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But if you were to really think about it, it really wasn’t something out of the ordinary. If a character with strong combat abilities and mysterious background were to appear in a manga, this character would naturally leave an impression in the reader’s mind. Whether this chap was a faking his or her strength really wasn’t something that would cross your mind. 

The majority of the readers would only try to figure out who exactly is this character, how strong he would turn out to be, whether he was in any way related to the MC, and which other male character he would be shipped with…

Yuan Yuan Yuan had always been crystal clear about the fact that she was a complete noob. Therefore, she didn’t treat Demons as she would a normal manga. Because of her situation, she too had her own pre-conceived assumptions, such as — the fact that the black shirt guy was actually a noob was a secret that could get accidentally revealed any time, and that the main character would be the Taoist priest demon slayer, and other assumptions like that.

However to the unknowing readers, Demons was no different from any other manga — they felt no sense of reality nor anxiety like Yuan Yuan Yuan would. It was as good as reading any other manga. 

Demons had only been recently published – two months ago – hence it definitely had not gathered a massive, influential following as of yet; resultantly, the content would not be as impactful on the masses. But if this manga were to continue, what’s going to happen? Would it turn out like the other trending mangas – every time a chapter gets released, there would be a gang of over-enthusiastic detective readers over-analysing every single detail of even the trashiest scenes in the chapter and forecasting what would happen in the next?

Though this was not the case currently, it would not mean that this would not happen in the future. Frankly after the recent few chapters, such a trend was already emerging in the comments section. There were already readers that had started analysing the territorial powers and which demon teh territories belonged to. 

If Yuan Yuan Yuan really were to scroll through the comments and notice the one comment – that wasn’t very popular yet – she might just die of a heart attack… because what the comment had theorised was really very close to reality, even though these were just wild predictions that a human had came up with after analysing the chapter. 

If that person knew that whatever he had so casually written actually existed in reality, what would happen? 

Yuan Yuan Yuan was still unbeknownst to the how big of a deal she’d stirred up after saving a few people yesterday. 

She continued on as per normal, going for work as usual, and even had the leisure to glance at the pictures Li Xin had taken at the convention. 

”Wow… your cos* looks really good.” Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the pictures. There were all pictures of Li Xin with random people, some were people that were not in cos, some were cosers* themselves. Yuan Yuan Yuan even saw a few pictures of several characters from Demons with Li Xin. For some reason, this felt… enh, somewhat strange.
* cos = cosplay, cosers = cosplayers

”Is Demons very popular?” Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the number of pictures taken, realising that there really were a little too many people cosing as characters from Demons. The amount was almost close to the number of Onmyoji* cosers from a while ago. 

* Onmyoji is a turn-based fantasy strategy game with PVP and PVE battles

”There’s a lot of readers so it’s been getting popular.” Xiao Ying replied. After playing real hard over the holidays, she was now left with a stack of homework waiting to be completed, hence was rushing through them with Li Xin. “You should’ve seen how popular Li Xin in cos was when she appeared, she was literally surounded by people that wanted to take pictures with her. There were also lots of people asking her wher she bought her clothes.”

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at what Li Xin was wearing. She knew that the black shirt guy’s costume had not appeared on Taobao yet. Li Xin had taken her dad’s clothes and worn it as her cosplay. 

Same as how Yuan Yuan Yuan had originally done so. Looks like all dads have the same taste in clothes. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked through some of the photos and sent a few on her own phone to retain. 

She glanced at Xiao Ying and Li Xin’s homework progress – they were half doing it half copying each other’s answers – shouldered her bag and headed out, ready to go to work. 

”Sister Yuan Yuan, you’re going for work?” Xiao Ying shouted behind Yuan Yuan Yuan. 

”Yes, if you want to come over to do your homework go ahead, just don’t rummage through my stuff.” Yuan Yuan Yuan reminded before bringing the trash down. 

Her apartment was the defintion of a trashcan; she had no idea why Xiao Ying and Li Xin liked burrowing themselves over at her place. 

Maybe they liked tucking themselves into a small place? That was something she’d liked to do when younger – finding a tiny space and hiding inside. 

The only fixtures inside her apartment that was worth considering as funiture was a tiny single bed, a small yellow lamp by the bedside, and a chair, table and some other old appliances that the landlord had left behind. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 50 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

Yuan Yuan Yaun looked at the stars above her head, inhaled the chilly air – it was starting to get cold – and walked towards the saloon. 

The saloon was as usual brightly lit. The day for demons had just started at this timing. Black figures continuously emerged from the streets and alleyways, rising and flying up towards the sky. 

Meanwhile, in the city hospital, a few new patients were warded today. They were all on IV, lying on the beds. Their parents and relatives having heard of their news had came down visiting; the strings of visitors only slowed to a halt after a busy afternoon.  

Something very scary had happened to them today. Just recalling it was enough of a nightmare. After the girls were hospitalised, none of them spoke about it; they’ve only shared vaguely at best – that they’ve encountered a robber, and needed medical treatment. 

By the time their parents came, one of them softly shared what they had encountered today. At that, even the atmosphere in the room turned strange. No one spoke. It was as though no one encountered anything today. 

”Aye, do you want an apple? Let me shave one for you.” One of the girls picked up an apple. She was the least injured one out of the bunch of them, so she’s having it the easiest now. After consulting the doctor, she was well enough to be walking round and about, and so she went to ask one of the other girls lying on the hospital bed. 

The girl lying down had sustained the heaviest injury. She hadn’t spoken since she got warded. Now, she remained lying down on the bed, an elbow bent, covering her eyes. 

”…have you heard of this manga before?” The girl lying down didn’t reply her, and instead asked a random question. The girl shaving the apple placed it down, ready to listen what her friend was about to share. 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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