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“Oh… ahh!” Zhao Jing Lei covered his mouth as nausea reeled. He slowly turned around and gestured for the people behind to check the situation. 



“What the hell!”


Bones were piled into mountains; even the lowest pile was up to the height of their arms. The corpses were strewn on top of each other in all forms and angles. Most of the clothes and bones had eroded due to the wind, only a handful of pieces of clothes were left stuck within the piles. In the darkness of the cave, the two hollow eye sockets of the skull seemed as though it was smiling and staring at them. If one were to sweep a look downwards, they’d be greeted with an endless sea of malicious grins — it was terrifying and eerie. 

“What in the, they were really buried alive…” The sea of bones was endless. After being freqeuntly scammed by the sea of soldiers in television dramas, it was really hard to gauge how many corpses there was in here. 

“Whether it’s the Battle of Changping or something else, whatever happened here must have been a complete bloodbath, it definitely must have been recorded somewhere in history!”

“Hmph, that’s hard to say, which battle was not a bloodbath back then? Even so, only a handful of the battles had been recorded. The Spring and Autumn and Warring States Period lasted for several hundred years, how would it be possible to record everything in a single book.”

After a short argument, Yi Fei mumbled: “What’s the situation, there seems to be a pavement cleared out here…”

“Maybe the team that came previously cleared it out? We can’t possibly step across the corpses right… which direction do we go? Follow the path?”

“Enh, let’s go.”

Walking down this path was much more frightening than their earlier walk through the cave. Both their sides were flanked by bones, and most of it was stacked so high they soared above their heads. Beneath their shoes, occasional cracks of bones could be hard. If they were a bunch of archeologists then maybe this trip made some sense, but if they were here to rob a grave, then they really had too much time on their hands. They were the walking definition of high investment but negligible return — which graverobber stole bones?

The bunch of them wanted to quickly make their way out, but the route was complicated. It took them an hour before they got out of the path. Bones and skulls accompanied them along the entire route out. Some of the team members were already breaking down internally.

However when they neared the end, the path seemed to stop there. 

As they neared the end, Xuan Mo didn’t date to use her mental powers to check ahead, so she could only watch as the members patted against the wall. Zhao Jing Lei mumbled as he search: “They only said they were buried, but it shouldn’t be blocked off completely, why aren’t we getting anything.”

“Don’t y’all have any high tech equipment? Some kind of infrared something…” Ling Yun followed suit and patted the wall. As he did, he asked, “even if you didn’t have those, a luoyang shovel* works too!”

* 洛阳铲 luoyang shovel: one of the most important tools in Chinese archeology; originally invented by grave-robbers before it was used by scholars 

Zhao Jing Lei rolled his eyes in the dark: “Why don’t you ask who here has penetration vision? Bro your novel addiction is at its terminal stages. The equipment that we can bring is limited by the regulations. All the equipment that you mentioned were strategic equipment that we don’t have access to. As for luoyang shovel,.. Do you think any actual team would bring something like that along with them?”

“There’s no reason to have to pat the walls with our hands right… what’s that sound?”

“…” Everyone perked their ears and concentrated.


“I heard right! It’s a gunshot sound!” Someone confirmed in a low voice. A few of the more experienced soldiers immediately turned in the direction of the gunshot sounds and started checking, until they reached a mundane piece of the way and softly patted it, “here! This is the closest!”

“Bang bang!” Consecutive gunshots sounded, evidently a battle had occurred on the other side.

“How did it end up like this?” Everyone laid against the mud wall as they tried to figure out what was happening. Zhao Jing Lei was incredulous, “was the intel team dead or something?! There seems to be quite a few teams of people that got here before us! And they said no suspicious individuals were spotted — bullshit!”

Ling Yun suddenly said: “But if these suspicious people were with us from the very beginning, that would change things won’t it.”

Everyone was silent as they tried to listen to what was happening next door.

“There’s someone running this way! What do we do?”

Zhao Jing Lei clenched his teeth: “We didn’t bring much arms, let’s hide first.”

Ai Er Ge suddenly grabbed Xuan Mo, his gaze serious: “Get ready.”


“Blue planet beings are not the only creatures running this way…” When he saw that Xuan Mo instinctively turned to launch her mental net, Ai Er Gel immediately stopped her, “don’t use your mental power, but I can use mine, I can sense that… shit! That galaxy door had never been successfully activated before!”


“This is because of the material used. When galaxy doors are first created, there will be a small creature from our planet that’ll be attached to the door. When the galaxy door is activated, the creature will no longer exist. These creatures grow at a normal rate, but it’s been so many years after all, who knows what it’ll look like right now.”

“What creature is it? Or rather, what material is it?”

“Portoli Firestone.” 

“Enh, very good. So Portoli Fire King Bee then?”

“How do you know!”

“I’ve eaten one before.” Xuan Mo seemed to have recalled an unhappy memory. She frowned as she spoke, “I ate it raw.”


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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