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“She has a childhood friend?” Jin Zheng Hang was quick. 

“Cough… you can say that.” When he noticed that Jin Zheng Hang didn’t find it a big deal, he immediately added, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but that girl has very low EQ, my bro had dedicated a lot of time and had been helping her and her entire family all these years, waiting for her to realise his feelings for her. But this girl had no plans to realise his feelings, and instead came to this blind date.”

“You’re saying I’m the unexpected anomaly?”

“…boss, can you don’t be so smart.”

“This isn’t fair for me.” Jin Zheng Hang gave an unhappy expression. “If I’d met her earlier, I would help her and her family too. I’ve just realised that she is the perfect wife material.”

Ai Er Ge delved into contemplation: “Did she tell you, it doesn’t matter if her husband had an affair, as long as there is no kids?”

Jin Zheng Hang’s face turned green: “It’s not because of this…”

“Then how is she good? She’s heartless, cold, not amiable, not flirty, not gentle, not friendly…”

“Since she’s so terrible in your eyes, all the more you should let her marry the modern demon and make life difficult for me.” 

“…” It was Ai Er Ge’s turn to turn green.

“Alright, I won’t go on and on with you, look at the extent that you went now, I won’t steal someone else’s crush… what does your bro do?”

“Eh, he’s at the Municipal Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Team here.”

“…you think it’s better for a girl to end up with someone working there than someone like me?!” Jin Zheng Hang’s eyes were wide. “Of course, it was my childhood dream to be a policeman, but… if Xuan Mo were to marry me, she would be able to lead a very happy life. Ai Er Ge, you really are…”

Ai Er Ge curled his lips: “You don’t know do you, I don’t know either… but I just feel that it’s better if she were together with my bro instead.”

“Fine, I won’t get involved, but…”


“I won’t approve your long leave, cooperate with the technical team and finish the concept by the end of the year and we’ll see then.”

“Bo-boss, you can’t do this… this this this, I need to OT for many consecutive months to hit that target.”

“Ai Er Ge.” Jin Zheng Hang suddenly turned sad. “I’m letting go such a good girl for you, should I not expect to receive some form of compensation for my frail, weak heart…”

At his words, Ai Er Ge didn’t give much reaction. After weighing through the options, Ai Er Ge started gingerly: “Boss, let’s strike a deal.”


“Keep chewing your food. Actually my nature is pretty similar to Xuan Mo, if you like, I can change my gender, and you can marry me instead, just please don’t let me OT…”

“…” Jin Zheng Hang was defeated. 

After KO-ing his boss, Ai Er Ge happily went over to Xuan Mo to select the food he wanted to eat. He’d paid before he entered. Now that he had a steady income, he was going to eat his heart out and make a bang for the buck. 

As Ai Er Ge ate and ate, a serious topic came to mind: “Xuan Mo, you said your body is already as standard as a normal blue planet female, then what about mine…”

Xuan Mo bit into a chicken wing and nodded: “It’s the same as an average blue planet male.”

Ai Er Ge paled: “What?! Then shouldn’t I be getting the normal biological reactions that males usually get!?”


“No!” Ai Er Ge’s expression fell, “I’ve never experienced anything all these four years, I’m not that right, a eunuch…”

Xuan Mo thought about this possibility sternly: “If your internal organ is not functioning, there’s no need for the external peripheral either. In light of improving your combat abilities, I can help you get rid of it and be a true eunuch, from the inside out.”

Ai Er Ge finally understood what it meant to have his jewels hammered. He closed his leg immediately with unparalleled force and chomped on his food: “I’m leaving.”

“Where are you going?”

“I’m gonna look for Ah La Lei, and borrow some videos to practise getting a reaction!”


The next day, Xuan Mo’s mother dragged her daughter out of bed bright and early, and asked her how things went the previous night.

Xuan Mo shook her head: “Not much feeling.” She didn’t feel anything to begin with. After Ai Er Ge arrived, the guy kept trying to lower his presence, and that exacerbated her lack of feelings for him altogether.

“Ah, why is that so…” Xuan Mo’s mother found it surprising, and a little sad at the same time.

“What about you?”

“Oh, it wasn’t bad… enh?” Her mother’s eyes widened, “you you what did you just ask me?”

“How did it go? With Doctor Jin.”

“Xuan Mo.” Her mother flushed. “You guys are the ones on a blind date, why are you asking me.”

Xuan Mo shrugged: “If it didn’t work out then never mind, I’m not trying to say anything.” At that, she stood and got ready to wash up.

“Hold on.” Her mother was anxious. She followed after Xuan Mo, asking gingerly, “what do you think about Doctor Jin?”

“I don’t know.”

“C’mon, tell me!” Her mother decided to ask, bashful and coy.

Xuan Mo had no other options. After brushing her teeth, she contemplated for a moment before saying: “You guys should get married.”

“Ahh?” Her mother froze.

“I don’t know what kind of person he is, but if you think he’s good, then just get married. If he’s not good, I’ll finish him for you.”

Xuan Mo’s mother felt like she couldn’t catch up with her daughter’s train of thought: “I’m not sure yet, what are you saying…”

“Give him a call now and ask, is he willing to marry you, if he’s not then you guys continue on as it is, if he is then get it over and done with asap.”

Xuan Mo’s mother immediately blurted: “He’s definitely willing.” After which, she shut her mouth, and met her daughter’s meaningful gaze in embarrassment.

Xuan Mo started washing her face. A bang sounded outside; it was the door being smashed open.

Xuan Mo’s mother looked over and exclaimed in surprise: “Huh? Yu Chen how are you back, aren’t you working on your case abroad?”

Lu Yu Chen panted: “I, I finished it yesterday.”

“Even so you don’t need to rush over, isn’t it very far.”

“I.” Lu Yu Chen’s face was completely red, “I just wanted to ask, Mo Mo… how did her blind date go…”

Xuan Mo’s mother paused before breaking out in a smile: “Oh~~~~~” And then turned to elbow Xuan Mo: “Mo Mo, looks like you didn’t even need to go on a blind date.”

Xuan Mo wiped her face with a towel expressionlessly: “Don’t take off your shoes, throw the rubbish.”

After her words, Lu Yu Chen stopped short just before he was about to remove his shoes, gave an “oh” in reply, and proceeded to grab the bag of trash and headed out.

Before long, Xuan Mo dialled for his phone: “Breakfast.”

“No problem!” Brother Lu’s panting voice sounded from the other side of the call.

Xuan Mo’s mother stood, dazed for a good while. She didn’t even notice that she was running late for work: “When I wasn’t around, this was how you guys interacted?”

“Enh.” Xuan Mo wore her jacket, “is it strange?”

“What are you going on blind dates for!” Xuan Mo’s mother slapped her own thigh, “find a day and head  down to the Registry of Marriage already!”


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Translator’s Note:

omg… THMYO is finally! Finally! Finally! Done!!!! Really took too many hiatus for this project… QwQ and this project literally witnessed the beginning till the end (not really?) of COVID goodness gracious… (sweats)

A huge thank you to those that have been avidly following, as well as all readers out there decided to pick up this novel and actually finish this all the way till the end XD thank you very much for sticking with Xuan Mo and me all the way :”) hope you enjoyed this novel ~ 

Tbh i didnt finish reading the novel when i picked up this project, so i must say i definitely did not expect the plot to take such a sci-fi turn XD and it’s still a relatively open ending too, but i did kinda expect that she’d stay? Even though this is a no-romance novel, on hindsight i realised XM’s unintentionally amassed quite a passive harem (?) LOL

Now that THMYO is over, it’s time to actively unlearn typing Xuan Mo as the main character’s name instinctively hahah… and it’s time to start a new project yay! 

Do also check out all the other ongoing projects on ZHANLANN~ if you like strong female lead, gender-bender (for some of the projects), secret identities, intricate plots and foreshadowing, action/mind games, and no-romance (fortunately or unfortunately), all three of the projects below will definitely! Be! Your! Cup! Of! Tea!!! Pinky promise, and all of them are in my opinion waaay waaay waaay more exciting that THMYO!! ;D just that you probably won’t get a sis-con, a passive reverse-harem or a main character as expressionless as Xuan Mo haha 


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Hua Rong Yue transmigrated into the body of Yi Ling Long, a female cross-dressing as a male in a ancient cultivation setting. Yi Ling Long in her past life was an infamous killer from Heaven’s Will Tower, however she fell in love with someone not meant to be, before succumbing to Madness herself. In her attempt to avoid the same unfortunate ending as the notorious Maniac Yi Ling Long, Hua Rong Yue remain dressed as a male and hid herself in a small, peaceful town, away from all the bloodshed and danger.

All was going very well, she’d even managed to get herself a job as a clerk at a humble, inconspicuous apothecary… and then she got recruited by the special forces unit-equivalent in the ancient times. Though reluctant, she found that circumstances had forced her into taking up the job offer. Life as an official was less bloody than she’d expected, that is until one day, she was tasked to assume the fake identity of… the famed killer Yi Ling Long (aka herself)!? It was only until she stepped into the obnoxious red robes of Yi Ling Long did she realise that this was only just the beginning of her fake identity career… 


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This is a story about a demon and a manga. 

Previously a human, Yuan Yuan Yuan had accidentally became a half-demon. As a half-demon, she abide by the rules of the Demons, and wholeheartedly attempted to keep her identity as a half-demon under wraps. 

However, her peaceful life came to a halt after that one night — she disguised herself and saved a human from a demon. 

One week later, when she was flipping through her favourite manga that she had been following, she suddenly discovered that the plot contained a disconcertingly familiar sight. 

A black haired demon… had saved a human from another demon…

With his extraordinary abilities, strikingly handsome, aristocratic face and enigmatic background, the male demon quickly rose in fame as a 2D fiction character. Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the latest chapter of the manga, flabberghasted, before she decided to quietly chomp on some chips and choose to selectively close both eyes — none of this is real!

Soon, she realised there was a pattern to this. Ever since that night, there was a very high chance that the things she did would appear in the manga.

In fact, whatever occured in the manga were things that had happened in reality as well. Therefore, in order to stay alive, Yuan Yuan Yuan had to try her best to hide her identity

As time passed, those that were interested in such unsolved mysteries came to realise the uncanny similarities between the manga and reality, and the pattern that it appeared to follow. And so, they started searching for these 2D characters in the real world. 


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Having escaped the abandoned Waste Planet and finished off the trafficker that smuggled her out, illegal galactic resident Ai Bei had to find a way to eke out a living while doging the tracker robots and register herself a valid galactic citizenship in this foreign planet.

When the Live-Streaming Transmigration Competition advertisement plastered across the gigantic screen on the skyscraper ahead fell into her vision, Ai Bei, armed with nothing save for a basic personal terminal with incomplete personal details, decided to bet her life on it. Survival of the fittest they say? Well, she lived and breathed that in her entire life back in the Waste Planet.


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