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Forget it, she should stop wasting time, she should be thanking Lady Luck that the demon ran off.

Yuan Yuan Yuan observed the insect shaped silhouette, and suddenly wondered… if he would make a sudden surprise return and attack? It would be incredibly awkward if that happened, and so she quickly ran over to the few people that were hung up. 

She looked at the few people that had been tightly wrapped into a cocoon, wondering what kind of demon that chap was… a spider demon? Even spiders could cultivate into a demon these days? How talented did he have to be to achieve such feat?

The silk thread-like material was quite hard to cut. Yuan Yuan Yuan had to shave it off slowly with her dagger. She sawed at it so hard her dagger was heating up, before she finally managed to released the trapped people. A few of them were conscious with their eyes wide open. Now that they landed back on the ground, they staggered. Only one girl managed to keep her balance, the rest of them collapsed onto the ground. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the girls on the ground, they could barely sit up straight. At that, she suddenly recalled, seems like spiders do inject some kind of anaesthetic into their prey to prevent them from escaping and to soften their muscles for easy ingestion. 

She stood there contemplating hard for a good few seconds, before she turned to carry the girls out of the alleyway. When they reached a busier street, she stopped, produced her phone and dialled for the ambulance. 

She had no idea if any of them were poisoned, and if the hospital would have any antidote to clear their poisons for them if they were indeed poisoned. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked around when she called as she spoke into the phone: “Yes, yes, there’s four, all girls, around Jin City area, okay…”

After hanging up the call, she looked at the girls, and squatted down to check their forehead temperature. There were two that were already running a fever, the remaining two still looked fine. Even so, Yuan Yuan Yuan still felt that the four of them must have somehow been affected by that spider demon’s toxins.

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the girls, ready to make her move. Even though she should probably wait with them, she was afraid that the spider demon was gonna call his friends and relatives and launch a surprise ambush on her.

She looked at the crowd in the area, there were quite a number of people around, so the spider demon was probaly not going to want to fight in such a location. And so, she left the few girls to it on their own and slipped away on her own. 

She only removed her glamour after she zipped into another alleyway. The moment the glamour faded, a wave of agony swept through her. Waves of cramp rippled from her abdomen area; it was so painful she almost knelt. 

…as expected, this was only someting she could find out after testing it out on her own. Whatever she’d seen in the past in literature works weren’t a reliable source of information. There was another possibility — she was not skilled enough. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan slipped back to the shop, bought some pads and brown suger before she slowly made her way back up to her apartment. Her walking posture en route remained strange; and she climbed like that all the way up to the fifth floor, opened the door, entered her apartment and made herself a cup of brown sugar drink.


She sat down on the sofa. Yuan Yuan Yuan couldn’t help but perk up her ears to listen carefully. It was only after she heard the sound of the ambulance siren a few minutes later did she faintly sigh. Even though her outing today turned out to be a little too risky, it didn’t end all too bad.

She recalled the previous situation carefully in her head, suddenly realising at she was quite a nutjob and really too daring… but the demon’s eventual escape left her extremely confused and stunned.

Forget it, who cares about him. She drank her brown sugar water. She was going to get a peaceful night’s sleep and sweat it all off, she still had work later tonight.

Yuan Yuan Yuan told herself mentally. She placed her cup at the bedside table and buried herself into her bed of blankets. She pulled out two layers of quilts and covered herself all the way up.

On the other end of the city, in a dimly-lit rental unit, the door was suddenly slammed opened loudly. In dashed a person drenched in blood.

“…what happened? Where did you go?” There were already a few people inside the unit; they asked when they saw the bloodied person enter. 

“I saw the black shirt guy.” The person that had dashed in panted, his tone sounded as though he had just escaped death.

“Ah?” The people in the room were all shaken by his reply. The bloodied person continued as he caught his breath: “Turns out he lives around this area! Oh my god, we’ve been here for so many years now but we’ve never noticed it before! I wanted to poach a few humans back today, but bumped into him, and I got stabbed. When I turned and saw it was him, I quickly escaped and came back.”

”…what should we do then? Will he follow over?” ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 49 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

”I don’t think so… there’s a lot of people tailing behind, he probably wanted to save those humans, he didn’t care about me.” The demon replied, hesitant.

”…that won’t do, I still think this is too dangerous. Let’s stay out of this area for a few more days.” Someone with a long moustache was silent for a moment before looking up, speaking: “From the Demons manga, he probably favours humans, and has a mysterious background. He’s quite merciless, killed off all the other demons he met in the past, and even smashed the saloon the other day. Let’s stay away from this area as much as we can, just in case.”

”A’ight.” After the people in the room discussed for a while, they nodded their heads in agreement. 

As for the main character of their conversation topic — Yuan Yuan Yuan still did not know what had happened, and was cuddled up in her bed sound asleep.

If she were to find out what really went on outside, she probably wouldn’t be so dead asleep…


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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