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【The male supporting characters in other mangas are very powerful, some are also very interesting and charismatic. Even if they die, a lot of readers would still remember them. 】Ji Qiu continued writing. 【I have a number of characters like this in my manga, but one of the most important tragic male supporting character that I have selected previously died too early. So early I didn’t expect it. So I have to look for a replacement.】

”…tragic?” Yuan Yuan Yuan’s expression suddenly turned strange. 

She’d been pulling her hair out trying to configure a personality for her black shirt guy identity — cold, emotionless, seductive, handsome. 

But when the answer was finally revealed, the setting turned out to be — tragic? 

【I feel that it would suit you very well.】Ji Qiu continued writing earnestly. 【I really thought it’d work for you, that’s why I chose you.】

By the time Yuan Yuan Yuan returned to her Earth, she was back in the familiar hallway. 

In the room on the left, the moaning rounds resumed. The light purple and azure blue fog made its reappearance. 

The lady in lavender was still standing in front of her. She had an alluring smile. The floating demon scent all around was adding to the dizzying effect. 

Yuan Yuan recalled the last few sentences that Ji Qiu had written earlier. 

【Do you think you can go in to save the girl?】


【There are many demons inside, you definitely wouldn’t be able to save her and bring her out.】Ji Qiu wrote. 【Why not you promise me something, and I’ll help you?】

”The hell, if you put it that way I’m not gonna save her. You’re not human or demon, you’re a goddamn devil right.”

【I don’t need all my male supporting characters to be the same, and I definitely am not expecting you to be a carbon copy of the previous male supporting character. 】Ji Qiu wrote. 【However we still need to set some standards, perhaps… you can agree to it first and I’ll help you out?】

Yuan Yuan Yuan knew that this Ji Qiu was up to no good, he was like those salesperson, before you know it, they’d have looped you in. 

But he did get one thing right — Yuan Yuan Yuan alone would not be able to save the girl. 

Exactly how important was a demon’s strength and capabilities in the demon realm? 

If Yuan Yuan Yuan was a bit more powerful, perhaps she wouldn’t need to flee? ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 33 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

If Yuan Yuan Yuan was a bit more powerful, perhaps some of the people she’d met in the past would remain unscathed? 

If… she was a bit more powerful, perhaps, a lot of things wouldn’t have turned out the way it did? 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the surroundings that had returned to normal. She glanced at the lady in lavender opposite her once again, and smiled at her.

After the smile, she suddenly turned and pushed open the door behind her. It was an enchanting, bizarre and precarious scene. Yuan Yuan Yuan’s gaze swept across everyone in the room. 

The demon scent in the room was incredibly saturated. The moment she pushed open the door, Yuan Yuan Yuan suddenly felt a wave of dizziness surging at her head. 

She looked down at the spots of red on the ground, and the guy in white. 

The white robes guy sat at the most important seat. He looked exactly the same, like how she saw him the other time during daytime. Even while situated in such an environment, he remained calm, collected and celestial. 

It was today that Yuan Yuan Yuan found out that the appearance of a demon could be so misleading. 

She learnt against the door, gaze trained on the guy in white. Even though some of the demons inside were surprised at her appearance, none of them seemed worried or nervous. They awaited her subsequent actions. 

She surveyed the dazzling room, it was nothing like the room she’d entered earlier. Luxuriously decorated, an ambiguous atmosphere hung in the magnificent and imposing room. 

”Before I came, I’d been wondering how I should treat you.” The black shirt guy who had suddenly burst into their room started, “should I treat you like a cannon fodder? Or should I try something ambiguous and affectionate to buy some views? The black shirt guy and the white shirt guy, if you think about it, we match pretty well.” 

The guy in white suddenly raised his brows. 

”But now I know… why you’ve come.” The man opposite suddenly licked his lips almost suggestively, his words even more so ambiguous. 

As he spoke, he produced a small blade and walked over. 

Meanwhile in her head, Yuan Yuan Yuan thought mentally, “ah, what a fantastic cannon fodder these rich young masters are these days…” 

Perhaps she agreed to something she shouldn’t have agreed to earlier. But Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that if she were to do nothing and just turn and leave, she would regret this moment her entire life. 

As for the tragic male supporting character… exactly how tragic was the tragic setting?

Yuan Yuan Yuan had still been wondering about this when she stabbed the dagger in the white robed guy’s direction. But gradually, she stopped dwelling on this. 

She’ll cross the bridge when she get to it.

At the very least, she should bring the girl out of the saloon first. When she was escaping through the streets carrying the girl, Yuan Yuan Yuan felt that she’d still managed to stick to her own values. 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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