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The door behind closed with a loud click; Yuan Yuan Yuan glanced backwards instinctively. She even reached out to tug at the door, but it didn’t open. 

By the time turned back to the front again, she realised that the mirror was filled with words written in lipstick. 

【If I were to give you another identity, what would you use it for?】

Yuan Yuan Yuan walked over. She looked at the colour of the lipstick… the colour looked like rusty red.

She knew it was Ji Qiu. It was his style to communicate with lipstick. Pulling someone into a completely different place was also his style. 

She had a lot of questions that she wanted to ask the “distinguished guest” earlier. But now, Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t even want to see that guest. A lot of thoughts buzzed through her head. The question that suddenly popped out of her mouth was, “who exactly are you?”

【I am Ji Qiu.】

”I know… I mean, are you a demon, human, taoist priest, or some kind of god or whatnot…” Yuan Yuan Yuan tried for recall all the chuunibyou literature and works that she had consumed in the past, and hazarded random guesses. 

【Is that very important? You guys won’t be able to find me anyway.】

Yuan Yuan Yuan watched as the words appeared out of nowhere. She rubbed her temples, “let me change the topic then, why do you want to draw this manga? Why am I drawn as well? Other than myself, there seems to be other people that were drawn in too, eh… did you take their alternative identity too?”

A line of words appeared on the mirror.【There are a lot of people drawn inside the manga other than yourself. There are some that are like you, there are also some who had been drawn based on their original identity. Is there a difference? All I want to create is an engaging manga. If you guys perform well, you will naturally gain the attention of the readers. On the other hand, if you don’t perform, I will give you guys a suitable ending according to how the manga pans out.】

”…you have a grand ambitions.” Yuan Yuan Yuan remarked. 

She was starting to understand Ji Qiu’s way of thinking. To him, they were just “pawns” in his drawings. The various “pawns” were located at different positions in the drawing, so the information they knew would also be different. 

She was probably placed as an “important male supporting character”. The “pawn” on this position may know more, but she also would not know too much. 

One level above her would be the “main character”. The “pawn” in this position would perhaps know much more than she would. Meanwhile, “pawns” in the “cannon fodder” position would probably never know what had been happening all this while. 

Other than her, there were a number of people, be it a human or demon, that were in a similar situation as her. All of them were performing to the best of their abilities. If they didn’t perform, they would be shelved aside and sent off on their way. 

In that case, what was the use of her “male supporting character”? Was she here to drive the plot for the main character? To bolster the atmosphere? Or to add some plot?

【Thank you for the compliment.】The mirror opposite  her wrote. 【Let’s return to our previous question. If I were to grant you another identity, what would you use it for?】

What would she use it for? ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 32 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the words on the mirror. Evidently, Ji Qiu was not done writing. The words continued.【This is a very mysterious identity, very strong, charismatic, and much more powerful than yourself currently. With the identity, you can accomplish a lot of things that you cannot achieve right now. What would you use this identity for? 】

”…” Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the words and sank into contemplation. 

”I think… I might end up doing some incredibly chuunibyou-esque things.” In the end, she replied with difficulty.

【I know, that’s why I drew you into my manga.】Ji Qiu continued writing. 【I’ve said before, I’ve selected quite a number of suitable souls for the characters in my work.】

So she was chosen because of her potential to be a delusional and her majestic imagination that she might have some kind of hidden powers? 

Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t even know how to respond to this new fact that she’d learnt. For some reason, this scene felt very familiar, something like Lelouch and C.C., Sebastian and Ciel, Lu Ming Fei and Lu Ming Ze*, except that here, it’s Ji Qiu and Yuan Yuan Yuan.

* Lelouch & C.C. are from Code Geass anime, Sebastian & Ciel are from Black Butler anime, Lu Ming Fei & Lu Ming Ze are from Dragon Raja 龙族 chinese fantasy novel series by Jiang Nan. 

She was not at all surprised at the words written on the mirror. 

【I have a lot of people that are similar to you.】

Yuan Yuan Yuan suddenly saw a lot of strange drawings appearing on the mirror. They were incredibly uncomfortable to look at, and seemed even more comical than the drawings on her face. They appeared random, irregular and even felt a little frightening. 

She frowned as she looked at the drawings. Ji Qiu continued writing.【It’s only after I drew for a month, before I realised that my manga cannot not have an interesting male supporting character. Even though I have quite a number of them, my favourite one from previously didn’t manage to survive till now, he died very early on.】

”Cough cough, let’s return to the topic.” Yuan Yuan Yuan said.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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T/N: day 10/12 daily updates; someone once said the best way to chew through a text is to translate it… damn I’m realising I’d missed a lot of things when I first read this novel… also im suddenly seeing some potential links but im not sure?!?!?

also thank goodness I watch anime?? the is the first novel that I know that references soooo many anime characters, and the author likes to use nicknames or the names are sometimes censored (due to copyright maybe?) if you’re not familiar you won’t even get it TTwTT

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