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…To be honest Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t want to think about something like this to break her previous chain of thought, but this was becoming a real problem that will proceed to plague every part of her life. After she bought the cup noodle, she only had around fifty or so dollars* left. 

* original: hundreds of yuan; the fifty or so dollars is already converted to USD for easy reference 

The first twenty years of Yuan Yuan Yuan’s life was incredibly ordinary and conventional, but her recent years have been absolutely turbulent, least to say. She still remembered how she got her first job with her degree. However, a few days into her job, things got out of hand, because she became a demon. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan had been quite a noob back then… of course that’s not to say that she’s become much stronger or more powerful now, well long story short, she chickened out, quit her job and decided to float around and eke out a living, and that situation continued until today. 

Over the few years, Yuan Yuan Yuan and taken up all sorts of strange jobs, but most of them paid at the end if the shift. She wanted a job that made it easy for her to pack up and leave at any moment’s notice. 

Now that we’re on the topic of jobs, Yuan Yuan Yuan had not had a proper job in a really long time. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 15 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

Yuan Yuan Yuan cupped her chin and sat with her legs crossed on her bed. It’s difficult to settle down given her current situation… she’d managed to tide through all these years with the savings that her parents had left her, together with some money she’d earned from her part-time jobs. Even though she’d tried her best to save on her spending, she still ran out of money. 

After all, even though she was a demon, she was a… very different demon from the other demons around. After all these years, she’d managed to learn how the other demons survive; there were a few different categories of demons out there, but none of them were in such a terrible state as she was. 

Demons that were powerful enough would have managed to get themselves in some sort of leadership position, either that or they would confidently mix with humans, and no one would say anything about it — these demons would even be complimented as “wild”. Demons that were on the weaker end of the spectrum would be competiting against the other demons to fight their way up. The weaker demons didn’t need to worry about rent or food, because they would grab a sleeping bag a plop themselves down in a random alley to spend the night; as for food… there’s plenty of humans and other demons around to prey on; who knows, they might just get lucky with their meals once in a while. 

Even the weakest of the demons that preferred to stay out of trouble would have their own cliques or organisations that they would stick to. There wasn’t any other demon that stuck out as much as Yuan Yuan Yuan; she’d never been able to assimilate into the demon community.

Enh… everyone seemed to be doing pretty well, except her. Unfortunately as a half-demon, she was stuck in limbo between demons and humans. And also because of this, she wasn’t particularly welcomed by both communities. 

As compared to the “Ji Qiu” issue tugging at her from the back of her mind, Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that… enh, this month’s bills was a more imminent headache.

She bit her fingernails, stood up and walked over to the window. She pulled the curtains aside and saw the shop that was lit up downstairs, deciding that she should check out the shop and ask if there’s anywhere around that’s taking part-timers. 

The cafe that she’d dropped by earlier seemed like a pretty good option, the Sichuan restaurant beside the cafe may also be taking part-timers…

“Oh you don’t allow that? You can only draw your salary after working for a full month?” Yuan Yuan Yuan spoke into the phone: “Oh, alright, thanks.”

After hanging up, Yuan Yuan Yuan starting worrying. As she watched the passers-by on the street, the only thing that was filling up her head was the word “money”.

Fortunately for her, having undergone proper 21st century education, she was a morally upright person. If she wasn’t, she’d be verging on committing crimes or other unharmonious activities to get her hands on some cash.

Yuan Yuan Yuan rubbed her head. The shops that she’d asked required workers to report to work regularly, and they would only give out salary at the end of the month; if the part-timer were to quit before that, they would not pay the salary. Given her situation, she wasn’t sure how long she would be staying here for, so she didn’t want to or dare to take up such commitment-heavy part-time jobs. 

After she exited the shop, Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the long street ahead, her mind occupied with all sorts of worries and concerns. She’d been out and about for an entire day, her legs were dying on her, she needed a break to rest. 

It was already getting dark; the rosy red glow of the setting sun spilled down on the pavement from between the buildings.

Just as she was walking, she passed a street that had a large supermarket. She figured that she could blow some free air-con inside, and use their toilet while she was there. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan knew where the toilet was in this mall, so she made her way there directly. She walked to the sink and washed her face. She was drenched in sweat; she’d been walking around the entire morning. 

After she rinsed her face, she raised her head and looked at herself in the mirror.

The person before the mirror was dressed in black shirt and jeans; there were some beads of water lingering on her face, and a few strands of wet hair sticking to her ear.

The pair of dark eyes reflected by the mirror was emotionless; her face was simiarly void of expression.

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the mirror for a while before she bent down to wash her face again. 

As she was doing so, she heard a few female voices from behind, “what else do we need to buy?”

“We’ve got the pork ribs and bamboo shoots, what else are we missing… yogurt and water?”

After Yuan Yuan Yuan washed her faced, she looked up again. But this time, she froze.

She remained frozen for a solid five or so seconds. When the sound of toilet flushing sounded, she immediately returned to earth. Yuan Yuan Yuan instantly turned, dashed into one of the empty cubicles and locked the door. She’d been in a mad rush, so the cubicle door slammed close with a loud bang.

“What the hell!” The girl in the cubicle beside hers was startled. Yuan Yuan Yuan heard their low remarks, “what the, do you need to slam the door.”

Yuan Yuan Yuan couldn’t give a damn about what the girl had said. She was currently inside the cubicle, her heart hammering away in her chest.

…her face.

Even after the girls had left for a very long while, Yuan Yuan Yuan remained in the cubicle, dazed. She covered her face, trying to remove the glamour. 

…but for some reason, her face didn’t change. She couldn’t return to her original face.

Yuan Yuan Yuan’s heart thudded away. She surveyed the surroundings. She was circled by the cubicle walls in all four directions. She asked softly: “Ji Qiu, was that you?”

The toilet was silent; not a single sound could be heard. 

She carefully observed the surrounding before she asked gingerly: “Can I know… why you’re doing this? …you should at least give me a heads up, I won’t know anything otherwise…”

She waited for a long time, but there was still no reply. Yuan Yuan Yuan’s heart was still galloping away.

She’d been playing around with glamour for a very long time now, but this was the first time something like this happened. She’d now completely transformed into the black shirt guy. Her height had increased, her chest had flattened, even her voice became a male voice. 

“I mean… what you do you mean by all this, are you drawing me now? C’mon this obviously isn’t the right time, I’m in a female toilet, are you sure your readers won’t explode if they see the male supporting character walking out of a female toilet?” Yuan Yuan Yuan had no idea what she was saying either, she was just spewing nonsense; her mind was completely blank.


Just after Yuan Yuan Yuan was done speaking, she suddenly heard a peculiar laughter that sounded out of nowhere.

It was a very strange voice, one of the strangest Yuan Yuan Yuan has ever heard in her entire life.

She couldn’t tell if belonged to a male or female, if it was from an old or young person, but she was sure that it was a human voice.

For a moment… Yuan Yuan Yuan almost wanted to replay what she’d heard earlier just to find out.


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