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After that heart-trembling day, Yuan Yuan Yuan continued to keep a close tab on the manga, but she realised that she didn’t make any appearance again.

She had been beside herself with worry that Xiao Ying and Li Xin would appear in the manga, but she realised that there was absolutely nothing. 

Whether it was her being chased, or her hiding away, or her being shoved a bag of pork ribs, none of these appeared in the manga.

At the situation, Yuan Yuan Yuan couldn’t help but sigh in relief. Immediately after however, her heart clenched again.

She still had to accumulate enough airtime as the “black shirt guy”… she’d only changed into her black shirt guy identity once, and she got herself into so many things. Seeing how she had to increase her usage of her “black shirt guy” identity, she couldn’t imagine what would play out during her next airtime.

It was only until shortly after did Yuan Yuan Yuan finally realise… that this was really nothing. Ji Qiu had many other aces up his sleeve, and all of these meant nothing but terror for Yuan Yuan Yuan.

His previous words “increase the times you use this face, and serve your time as a male supporting character well” was more than what it seemed. 

【Exclusive Interview with Artist Ji Qiu~】

The discreet words sat quietly in the corner of the printed magazine, with no intentions of commanding any amount of attention.

Yuan Yuan Yuan had been eating when she chanced upon this; she almost choked on her food…

“What the fuck is this!” Yuan Yuan Yuan blurted out before thinking.

She immediately brought the magazine closer to her face, her eyes wide as saucers. 

This… how was this possible!

How in the world did they conduct the interview! And how in the world did they approve and print this? Did they communicate with lipstick?!

Yuan Yuan Yuan read every single word on the magazine. She’d been on her way back, and paid for a hard copy with the remaining two bucks she had left when she was passing by. She definitely was not expecting to see something like this.

She was not the only one that didn’t expect this. There were multiple individuals across the different demon residences that looked at this week’s chapter, utterly flabberghasted. 

…among the demons and humans that had made an appearance in the manga, this low key “black shirt guy” who’d only made a handful of cameos was truly a far throw from the limelight.

There were countless humans and demons that carefully read through every single word in this week’s exclusive interview, their hearts thudding away.

【”What inspired Ji Qiu-sama to create the manga Demons?”】♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 19 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

【”Enh… how should I put it, it’s probably because I want to show the world how demons really are to me. What do you think about my characters?”】

【”Ji Qiu-sama’s art is incredibly unique and recognisable… you won the artist with the most beautiful art style previously too.”】

【”Thank you… I think it’s alright, I’ve always wanted to capture the lithe, agile and bloodthirsty nature of demons in my art, so I’m slowly trying to find my way around…”】

After reading the interview, Yuan Yuan Yuan was in shock.

What the fuck, she had never, ever, ever once seen such a shameless person before.

She reined in the urge to remark at every line, and forced herself to go through everything — from the first all the way to the last question.

【”Ji Qiu-sama, are you satisfied with your current manga?”】

【”Enh, I think it’s not bad, the most important thing about the manga is that it must have a soul, I’ve found many suitable souls for my manga, so I quite like them.”】

【”Ji Qiu-sama, how long do you wish for this manga to continue on for?”】

【”For however long I can draw it for… it’s only been a month, and a lot of interesting things had already happened, who knows what will happen in the future, hehe…”】

【”Ji Qiu-sama, is there anything you wish to tell your readers?”】

Yuan Yuan Yuan slowly scrolled, and saw the last paragraph Ji Qiu said.

【”Enh… something suddenly came to mind.”】

【”Enh? Please share.”】

【”I want to tell my readers that the life and death of my characters are in your hands. If you like them, they will very likely live on, if you don’t like them… I will make sure they disappear from your eyes.”】

【”Oh~ I understand now, so this is how Ji Qiu-sama chart your characters? Adding scenes to characters that are well-received… enh, it’s smart move to get more sales, you’re well on your way to becoming a popular artist.”】

【”Heh… you can put it that way too, seems like this is quite a feasible way to do things, let us anticipate what’s to come then.”】

Yuan Yuan Yuan read the entire interview, and placed the magazine down by her side.

Her entire being was icy cold.

Her hands trembling slightly, she produced her phone, opened the DreaManga app, flipped over to the Demons manga and scrolled through the comments.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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