind her didn’t get thrown off, but instead shortened the distance between them.

She couldn’t let this drag on… Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the familiar alley a distance away.

Fuck it, she didn’t give a damn any more. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 17 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

Given the state of things, she’d already ran out of options, and so she could only fall back on the dumbest method. 

And that was — run all the way home. According to what Ji Qiu had said earlier, she should be able to turn her face back once she’s home. By then, even if the demons tailing her made their way over, she could insist that she didn’t know anything. After all, they were two completely different demons, the demon tailing her wouldn’t have any other evidence otherwise either.

…enh. But at the same time, she would end up in a precarious situation in the future, load of questions and suspicions would find its way over to her.

That’s why Yuan Yuan Yuan said this was the dumbest method.

Yuan Yuan Yuan suddenly sped up. The demon tailing her didn’t expect her to start running. After a moment of surprise, he followed suit and ran after her.

Yuan Yuan Yuan made a mad dash forward. She reached the lobby of her apartment very quickly. Feeling that she was finally gonna end this nonsense, she quickly climbed up to her window. What followed next stopped her short in her tracks.

She stood before her window, her limbs going cold.

An unprecedented wave of despair crashed towards her.

On the window, a bright rune shined. The purple veins of the pattern was intertwined, making the rune out to appear a little more eccentric than the conventional. The rune was printed on the clean window pane, as though a pretty flower.

This rune was the symbol of an identity. The rent she paid to Sister Xue was what funded this rune.

This rune was somewhat like a doorbell in the demon realm. If a stranger demon were to try to enter her house, this rune would appear.

But what the fuck! This was her house! How did her rune not recognise her! All she did was change a face! 

Yuan Yuan Yuan was this close to flipping off her own apartment…

The black figure behind closed in. By now, he’d have roughly figured that the person he’d been tailing was the “black shirt guy” on the bounty list. After coming to such a realisation, his footsteps hastened. 

Three minutes later, a black silhouette zipped past Yuan Yuan Yuan’s estate, and stopped before the building.

There were only a handful of demons staying in this area, and Yuan Yuan Yuan was one of them.

The black silhouette walked towards the area that had to most remnant demon scent, and slowly found his way over to Yuan Yuan Yuan’s door. 

Just as he was about to push the door open, a purple rune suddenly appeared on the door.

After a moment of pause, he dropped his hands.

Yuan Yuan Yuan was currently laying down on her side in a very strange location. 

She was expressionless, not a single emotion was visible on her face. Her entire being seemed to be emitting a cold chill.

She was starting to feel a little suffocated. This really wasn’t the best situation to be in right now. She had been holding in her demon aura for a long while now, she was at the verge of giving up now.

…holding in your demon aura was a little different from holding in a fart, but there were many similarities between both actions. And that was, it’d leave the said person short of breath, and it was very possible that whatever they’re holding in might inch its way out any time.

Yuan Yuan Yuan threw off the blanket covered over her, and stuck her head out to inhale deeply. Suddenly, a hand pushed her head back down. 

Not only so, the person that pushed her back down was evidentally concerned that she might stick her head out again, and so another layer of thick blanket made its way over Yuan Yuan Yuan’s head…

Yuan Yuan Yuan could feel the weight of the blanket on her increasing and increasing in weight. As it did, she heard a variety of sounds from above, in clashes and clangs, as though the things that had been layered on her was no longer just blankets.

After half and hour or so, she inhaled deeply, and prepared to get up. The person outside however pressed her back down. Yuan Yuan Yuan spoke in what seemed to be a mix of frustration and amusement, “it’s fine now, the person’s gone.”

…she was met with silence. Yuan Yuan Yuan finally crawled out of the little cave. As she moved, a huge pile of things fell from her.

At the corner of her eyes, Yuan Yuan Yuan noticed there were blankets, clothes, and books.

Enh, and if she didn’t see wrongly, there was also a soft toy and a back scratcher…

Cough cough.

Before her sat two girls, one of them was Xiao Ying, and the other was Xiao Ying’s classmate.

The expressions that donned their faces were particularly amusing as the two girls watched Yuan Yuan Yuan slowly extruded herself from the blanket of mountains.

Earlier, just as the black figure was catching up to her, Yuan Yuan Yuan was freaking out in front of the window of her unit, the window next door suddenly opened. Out popped Xiao Ying’s head, and the latter turned to see a wild Yuan Yuan Yuan squatting at her neighbour’s balcony. 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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T/N: a little explanation on the rune just to job your memory, in case you’ve forgotten – the monthly rental that Yuan Yuan Yuan pays to Sister Xue is her “protection fee” to the demon head that manages the area. In return, the demon head covers for all the demons under his/her wing. And each demon that is “protected” would receive a rune engraved on their residence. The rune that Yuan Yuan Yuan has is the symbol of identity, it indicates that she is a “legal citizen” of the demon realm in this demon area, and is “protected” by the demon head of this area

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