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Not only so, where the hell was its source?!

After the veins of his mental power finally got past the strange disturbance around the monster to scan its body, Ai Er Ge would have stopped short in the middle of their battle for a good minute if he wasn’t already prepared to be surprised! 

It was a messy clump, disfigured and unrecognisable — what they hell was that! No wonder he smelt a scorched Insectoid stench earlier when the bullets burnt through the monster’s armour! This was a Portelli Fire King Bee no doubt! This monster had moulded his armour to the shape of the skeletons found in this burial pit. Given the small size, there would be no way it would be able to fit its entire being into this mould, and so it squeezed its own internal organs into chunks within this mould! Meanwhile the other portions of its body where the bones would be were it’s trimmed limbs! As for its source of mental power, the monster had hid it where the human’s heart would have been placed. Hence, it was tucked between two layers of sturdy armour, one in front and the other behind it. Upon realising this, Ai Er Ge’s mission suddenly increased in difficulty. 

No wonder this monster moved so rigidly and slowly, as though a obese creature that had overeaten. It wasn’t just full to the brim, it was literally on the verge of imploding! 

Ai Er Ge wondered if its organs would spew from its mouth if he were to punch it. As his mind whirled, he sent a flurry of punches at its chest where its source was located at. 

The King Bee immediately realised that it had met a worthy opponent. If Ai Er Ge’s actions earlier had only made him out to be a foolish warrior with extraordinary strength, then the him now was instead someone who had figured out its body makeup. However, the King Bee was unable to identify what Ai Er He’s original form was. 

The smartest of the Insectoids would only be able to compare to a regular civilian in the galactic times. Insectoids had very sturdy armour and incredible strength, but lacked superior observation skills. The King Bee was only able to detect that there was something dangerous in front, but that was thanks to its animal instinct that came about with the billions of years of evolution. Meanwhile now, the King Bee was only able to realise that Ai Er Ge was quite a threat to it. 

The King Bee wasn’t a creature that howled, it could only attack in a savage and strange form. The two of them rolled around between the piles of bones, taking turns to land blows. The rest of the team didn’t dare to send a side attack, neither were they willing to just abandon their teammate to move forward into another unfamiliar area. And so, they could only watch how the fight played out. 

“That Caucasian looked all frail and delicate, didn’t know he’s such a beast!” Someone commented. Dozens of headlights landed on the two battling it out in the centre, as though bathing them under stage lights that followed their movements tightly, and brightly. 

“Exactly! And he’s got the guts to fight a zombie, I thought this was only something you’d see the other guy that’s read too many tomb robbing novels do.” At that, the speaker snuck a glance at Ling Yun. The latter was covered in dust. He held a gun that he’d gotten from someone in his hands as he panted, his bloodshot eyes fixated on the battle. 

“Oi! Lil Ai! If you can’t do it I’ll take over!” Someone rolled up their sleeves, ready to give it a try. His gesture was immediately welcomed by the other main combatants in the team. From their perspective, the battle between Ai Er Ge and the monster was terribly unskillful — they were just rolling around on the ground in a gangster fight; it was unsatisfying to spectate to say the least.

Ai Er Ge didn’t reply. His attention instead was placed on all the possible attacks that could cause significant damage to him. Having felt something below him move, Ai Er Ge instantly leapt away and subdued the leg that the monster had wanted to kick in his direction. The two of them continued their battle, but the spectators however quietened down.

The combatants silently replayed the scene. The zombie seemed to want to kick the caucasian… the latter reacted very quickly; his act of suppressing the former was also rather precise. During which, he seemed to have quite a solid mentality as well… but the problem was, the zombie raised its calf… but did it raise its thigh? 

Recalling the monster’s calf that was able to bend all the way forward, everyone suddenly felt a dull ache from their knees.

At the same time, someone exclaimed: “That woman wants to escape!” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 179 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

The rest of them turned; the Japanese woman from earlier had already gotten to her feet. A hand supporting herself against the wall, she limped and hopped unsteadily towards the tunnel. On the other side of the wall, in the darkness ahead, gunshot sounds remained, just that the frequency at which the guns were being fired had decreased. Shouts and howls seemed to reverberate more frequently this time. The occasional bodies of guns appearing from the darkness reflected the large number of people present at the other side.

From the extended period of their firing, the people on the other side technically would be able to obliterate even a city full of people. But if their enemy was an impenetrable monster, civilians could only go so far… not everyone would have the clarity and knowledge that Ai Er Ge would have to leap forward at the monster and engage in a physical fight. 

The woman did not have any device that could light the way for her. As a result, she fell after a few steps. Despite so, she continued trying her best as she crawled towards the tunnel. She bit her lips tightly, not making a single sound throughout. 

Everyone watched the battle between Ai Er Ge and the monster while sparing her cold glances as she inched forward. 

The woman seemed to have realised that she wasn’t going to get very far by just crawling. She looked up at the yellow-skinned strangers. She definitely knew which side she was on, and so when she tried to stand, she kept her hard front and glared back.

Ai Er Ge’s persistence finally bore fruit. The King Bee’s thick defence was shattered. The last punch that he sent went straight through the King Bee’s chest, and into a semi-viscous material. Even though he had coated his hand with mental power, he could still feel the burning corrosion that was invading his hand.

In an earthen, dry environment, the colossal and burly Fire King Bee reigned as the king of all creatures. Given its highly corrosive bodily liquids and its ability to spurt some fire, anyone would find this creature a headache to deal with.

Pity this King Bee remained in such a moist and dark place for too long, and had even squished its body into such a fragile body.  

Ai Er Ge finally felt the source; it was icy and piercing. At that, he squished the source; the latter was so fragile it felt almost a pity to destroy.

The King Bee immediately stopped struggling, as though a hair dryer that had been unplugged. Despite the gunshots ringing in the background, the world suddenly became silent for a moment.

Even though the earlier battle lacked sounds, the heated fight was indeed intense.

Ai Er Ge held out his hand, and shook off the yellow, semi-viscous liquid on his hand. Just as Fang Ke, who had been standing by the side, was about to walk over to investigate, he heard a hissing sound from the ground. A look down gave him the largest of frights. The fingernail-large drop of yellow liquid had corroded a palm-wide hole that was three to four inches deep into the ground. The corrosive nature of this liquid was unlike any other. At that, he turned to look at Ai Er Ge’s liquid-filled hand in hesitation and confusion.

As Ai Er Ge shook the liquid off, he spoke languidly: “This is the reason I’m here.”

Suddenly, he gave a bitter smile: “But there’s more inside. I can’t handle more than one at a time, these guys are frighteningly strong.”

“What, exactly is it?”

Ai Er Ge shook his head: “A creature that I cannot comprehend.”

Suddenly someone asked: “Where’s Xuan Mo!? Where did she go?”

At that, everyone was shocked and started looking around. Everyone’s headlights had been concentrated on Ai Er Ge in the earlier battle; the surroundings had been pitch dark as a result. Xuan Mo didn’t like to switch on her headlights either… Now that they were looking around, they only saw piles of bones around; Xuan Mo was nowhere to be found.

“She…” Suddenly, a soft voice sounded. A frightened expression coloured the female’s face as she pointed at the dark hole, “she went in, just now…”

After a long moment of silence, Zhao Jing Lei spoke: “Miss, there’s no point in lying to us.”

The female spoke softly: “She did go in, when, when the guy came out to attack the monster. I’d originally wanted to follow her, but she disappeared too quickly.”

The rest of them didn’t believe that Xuan Mo was one to run off on her own. If she did head off first, the route she must have taken would be the most dangerous one. If they were to venture forward, they would not be able to retreat even if they were to bump into monsters, because ahead of them, there were foreigners that harboured malicious intentions. 

And so, the team mustered up their courage, raised their guns and headed in. 

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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