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For a moment, Yuan Yuan Yuan really wanted to grab all her belongings, jump out the window and escape this place altogether…

Of course this was all just a thought that had flashed in her head, there was no way she’d dare to flip out her unit window, but given the situation, she ws really considering if she should do it.

Even though she’s only one page into the update, Yuan Yuan Yuan quickly came to a new realisation.

First, the sliver of hope that she’d been clinging on to was completely dashed. She didn’t manage to hide from the artist; he knew that she was the black shirt guy, and had even somehow tailed her all the way home. 

Second… this artist was crazy fast, he could finish drawing something that just happened earlier in the afternoon today. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan inhaled deeply and looked at the moonlight shining in from outside. She grabbed a thick jacket, covered herself from head to toe before she grabbed her phone and headed out. 

What exactly was all this. 

No wonder people always said not to stick your nose into other people’s business — look at her now, this was the consequence of her own actions.  

Yuan Yuan Yuan spent half a minute skimming through the entire manga; she didn’t read the chapter in detail. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan wasn’t in the best mood; she left in a hurry. The moment she opened her door though, she came face to face with two other people to her surprise. 

“Sister Yuan Yuan, you’re heading out?” Xiao Ying seemed to be in a rush to head off too. As she did, she said to her friend: “Quickly now, let’s check out the alley…”

Yuan Yuan Yuan grabbed Xiao Ying by her collar and pulled her back, “It’s so late, have you finished your homework? Where are you planning to head off to? After you got lost the other night, don’t you know that your parents spent all night looking for you?”

Xiao Ying was dragged back to the door. She paused before looking at Yuan Yuan Yuan: “It’s nothing much, I’m just gonna walk around…” 

The other girl behind her sighed visibly. Evidently, she felt that Xiao Ying was too hotheaded too, but she didn’t manage to stop her, and so she could only tag along.

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at Xiao Ying, and watched as the latter’s eyes flickered around as she glanced at Yuan Yuan Yuan, obviously trying to figure out how to sneak her way past Yuan Yuan Yuan. 

“Be a good girl and go back home, stay in at night, you hear me?” At that, she turned to knock on Xiao Ying’s door, “Aunt? Aunt? Your daughter was planning to go out again in the middle of the night, don’t let her go out on her own so late at night…”

“Ah? Xiao Ying where are you going?” Xiao Ying’s mother’s voice immediately sounded from inside. Yuan Yuan Yuan pushed Xiao Ying and her friend back into their house, closed their door behind them and turned to head down.

All she wanted to do was to find a quiet place to hide for a bit.

After making her way down, she found a really secluded and quiet cafe. 

She had an oversized shirt on; the shirt came with a hoodie. The hoodie was currently pulled down low across her head. 

The face beneath the hoodie wasn’t hers; it was another face, a face that she’d not once used before. You can say it’s a new face altogether.

While Yuan Yuan Yuan knew glamour, the skills she knew was probably only enough to scratch the surface of this magick. She could only create a handful of faces given her current skill level. The face of the “black shirt guy” was one, this was another one. 

As though a thief, she found herself a corner to sit, took out the phone and went through the rest of the manga. 

【”All of his friends say that I’m being overly dramatic… but how am I dramatic, we’ve been together for so many years, I just want to marry him…”】

The car in the manga slowly drove into an alley. Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the alley, before a light frown appeared across her forehead. 

【”Don’t dwell on it.” In the manga, the black shirt guy replied slowly. He turned to look at the ghost in white. At her sudden lack of response for the longest time, he slowly reached his hand out to hold hers…】

The beginning of the chapter illustrated what she’d done this afternoon; the remaining chapter followed the main character and what he had been up to these few days.

Yuan Yuan Yuan went through the chapter carefully again.

She’d been incredibly anxious in the beginning, she had to force herself to calm down; she was literally prepared for someone to dash at her, and drag her out of this cafe. After meticulously going through the chapter again, she came to a stunning realisation…

The artist didn’t draw anything that would reveal her identity to the readers; everything personal was censored. 


First, was where she stayed. The artist didn’t draw just any random location, but the details he had in the manga wasn’t enough to reveal where she’d actually lived. 

During the conversation with the female ghost, the perspectvie of the interaction was from within the car; the passing scenary was not included. The angle that the readers read was a half-blocked perspective, where the car seat took up half the frame. 

Even the words that she’d told the driver at the end was deleted; the artist didn’t draw it. Then the scene changed before that. 

The artist didn’t draw the surrounding background details between the drop off point and her way back home either. It was a largely simple, common backdrop, topped off with some artistic flair. 

The second thing the artist censored was — her face. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 13 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

The face the artist drew was a male face, the face that she’d magicked out with glamour previously, also the face that she liked the most. 

To be honest, after 2D-fying this face onto this manga, it was a very handsome and good-looking face.

When Yuan Yuan Yuan first picked up glamour, she’d tried to copy the faces of certain manga characters that she liked; hence as to why this face that she’d magicked up was so nice, and also why this face was also super hot. 

How hot was super hot you say? Well… back when Yuan Yuan Yuan was literally in the depths of despair, when life could not get any harder, she could silently place a mirror on the table and glamour herself into this face, and she’ll stare at this face for half an hour. And suddenly, life would feel so much better, and she’d suddenly feel much more motivated… 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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