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The two of them stared at each other. As Xiao Ying’s calm gradually crumbled, Yuan Yuan Yuan suddenly broke the silence in this moment of life and death: “Go back, someone’s tailing me.”

…to her surprise, Yuan Yuan Yuan was dragged into the house by Xiao Ying, pushed into her bedroom to hide, and stuffed under a wide variety of furniture. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan recalled her high school days. If she were to bump into a stranger, and a male one at that, who was heading back, and the guy hailed from a dubious background… actually no, not dubious, because she was currently a “mystical creature that was very likely a demon”.

None of them made a sound in the tiny bedroom. Suddenly, Xiao Ying’s mother said from outside, “Xiao Ying? What are you doing with Li Xin in your room?”

”Nothing nothing.” Xiao Ying immediately turned to yell out the door, “mom, do we have any food? I’m still hungry after dinner.”

”Yes, go grab them yourself.” Xiao Ying’s mother hollered in reply from outside. No more voices were heard afterwards.

Li Xin looked at Yuan Yuan Yuan for a moment, stuck a finger out and poked Xiao Ying beside her: “so, he’s… that guy?”


Yuan Yuan Yuan looked down. She wanted to say something to ease the atmosphere. Given the situation, the two girls were probably a little nervous. 

Before she could speak though, the girl sitting opposite by the name of “Li Xin” suddenly lowered her voice and spoke to Xiao Ying: “Are you mad? You still want to hide him here?”

”What else can I do then?” Xiao Ying exclaimed softly in Li Xin’s direction, “he’s being tailed.” 

“My god…” Li Xin pulled Xiao Ying over, and muttered softly into her ear, “That’s a demon! A demon! Yes he did save you once, but he’s also killed people before! And he looks like a very dangerous individual! You wanna seek death that’s your own business, but what about your parents?” 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the whispering girls, and figured that they probably didn’t know that demons had incredible hearing. 

She turned to the side awkwardly, pretending as though she couldn’t hear their argument. As she did, she looked up and surveyed the surroundings.

Decorated mostly in pink, this was a very warm and welcoming room. Even though the layout of the room was the same as her own room, this room appeared much better than hers next door.

Well, it’s not like that was something she could help though, she was broke; the only item that was even remotely considered valuable in her room was the small yellow lamp.

The two girls in front of her continued arguing. For some reason though, Yuan Yuan Yuan felt like laughing. She’d just greeted them earlier this morning, and a few hours later, they were arguing about her. Not only so, the things they were talking about… seemed like they were scripted straight out of a cliche melodrama. 

“Have you already forgotten! Your parents are getting old, and you want to drag them into something like this?”

“Sob… then what should we do.” ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 18 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM  ♢ 

“We can save him once but we can’t always be saving him, you guys are from different worlds, and you pulled him into your room, do you know how dangerous this is, what if he decides to keep hiding here every time he gets into trouble?”

Yuan Yuan Yuan sat within the pile of blankets, her interest suddenly piqued by their back and forth. All she was missing was really a pile of melon seeds…

Enh, but if she were to continue being as broke as she was now, she wouldn’t be able to afford next month’s eletricity bills. Well, since there was a reality show playing out right before her eyes, she was not gonna let it slip by…

And look at their reactions, how real was that! You don’t even get this much emotions out of the actors sometimes.

“Then, then what should we do?” Xiao Ying looked as though she was ready to cry. Li Xin patted her thighs, “don’t say anything, let me handle it.” 

She suddenly walked over to where Yuan Yuan Yuan was, and sat face-to-face with her. Yuan Yuan Yuan had been admiring the light on the ceiling previously. At Li Xin’s arrival, she turned her head back.

“Are you hurt?” Li Xin spoke: “You… do you want to eat something? Is there anything you want to eat?”

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at Li Xin.

The expression on Li Xin’s face was very calm, but she could still sense the anxiety that the girl was trying very hard to suppress. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan saw her own reflection in Li Xin’s eyes.

The person before her was a lithe, expressionless, black-eyed youth. 

To be very frank, this was an extremely attrative face… as the saying goes, this person looked as though “he’d walked straight out from the manga”.

However, Yuan Yuan Yuan placed herself in their shoes — if she were to encounter something like this when she was still in high school, no matter how handsome the guy was, she’d be scared out of her wits. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan shook her head, deciding that she didin’t want to tease them. She got ready to stand, but the girl behind Li Xin beat her to it, and zipped out the room in a blink of an eye.

Li Xin continued to eye the stranger in the room nervously. Suddenly shocked by Xiao Ying’s sudden disappearance, the latter was back before Li Xin could exclaim however.

Xiao Ying had a huge bag of something in her hands, it was something icy cold, and she stuffed the entire bag into Yuan Yuan Yuan’s hands.

Xiao Ying’s face was full of tears, perhaps she was frightened by what Li Xin had been saying earlier, or perhaps it was something else.

“Go… quickly, don’t come back…” After shoving the items into Yuan Yuan Yuan’s hands, Xiao Ying pushed Yuan Yuan Yuan outwards. “Quick, run!”

…Yuan Yuan Yuan was too stunned to move.

“Humans are dangerous, don’t go near them.” Xiao Ying hugged Yuan Yuan Yuan’s waist, and shoved her in the direction of the window. “Don’t believe anything you hear from humans, don’t save them either, we’re all terrible people.”

“…wait, Xiao Ying, calm down.” Li Xin spoke softly, “…we can do this slowly.”

Xiao Ying didn’t reply Li Xin. When Xiao Ying saw that Yuan Yuan Yuan remained unmoving, she grabbed the back scratcher that had been among the items that Yuan Yuan Yuan had been buried under, and patted her back with it. “Quickly go! Find a place to hide, don’t come out again, it’s not fun here, quickly go!”

It’s not that Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t want to go… it’s just that she hadn’t caught up with Xiao Ying’s chain of thought.

And so, Yuan Yuan Yuan was chased out of Xiao Ying’s house in a daze, she managed to make it past her own rune and returned to her place in a daze. Even after sprawling down on her own sofa, Yuan Yuan Yuan remained confused and dazed.

The male face that she had on earlier had disappeared, and she returned to her original appearance. Even so, her head was all woozy from the chain of events that had just occurred. In conclusion, today was a befuddling and bamboozling day.

She sat at her sofa for a long while. Finally, something came to her mind. She opened the plastic bag that Xiao Ying had handed her earlier. Most of the ice within had already melted.

It was chilly, and red.

It looks like… pork ribs, goodness.

Half a kilogram of pork ribs was five or so bucks… given the size of this chunk, it was probably at least twenty bucks.

Yuan Yuan Yuan sat on her sofa, before her head suddenly cleared up. She glanced at the meat in her arms, and sunk into silence for a good three seconds before she wrapped it back up in its original plastic and placed it in the freezer. 

Well… it didn’t turn out too bad.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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