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Yuan Yuan had found many fictional demon characters to her liking. A lot of them had even been her first love, and they’d remained so even till now. 

So when she’d first turned into a half-demon, she’d been secretly excited for a very long time. 

This kind of excitement lasted until she personally witnessed a physical brawl between demons. 

When up against their own kind, demons were bloodthirsty, they were also very merciless and cruel.  

Indeed, many demons were devastatingly beautiful, and very charismatic as well, they were truly like what was portrayed on the literature that Yuan Yuan Yuan had seen before. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan had seen many very strong and powerful demons. Even though she’d only sneaked them a glance, she could tell how magnetic they were. Since the ancient times, there were many that had been recording down such demons, be it in an illustration or in writing. Demons were captivating, that’s why there were so many people who would want to record them down. 

However, this wasn’t an environment that Yuan Yuan Yuan could get accustomed to and assimilate into. 

There had been many, many instances in the past — such instances if extracted and written into a story, would have been a violent, yet beautiful fiction that would seem absolutely arresting to read about. 

However, Yuan Yuan Yuan was not a foolish girl still in her chuunibyou phase. There were some things that required you to personally see it for yourself before you realise the gravity of the situation.  

When Yuan Yuan Yuan had first encountered a demon killing a human, she’d exploded on the spot. She grabbed a blade lying on the side, lunged forward and stabbed the demon at his waist. This incident resulted in a hunt that lasted half a year — the other demons were hunting her to kill her. 

On hindsight now, she really had no idea what she’d been thinking back then. 

From the demon perspective, the demon didn’t do anything wrong, survival of the fittest was the rule in the demon realm. If you really were to point fingers, it’d be this half-demon shit-stirrer’s fault. 

From the human perspective… well, Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t exactly have a right to voice anything either. 

She was a half-demon. As the name suggested, she was half a human, but also half a demon. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t like getting involved in many of such happenings. But honestly speaking, she’s only getting by this tragically because… she couldn’t get over things like this. 

She didn’t like killing humans, neither did she liked seeing demons killing humans. 

But she didn’t think that she was really that kind of a person. Sometimes, Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that she was quite a hypocrite — she didn’t dare kill humans, and rejected killing humans, but she killed demons like nobody’s business. 

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Yuan Yuan Yuan stood at the entrance, listening to the sounds from within the room. She felt that she’d paused for a long time. But if she were to really count the minutes, it wasn’t that long either. 

Just as she was stoning, countless images seemed to flash before her eyes — a girl covered head to toe in blood, a beautiful flower petal, a guy dressed in white. 

She seemed to be here to negotiate with the “distinguished guest”.

But now, it seemed like this negotiation wasn’t necessary anymore. 

The next moment that Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that something was off was when she realised that there was no more moaning sounds. 

A wave of shock descended on her, her entire being shook for a moment. She couldn’t help but suspect if something bad had happened during the few minutes she’d been outside stoning. 


When Yuan Yuan Yuan looked up and around, she suddenly realised that she was all alone in the hallway. The lavender lady opposite her had also disappeared unknowingly. 

The light purple and azure blue fog had too dissipated silently. 

The hallway was submerged in a strange chill. It had seemed like an intoxicating sanctuary just a minute ago, but it was now a freezer instead. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan took a few steps forward in hesitation. She produced her blade and pushed open the door to the room where the sounds came from earlier. 

She thought she’d be greeted with a bloody scene, but an empty room welcomed her instead. It looked like showroom. A large floor-to-ceiling mirror was placed in the centre. It was positioned in a way such that Yuan Yuan Yuan could see her entire being reflecting back at her. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the face in the reflection, the face had been vandalised comically. 

She looked at him. The face was looking at her too. 

This confrontation didn’t exactly pan out the way she’d thought it would. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan entered the room, dazed and confused. Suddenly, the door behind her closed on itself, startling her. 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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