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To be honest, Yuan Yuan Yuan did think that she was quite similar to a “traitor”, like the kind in the dramas, to a certain extent… While she enjoyed the protection from demons and lived amongst demons, she was in fact a human inside.

With that in mind, when the readers remark that this “black shirt guy” will die a tragic death… their predictions did make some sense.

However, this was how Yuan Yuan Yuan lived for all these years; there was no one around to teach her how to survive this jungle, no one to guide her. Even her combat abilities and glamour was something she slowly figured out on her own.

The buzz around the black shirt guy among the readers had slowly calmed, after all, he did only appear once, before he disappeared completely from the novel. Together with this disappearance, Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that her life seemed to be returning to normal. Hence as to why she was in quite a cheerful mood these few days.

Just as she placed the novel in her hands down, she heard Xiao Ying coming back from school. Ever since the incident, Xiao Ying stopped attending tuition, and headed straight home after school.

School ended pretty early these days, and Xiao Ying had also managed to find herself a friend to go to school with. They had quite a number of things to chat about, and this friend would even stay at Xiao Ying’s place for dinner sometimes.

Yuan Yuan Yuan turned to rest on her other side. This was an old building, so the units weren’t exactly soundproof. On top of that, she had an above-average hearing, so she could distinctly make out Xiao Ying’s voice.

“I swear it’s real! I’m not lying to you!” Yuan Yuan Yuan could vaguely hear Xiao Ying’s voice from the hallways, “you don’t believe me? You’re the only person I’ve told.”

“Alright alright.” The other girl’s voice could be heard, sounding as though she gave up, “even if what you’re saying is real, that’s not something we should be involving ourselves with, can you calm down?”

“How can I be calm!” Xiao Ying’s volume increased again, before she crushed it back down. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan listened in on their convo, thinking to herself how youthful and energetic they were.

She recalled her junior high period, she’d chat about all sorts of things with her best friend, they’d gossip about teachers, students, and once in a while chat about the BL* novel that they’ve secretly read last night. 

* referring to (literature about) romantic relationships between boys; this genre is known as shonen ai, or “boy love” and sometimes abbreviated as BL

Yuan Yuan Yuan would cling on to her best friend and go on and on and on. She still recalled she had no idea why her best friend always spoke to her in a tired, half-dead voice. It was only afterwards did she realise that she could be quite an annoying chatterbox at times…

She turned around again as she continued listening to their conversation. “Read it with me, and we can go through the details one by one, and see if it’s exactly the same.”

“It is the same, but what I mean is, don’t get involved in this, whether it’s real or fake, you should stay out of it.” The other girl’s voice sounded. “If you try to get involved, you won’t even survive a single chapter; the fact that you’re still alive after so many chapters is already a huge blessing, go to sleep, don’t think about this anymore.”

“…I just wanted to say thank you.” Xiao Ying’s glum voice sounded, “I mean he did save me after all. I didn’t even see his face, I don’t know his name either.” ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 12 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

Yuan Yuan Yuan who had been lying in her bedroom slowly placed the book in her hands down and silently glanced in the direction of the corridor, her ears perked high. She was this close to pressing against the door to hear better.

“I mean you’re really smart, I was thinking maybe you could help me figure something out.” Xiao Ying’s voice sounded from right outside Yuan Yuan Yuan’s door. “Come to my place for dinner, we’re having stewed pork ribs tonight…”

“Sister Yuan Yuan! Are you in? We’re having stewed pork ribs tonight, you want some?” Yuan Yuan Yuan had still been meticulously eavesdropping on them. Xiao Ying’s sudden knocks on the door had her jumping. 

She was so startled she immediately got off from her bed, walked over to open the door, and saw Xiao Ying and another girl in the same uniform standing at the door. 

“Xiao Ying, I see you brought your friend back with you.” Yuan Yuan Yuan was still a little dazed, and asked instinctively.

“Yes Sister Yuan Yuan, you’re on your own today?” Xiao Ying asked.

“Enh.” Yuan Yuan Yuan replied. “The pork ribs you’re saying… I’ll sit out, you should eat it with your friend.”

She watched as Xiao Ying brought her friend back into her house, her head still reeling from the information.

Xiao Ying read Demons too?

She remembered she wasn’t allowed to read anything, even her phone was an ancient device; they were completely removed from all external happenings, that was how isolating school had been during her time. 

She didn’t expect things to have changed so much; students nowadays were so lucky. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan really didn’t expect Xiao Ying to have read Demons. It’s only been a month since this manga debuted, so it wasn’t exactly the most popular one in the market yet. Not only so, she recalled that during her time, the majority of the literature that circulated among the students were limited to hard copy mangas or novels that could be easily hidden and shared around to read; anything that the shop sold would popular among the students…

Enh… so back when she’d been schooling, DreaManga wasn’t very popular.

…Probably because DreaManga had started printing hardcopies, so the manga must have started circulating among the students too. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan continued eavesdropping on the conversation next door.

“Do you think the black shirt guy is a good guy or a bad guy? Why would a demon help a human?”

“Enh… that’s why he’s a good demon.” The girl that Xiao Ying brought back with her said: “Don’t worry, that black shirt guy seems pretty powerful, he’ll definitely be able to hide himself properly. What you need to do now is to zip your mouth and bring this to the grave with you. I’m afraid there’ll be people looking for you if you accidentally spill something.”

Yuan Yuan Yuan couldn’t help but nod her head in agreement. Xiao Ying’s finally found herself a reliable friend, this girl’s got things figured man, she reckoned this friend had also gotten Xiao Ying out of a lot of trouble too in the past.

After returning to her bedroom, she looked at the yellow light at her bedside, recalling that there was probably a Demons chapter update tonight. She should check out what happened in the manga, who knows, she might just get some useful information from the update.

With this thought in mind, Yuan Yuan Yuan opened the DreaManga app.

The moment she clicked into Demons, she froze.

In the manga, a guy in black windbreaker was seated in a taxi as he gazed out the window quietly.

Behind him was a floating ghost dressed in white. Said ghost was chattering on and on, ”and then I told if, if he doesn’t want to break up, then let’s get married soon. But he didn’t want to break up, neither does he want to marry me, what the hell does he intend to do about us then…” 

“What the fuck!” A loud curse sounded from next door, it was so loud even Yuan Yuan Yuan could hear it from her unit. Despite so, she was too distracted to dwell on what had happened next door, she was instead staring at her phone screen, dazed.

Only she herself knew that these three words were the exact words that she’d wanted to blurt out; not only so, her entire head was filled with an endless phrase of these three words, in bold and caps…


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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