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Yuan Yuan Yuan would never dare to go meet that demon if she were to be in her original appearance, after all there were too far apart in terms of status and hierarchy. More specifically, meeting a demon like him was not something she’d even dare to think of.

Even so, she had to do it. 

Because this was the only person that was the closest to her, that she knew, had appeared in the manga before.

Perhaps Yuan Yuan Yuan would not be able to meet him with her own identity. But if she were to change her identity, perhaps it would become incredibly easy. 

— “They’re here to look for someone. They wouldn’t go if they didn’t find him.”

“Who are they looking for?”

“That black shirt guy.”

Yuan Yuan Yuan wore the cap on her head, checked that her attire was on point before slowly walking out.

She had no idea where this person was usually, but she knew that he would definitely appear in the saloon she worked at in the day around this time. 

She slowly walked down the alley and glanced at the saloon up ahead. When Sister Xue had brought her over, she’d entered through the backdoor. Now, she was walking in through the front door. Dressed in black from head to toe, this suddenly felt a little strange…

The saloon was located along the pedestrianised road, situated next to a bunch of KTV, hotels and LAN cafes, right opposite her apartment. 

This wasn’t the only bar open around here. Most of the bars were closed in the day and opened at night, so even though Yuan Yuan Yuan’s been living around here for a long while, she didn’t realise that this was a bar that was catered specifically for demons. If it weren’t for Sister Xue, she’d wouldn’t even realise. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan walked over to the entrance, but was stopped by a few bodyguards. “Hello, may we ask who you are…?”

“Eh…” Yuan Yuan Yuan glanced at the structure of the building. She’d looked at it the other day on her way home, and had roughly figured out the orientation and direction of everything. 

A’ight, escaping would be much more convenient. 

She raised her head, revealing the Demon Mark adorning face. 

“Oh oh, apologies, please enter.” The bodyguard immediately gave way for Yuan Yuan Yuan to enter. 

Even though she seemed calm and collected, her face was actually quite frozen when she stepped in. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 30 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

…she’d been very worried about accidentally revealing her true identity, and so she’d especially used her rusty red lipstick and drew some patterns randomly all over her face to pretend it was her Demon Mark. 

She’d drew the patterns from memory; this Demon Mark did actually belong to another demon. She remembered it had covered almost half his face.

This was also among the strangest Demon Marks that Yuan Yuan Yuan had encountered. How should she put it… kinda felt like the painted face characters in Chinese operas. She’d previously thought that it was such a tragedy for a demon to have such an extensive Demon Mark, but she never thought that she’d one day be using the same one. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan wasn’t quite worried about the distinguished guest recognising who she was, after all, she was here because of him. However, her black shirt guy identity was on her lead demon’s bounty list, and this saloon was within the territory of the lead demon’s boundary. If the saloon crew were to surround her and block off her escape routes, things wouldn’t go down well.

So she figured… that she should try to find a way to invite him to meet outside. The two of them can find a nice place and have a nice chat. 

Even if he didn’t want to chat with her it’s fine too, she was a fast runner. Once she removed her glamour, she could head straight back into the back kitchen to scrub the cups. She figured there weren’t going to be enough people around here that actually recognised her…

Cough cough. 

…Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that she wouldn’t attempt at something so dangerous if she could come up with a better plan.

Yuan Yuan Yuan inhaled deelpy, pushed open the glass door, and entered the building. The moment the door closed behind her, a strange amalgamation of demon scent wafted towards her. Yuan Yuan Yuan immediately felt a little dizzy.

It was two vastly different worlds, inside and outside the building. 

The outside world was lit up in neon, filled with the boisterous buzz of the industrial society. 

On the other hand, it was quite within the building, this place felt as though it was a dream that you would never want to wake up from.

Colours of lavender and azure blue filled all corners, making the saloon out to appear strangely peaceful, yet chaotic and debauched.

Yuan Yuan Yuan walked on the soft, fluffy carpet; it felt incredibly comfortable and turned. Despite the empty hallway before her, she could hear the peals of female laughter from all around, reveberating. 

Paintings of all kinds here hung up along the walls, some were depiciting mountains and rivers, others maids in the palace, each intriguing enough to draw one back in time into the ancient times.

She slowly walked towards the end of the hallway. The most prestigious room was situated at the end of the hallway. She knew that the bunch of them would be in that room. 

“Is this your first time here?” Suddenly, a gentle voice sounded from the side. Yuan Yuan Yuan turned and saw a lady. 

Dressed in lavender, she stood at one of the doors, a smile blossoming on her face. A light red Demon Mark appeared on her face, tracing the edge of her brows. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan glanced at her before turning back. 

She listened to the voices that sounded from the end of the hallway. 

Incessant moans could be heard. 

“What a delicious, fresh girl…”

“It’s a sixteen year old girl, they’re meat and blood are absolutely mouth-watching, do you want to try.” 

“Good girl, don’t move, we have a distinguished guest today.”

“My lord, would you like to give it a try?” Bewitchingly, the lady in lavender dress leaning against the light purple curtains turned to look at Yuan Yuan Yuan.

“A sixteen year old girl, what a rarity these days; even though most of it has been presented to the distinguished guest, but this is your first time here after all, and the distinguished guest would not be able to finish so much, if you’d like some…” She suddenly stopped. Her ruby tounge licked her lips; it was scarlet, as though dripping in blood. 

She looked at the man in black clothes standing before her. The Demon Marks on his face was extremely strange, as though a haphazard and comical painting.

However when such a painting was illustrated on this face, despite its initial strangeness, the more she looked at, the more she felt it seemed to exude a peculiar charm…

Was it so ugly to the point she felt that it became pleasing to the eye? The lady in lavender laughed as she shook her head. 

She looked at the man. His glance was still trained on her. However, he stood in the hallway, expressionless and silent for a long moment. 

“My lord?” She asked, feeling a little confused.

“Heh.” The man suddenly gave a slight laugh. 

An arresting smile appeared on the lower half of his face unadorned by Demon Mark. His thin lips curved into a cresent, making his lips out to appear particularly crimson. 

All of a sudden, the smile on the man seemed to ooze an indescribable, alluring charm… one that was perhaps even more so magnetic than the lady in purple dress standing before him. 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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