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Yuan Yuan Yuan bit her fingers as she read on. This entire situation was getting more and more strange. Who exactly was the artist? Why did he know where she stayed and everything about her, but didn’t reveal it, and instead even helped her to hide these facts? 

Why did he do it? 


【The black shirt guy has reappeared after several chapters of radio silence, what is he planning to do?】

【I don’t know… but the black shirt guy is so hot!!! He’s so freaking hot!! And he’s so nice!!!】

【Is that the personality of this character, the more I read on the more I feel this demon would end up tragically, mangas these days loved ending characters like these to jerk some tears from readers…】

Yuan Yuan Yuan skipped through comments, picked up the drink on the table and sipped a mouthful before she continued reading. The black shirt guy was just here to make a quick appearance in this chapter, and a coquettish one at that. The limelight for the rest of the chapter was back on the main character. 

To a certain extent, you could say that the main character was truly a kind, sweet and gullible person… he was incredibly naive and righteous. 

Having grown up in a well-known sect, he was a very mundane, inconspicuous disciples. Yuan Yuan Yuan would have just skimmed through the manga if this was previously. Now that she’d gone through everything in detail again, she paused to wonder who this “Fa Ning” actually was. 

Since he hailed from quite a well-known sect, could it be that the real person behind this character was also from this same sect? 

He had a very strong sense of justice, and often wore a white demon slayer robe. There were a number of demon slayers from several established sects that often wore white robes too, but according to the manga, this main character was evidently a very small fry; he was unexceptional even within his own sect. 

If “Ji Qiu” depicted him like how he’d depicted her, then the artist must have also concealed a lot of information about the real person behind the main character too, so that people in real life would not be able to locate him…

Yuan Yuan Yuan’s mind kicked into gears. She’d originally wanted to buy a rucksack and make a run for it. But now that she’s figured things out, she wasn’t in such a hurry anymore. Because she realised that this “Ji Qiu” knew who she was, so she probably won’t be able to successfully hide from him. And what’s more, the things that she’d been worrying about were no longer an issue — where she stayed and her identity were censored. 

With that said, what exactly did this “Ji Qiu” want to do? Was he really… just trying to draw a manga?

While Yuan Yuan Yuan was thinking about this, a hard slap slammed down on her shoulder. She trembled at the force and almost fell from the chair from the impact. She whirred around, only to see a guy standing behind her. 

“Ah? Sorry, wrong person.” When the guy saw Yuan Yuan Yuan’s face, he immediately apologised.

“…it’s okay.” Yuan Yuan Yuan shook her hand. She recognised this guy, he was a demon that lived around this area as well. They’d bump into each other occasionally and would even chat once in a while. Now that she had another face on, he probably wouldn’t be able to recognsie her. 

Hence she was a little confused as to why this demon came up to her. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan perked her ears. She heard the guy returning to his own seat before complaining to his friends, “I thought that’s the demon that the higher ups had been looking for, but I checked and realised he wasn’t…”

“You sure, didn’t you say their silhouettes looked very similar.” His friend asked. 

“No it’s not him, I saw his face earlier, it’s a real face, not glamour.” The guy replied.

Yuan Yuan Yuan finished the drink in her cup and stood silently as she walked out the cafe, ready to head home. 

…were the silhouettes really that similar? ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 14 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

Yuan Yuan Yuan had never realised something like this. Now that she’d overheard someone commenting about this, she couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat. 

After leaving the cafe, she went to the shop downstairs to buy a cup noodle before heading back home. 

On the way back, she looked at the surrounding trees and flower; her surroundings suddenly felt familiar, intimate, yet foreign. 

She felt that everything came in on her one after another, every time she finally had a few peaceful days, she’d end up in another situation. She had no idea what Ji Qiu’s intentions were, she didn’t know what she should do next; everything was shrouded in fog. 

It was as though Ji Qiu had suspended a blade above her head, and she had no idea when this blade would drop and land on her. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan walked to her unit, took out her keys and opened the door. Xiao Ying’s mother was keeping an eye on Xiao Ying to make sure the latter doesn’t sneak out. The entire hallway was quiet. She opened the door and looked at everything that was inside her apartment. The streetlight spilling in had tinged everything in a dusky glow. 

She slowly walked to the kitchen, boiled some water, cooked her cup noodles, switched on the television and found a channel to watch. 

Aye… things would eventually straighten itself out, she’s just surviving as best as she could every day.

Whatever the case was, from what she’d gathered, this Ji Qiu… didn’t intend for her to die anytime soon. 

She picked up her cup noodles and slurped it all up. 

There was a more urgent problem now though. 

She’s broke. 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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