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【Ohohohohoh!! What does this mean? If the character isn’t liked, the artist will cut their scenes?】

【Rather utilitarian I must say… but quite unique too.】

【Ahhhhhh don’t do this, my favourite character had only appeared a handful of times, does this mean that Ji Qiu is going to cut her scenes?】

【I think… this would be on a case-by-case basis, Ji Qiu had drawn many characters, and the plot line is very complicated, the artist would have to consider the order of their appearance and well as the related foreshadowing and what not.】

Yuan Yuan Yuan sat on her bed, her head whirling away noisily. The countless thoughts blazing through her mind was messing with her head.

The “disappear” that Ji Qiu mentioned… it wouldn’t be as simple as just disappearing from the manga, she felt. 

Other that the unlucky “chosen” few for his manga, no one else would be able understand what Ji Qiu was trying to hint at.

She was suddenly incredibly relieved, that the face she had glamoured up was a devastatingly handsome one… after all, people were very visual beings in this day and age, pretty priviledge is very real, and that’s some serious business.

If she didn’t have such a handsome face… would she even be able to see the sun tomorrow?

Yuan Yuan Yuan spent the entire night sitting and scrolling through her phone. It was only until 2am did she catch the latest chapter update. She immediately brought her phone screen closer and scrutinised the plot. 

This chapter was about a demon discovering the main character (MC), and the MC forced to make a run for it.

The MC tried to shake off the tailing demon but to no avail.

Just as the MC was about to run out of options, and just as he was about to be found, an ethereal and celestial lady descended from above…

It was a spectacular “demon-hunter”-in-distress and “fairy”-in-shining-armour plot, but Yuan Yuan Yuan spent the entire chapter staring at the “John Doe” demon. 

The John Doe of this chapter was a very mundane demon, average abilities and average face — he was just another avearge character in the manga. 

In a Naruto-equivalent world, this demon would be just an average villager that was killed by a tumbling stone when Kurama attacked the village. In a HunterxHunter-equivalent world, this demon would be a cannonfodder that was squished dead by the Spiders’ during their deadly feats. 

This demon… he died a quiet, unnoticeable death when the MC had been battling with the opponent demon. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 20 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

Spilled blood coloured the ground, reminiscent of the crimson-marks that had engulfed the mirror before her.

Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that nothing had been going right ever since she became a half-demon.

This autumn however, when it was getting chillier, Yuan Yuan Yuan suddenly felt as though… things seemed to be turning out for the better. 

During this season, after so many years of running for her life, she finally found herself a proper job. 

Speaking of jobs… Yuan Yuan Yuan felt as though her worldview had to be refreshed.

She held the clothes in her hand, dumbfounded.

“How in the world did you survive all these years?” Sister Xue sat on the sofa in Yuan Yuan Yuan’s apartment as she puffed her long, oriental tobacco pipe. “there’s so many fundamental things you don’t seem to know, it’s as though you’re a juvenile demon.”

“Eh… there are quite a lot of things that I don’t know, no one taught me anything either.” Yuan Yuan Yuan was quiet for a while, and decided in the end not to share the fact that she’d actually obtained most of her demon knowledge from modern “literature”. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan donned the strange clothes, unsure how it should be worn. Behind her, Sister Xue looked at the horrific sight in appal, “you tie a knot here, aye, yes, wrap it around a few times and tie another knot.”

It was evening time; standing before a rustic, bamboo building that had a “saloon” word printed at the front, Yuan Yuan Yuan was surprised, and not in a good way.

“Aye, Xue Fei, what brought you here?” Sister Li’zi that had been walking by saw the two of them standing at the entrance, and asked, puzzled. 

“Brought someone over.” Sister Xue said. She pulled Yuan Yuan Yuan as she spoke: “Take the back entrance, not the front one.”

“Works too, better safe than sorry.” Sister Li’zi glanced at Yuan Yuan Yuan, nodded and turned to leave, leaving Sister Xue tugging a befuddled Yuan Yuan Yuan in her wake.

Even by the time Yuan Yuan Yuan was behind the counter warming up liquor, she was still feeling a little lost and confused. However, when she saw the amount of money she could make at the end of the month… she immediately decided to stick with this job.

She stood behind the counter and followed the actions of the person beside her — place the liquor pot into the liquor heating vessel. As she did, she produced her phone and checked the screen.

The moment she clicked it open, Yuan Yuan Yuan found herself pausing in surprise. Goodness gracious, there’s even two bars of 4G network here.

“You… your name is Yuan Yuan right, don’t go out unless you’re called, I’m afraid the guests would be upset if they see you.” Someone else beside her said.

He left after speaking; as he did, and grabbed a tray filled with pots of heated liquor as he went out.

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at his face, and proceeded to ignore him. She continued to heat the liquor with her left hand, and scrolled through her phone with her right hand.

She typed the following words into Baidu: “outfits for guys” and clicked search. When the page loaded, she carefully read through the contents.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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