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Yuan Yuan Yuan spent the entire night noting down all the different types of 2D male characters that she had once liked in her entire life. 

Perhaps there would be many that would wonder why such a weeb info list needed to exist… to Yuan Yuan Yuan however, these notes were as important as the notes that she had scribbled down back in her schooling days during English class. 

Given the life and death situation that she had gotten herself into, Yuan Yuan Yuan was jotting everything she could recall down in complete earnesty, no matter how dumb, eccentric or mad this behaviour would make her out to be, and no matter how embarrassing this list would seem to a spectator. 

She pointed at each of the male characters that she had listed down with her pen as she scrutinised them. Exactly why did she find each of them attractive?

When a very real and serious question that would threaten your life was to be posed to you — if you’re not well-received, you would die — you would find yourself constantly thinking about it, with unprecedented intensity and gravity. 

Exactly why do people love these fictional characters so much? 

Yuan Yuan Yuan laid on her face on the bed. The 50-watt bedside lamp remained lit. As she bit her pen, she looked at her scrawls on her notebook, pointing at the different names as she muttered to herself, nit picking as though selecting and choosing the best cabbage at the wet market. 

Enh, this guy first. Even though this guy was pretty hot, and rich, and was very strong in martial arts.

But! He’s blind! It’s so hard for people with severe vision impairment to even find a partner in real life, but why, why was she so in love with this blind fictional male character? 

Yuan Yuan Yuan clenched her teeth as she looked at the names in her notebook, topping a complicated expression. She evaluated herself and came to a conclusion that she was nowhere as charismatic as this blind male character. At that, she crossed out his name angrily and moved on to the next one. 

And this character… he was expressionless, and had close to no emotions, not only so, he was a man of little words, in the span of half a year, you might only be able to hear him blurt out one single word if you’re lucky. He had absolutely no other brownie points-worthy aspects other than his face. So why was it that she was so obsessed with this character? 

Yuan Yuan Yuan contemplated for a very, very, very long time, as though trying to convince herself… if it was okay to stop liking these characters? 

One second, two seconds, three seconds went by…

Yuan Yuan Yuan… planted her head into her pillow. 

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Look at how magnetic and alluring these male supporting characters were; they always would somehow be able to grasp so tightly onto your heart, to the point that you would willingly fork out money and offer it to them.  

If Yuan Yuan Yuan were too able to “create” such a character for herself… exactly how should she position this character so that her character could be on par with these fictional characters? 

Yuan Yuan Yuan scribbled down words one after another. 

The character must have a very pitiful background, he must be kind and gentle, persistent and resilient even in challenging times, and steadfast and loyal… 

He’s gotta be icy cold, possessive, sinful… 

And he’s gotta be hot, sexy, tall with long legs, and he must have a charming voice…

Lines after lines after lines of adjectives were scribbled onto the notebook, as though racks of colourful products lined up on a display rack for customers to choose and pick at their desire.

After a preliminary filter, Yuan Yuan Yuan scanned through the words. Hm? In the end, she found, to her surprise, that… she seemed to have quite a decent eye for beauty…

Cough cough… that’s beside the point.

She turned and sat up from the bed. Grabbing a mirror, she placed the reflective surface before her face, took her notebook, and started comparing herself to her listed adjectives one by one carefully.

— wasn’t there a saying? Would you fall in love with the opposite gender of yourself?

Yuan Yuan Yuan scanned through every word, and stared at herself in comparison. She would pause at every adjective, and glance up at herself reflected in the mirror.

A pitiful background. 

Even though the past two years had been pretty difficult, she didn’t have to go through any genocide, neither was she captured to undergo any inhumane operations. 

Her childhood had been pretty plain, in fact, it was mundane like every other child out there. 

Fantastic. She had to strike off the one major brownie point that played a huge role in attracting fans — a pitiful background was definitely something she didn’t have. Next. 

Gentle and kind.

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at this word, and looked at the reflection of herself in the mirror. She repeated this a few times, before she struck this word out with a red pen too…

Though she would get a little soft-hearted at times. 

She was actually… quite cold and apathetic most of the time.

Icy cold, possessive, sinful…

After the two-hour-long self-reflective session, Yuan Yuan Yuan flopped back down on the bed in exhaustion; she didn’t feel like moving at all anymore.

She had to admit — she was just a normal weeb. There was nothing about her that was charismatic or could get her a following. 

If a character like her were to appear in a manga, she would be the kind that would not live past three episodes… enh, perhaps before she died, she would even give the main character an impactful “you need to work hard in life, or else you’ll end up like me” moral of the story before kicking the bucket.

…so what should she do now? Did she have to come up with a fake background story for her “black shirt guy” identity?

And fake up a “pitiful childhood” for him?

Yuan Yuan Yuan… didn’t really want to create something out of absolutely nothing. Or rather, this wasn’t something she’d wanted to get involved in in the first place, much less complicate it further.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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