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“Where do you stay?”

“…eh, do you need to call the police?”

As she pulled the girl, Yuan Yuan Yuan suddenly felt like an idiot. She ran out from the pedestrainised road.covered head to toe in blood, with a bunch of people chasing behind her. 

Standing on the street, she was almost confused at what she’d just done. She looked at the girl beside her, a little dumbfounded. 

…where’s the police station again?

Yuan Yuan Yuan recalled her previous herculean feat. The saloon that she worked at had been so smashed that even she almost couldn’t recognise the place herself. She looked at where she was, produced a phone, clicked open Sogou Maps and searched up the nearest police station. 

The girl on the side silently watched as Yuan Yuan Yuan searched, as well as the subsequent change to Yuan Yuan Yuan’s expression, into one as though realisation had just dawned. The latter proceeded to pick up the girl and leapt up another roof. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan wasn’t sure if the girl realised that the phone she’d used was a broken one from four years back, and there were all sorts of cracks on the screen…

She figured that once the humans involved got themselves to an establishment associated with the government authority of the human realm, the bunch of demons would stop the chase. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan returned home. She was carrying a bag of medicine, hydrogen peroxide, methyl violet and the likes.

She went into the toilet, locked the door tight, lifted her shirt, went to grab the remaining gauze she had left over from last year and started wiping the blood stains on her body. 

Some of the wounds were already dry, so she had no choice but to slowly peel off the shirt that had stuck to the dried wound before she applying the medication.  

A strange scent came off of her blood earlier. It was a scent that she’d never smelt before. When she returned home and removed her glamour, the scent on her returned to her original, normal scent. 

By the time she was done wiping herself down in meds, she checked the time. It was already past dinner time. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 34 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

She’d left the house earlier when the sky just started to darken. Usually, she’d leave for work the moment it’s dark out, and return only around two to three o’clock in the wee morning. After getting into a mad fight with that bunch, she surprisingly made it back even earlier than her usual knock off time at work. It was only nine at night and she was already back in her apartment.

Yuan Yuan Yuan still felt a little weak after she stood. Despite so, she still got to her feet after struggling and dumped all the cotton buds and whatnot into the bin. After which, she walked over to the kitchen, dug out bag of instant noodles, two eggs, and a bunch of spring onion. 

As she cooked the instant noodles, she looked out her window at the opposite street. From the outside, everything looked calm and normal, as though nothing had happened. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan dumped the eggs and other noodles ingredients into the pot and started chopping up the spring onions. While she was at it, she poured the remaining pork ribs soup into the pot. 

She wondered if she could still go to work normally tomorrow…

As she thought about it, she suddenly pulled out a tiny peace and safety pendent around her neck. 

The pendent was made of jade. Under the light, it was a milky, fair shade of white. 

Ji Qiu had given her this pendent. This was a traditional method of communication among the demons. However, after all these years, Yuan Yuan Yuan had only seen people transferring messages through stones. This was the first time she saw someone rich enough to choose to use jade. 

However Yuan Yuan vividly recalled that this jade was red in colour when Ji Qiu had first given her. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan stuffed the jade back under her collar, scooped out the noodles, poured herself a cup of tea and quietly finished her dinner. Afterwards, she wiped her mouth, slipped back to her bedroom and took out the jade pendent again. 

She didn’t forget what Ji Qiu had said. 

【If you have another identity, what would you do?】

…she would end up doing a lot of chuunibyou-esque things, really.

Before reading the information inside the jade pendent, Yuan Yuan Yuan had imagined that there would be some magical information inside the pendant. Perhaps Ji Qiu might reveal some of his future plans inside, perhaps it might be information on what she should do in order to survive, perhaps it would be information about whether Ji Qiu was the supreme god with the ability to manipulate this world, or perhaps it was information saying that her original form was actually an egg, or something along those lines. In the end, when she properly read the line of words, she found herself stunned.  

…what, what the fuck, this, the words were even written in traditional Chinese.

“Yuan Yuan, something happened in the saloon yesterday, don’t come down first, I’ll let you know again in a few days.” Was what Yuan Yuan Yuan heard from Sister Xue after she woke up bright and early the next morning.

She wasn’t at all surprised. At the news, she hugged her pillow and laid back down.

She wondered if the saloon would pay her her salary on time this month.

Perhaps they might delay employee’s salaries to fix the building?

Yuan Yuan Yuan turned to her side. Even though she had no idea how her boss would manage things, but as a newbie that had just started work for a handful of days, she thought that maybe she shouldn’t ask. 

Or perhaps… the next chapter of the manga would draw out if her boss would cut her salary? 

This strange imagery suddenly popped ip in Yuan Yuan Yuan’s head… Ji Qiu earnestly drawing her boss’ face in the DreaManga chapter as he wrote, “Aiya, the building was destroyed, should I cut the staff salary…” 

A’ight, Ji Qiu’s probably not that bored. 

The sun’s already sitting high in the sky’s but Yuan Yuan Yuan was still asleep. She stayed up until 4am in the morning to translate the meaning of the verse of words. Not only was it in traditional Chinese, it was also written in Classical Chinese. 

She held a traditional chinese-simplified chinese translator in a hand as she compared to the words. It took her half a night to get everything out. Even her head was aching afterwards. 

But from the looks of it, she figured that these words didn’t seem to from Ji Qiu. Rather… the information seemed to be some kind of a demon craft verse? 

“In the Yin and soul embrace, find strength in your voice. Each step treads heavens, return nascent…”


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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T/N: day 12/12 daily updates, YDM schedule will be back to weekly tues! and omg here comes the classical chinese… (cries), also one of the words used in the demoncraft verse is 婴, which means infant, but it also refers to necklace (archaic term), it’s a lil unclear, we’ll find out more as we progress :”)

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