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Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the scenery outside the car window zipping past as she turned her head, not speaking. 

Even though she wasn’t speaking, there was someone behind that had been going on and on for close to an hour, and that person had no intentions of slowing down. 

”And then I told him, if he doesn’t want to break up, then let’s get married. But he didn’t want to break up, neither does he want to marry me, what the hell does he intend to do about us then…” 

Yuan Yuan Yuan cupped her chin with a hand and pretended she couldn’t hear the voice. The taxi turned a corner into a familiar street; she was almost home. 

”All of his friends say that I’m being overly dramatic… but how am I dramatic, we’ve been together for so many years, I just want to marry him…”

The girl’s complains droned on and on from the backseat. She continued all the way, until the car slowed to a stop.

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the sky. When she was making her payment as she got off the car, she suddenly told the taxi driver, “uncle, you should head home soon, try to avoid this area, it’s a bit chaotic here these days.”

“This area?” The uncle stuck his head out and looked around, “I heard someone was murdered here a while ago, did that really happen?”

“Yes, in that alley right in front, I heard the crime scene was very frightening.” Yuan Yuan Yuan spoke as she closed the car door.

She had a bag of dried carp and a box of milk with her.

As Yuan Yuan Yuan lugged the box up the stairs, the voice from behind her continued, “I told my best friend that he doesn’t love me, that’s why he doesn’t want to marry me, but I can’t find anyone better, that’s why I just stuck with him…”

In the empty hallway, only the footsteps of one person could be heard. As Yuan Yuan Yuan walked through the hallway, the light above her head blinked for a moment before stabilising.

Advertisments of all sorts was plastered across the hallway, there were ads about clearing your pipes, fixing your Wi-Fi, tuition classes and takeaway menus…

The colourfully-pieced wall of flyers, coupled with the unstable, voice-controlled lights was making the hallway out to be a little more eerie than usual.

“Aye, what is all this really… can you help me figure things out, I can help you carry your milk…” The female voice behind her finally stopped. Yuan Yuan Yuan shifted the box of milk she was carrying to the other side, and sniffed the air, realising that all her neighbours were not in right now. 

Oh right… it was in the middle of the day. Other than a night owl like her, regular people wouldn’t be at home in the day. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan placed the box of milk down, found her key and opened the door. The tone of her voice as she spoke was almost a little frustrated, “girl, you can’t help me with the milk even if you wanted, and I’ve never dated anyone before, so I have no idea either…”

“But you look like a really nice person…” The girl behind her spoke. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 11 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

Yuan Yuan Yuan didn’t feel like striking up a meaningless conversation with her, but the girl looked a little too pitiful. And so as she dug for her keys, she turned back to speak: “Girl, don’t dwell on it, there’s many other fishes in the ocean.”

After she opened the door, she turned to look back. The girl behind her had a very confused look on her face as she remained standing at the same spot.

It was quite a strange expression indeed, given that she had been chattering on and on non-stop the entire ride; evidently this was a very talkative girl.

But now, she looked at Yuan Yuan Yuan and the door that was wide open behind her, suddenly all quiet.

Yuan Yuan Yuan stood at the entrance waiting for her. The girl remained standing too, unmoving and untalking, as she stared at Yuan Yuan Yuan.

After about a minute or so, Yuan Yuan Yuan sighed, before she reached out to grab the girl’s hand.

The hand was chilly, and pale as sheet. There were many blade wounds across her hand, so deep Yuan Yuan Yuan could even see her bones…

The door closed softly. The lights along the hallway returned to its original lumninance, and the surrounding temperature too warmed back to normal.

Yuan Yuan Yuan chewed on her dried fish as she read her novel. Her living room was bright; the lights were on.

There was a brazier on the floor before her. Remnants of ashes sat withint the said device, together with some leftover sparks glinting occasionally. 

She flipped to the next page and grabbed another piece of dried fish to eat. The house was silent, there was not a single bit of sound to be heard.

After a while, she checked the time, placed her book down, took the paper money and ingots that she didn’t finish burning and kept it away together with the brazier. 

Whenever she bumped into anyone that couldn’t return to the underworld for reincarnation, Yuan Yuan Yuan would usually bring them back to her place, burn some paper, recite a few paragraphs of scriptures and help send them on their way. 

This wasn’t something very difficult for most demons, but there was probably no other demon out there that was as free and helpful as Yuan Yuan Yuan to do something like this.

After all, the majority of the living humans that were to bump into demons would end up in their stomach… It’s no wonder that demons didn’t give a damn about humans that have already died but were still stuck in the human realm.

Cough, Yuan Yuan Yuan flipped to the next page, and tried not to think too much of those unsightly situations.


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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