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Amused by the gravity of her tone, Jin Zheng Hang became more relaxed. He picked up a sushi with his chopsticks and placed it on Xuan Mo’s plate: “Try this, it’s quite authentic. Let’s continue our introduction. I have an IT company. It started off as a gaming and digital technology company, it’s grown in size over the years; it’s definitely enough to keep things afloat if we get married, as long as you’re not spending as much as Hilton that is.”

Xuan Mo continued in her serious tone: “By the blue planet people’s standards, I am very easy to feed.”

“Heh, that’s great. I currently only have a car, I don’t have a house, I’m staying with my dad that’s why. But you can make the decision in the future. Even though my family house is large, I know some girls don’t like to stay with their in-laws, I can understand that.”

He spoke as though things had been settled.

Xuan Mo commented mentally; the expression on her face however seemed calm and deep in thought. 

Jin Zheng Hang was really surprised: “Xuan Mo, are you actually considering?”

Xuan Mo replied: “If you’re joking, I can stop considering.”

“…no, I thought you’d be more likely to take this as a joke.”

“I can tell you seriously, I don’t usually crack jokes, especially when it comes to things like this.” Xuan Mo raised her brow. “Shouldn’t blind dates be taken seriously, the person you’re meeting might be your partner that you will spend the rest of your life with. The genes of the two people would co-create the most wonderful offspring, and the lives of the two would intertwine; even though the two may be completely unrelated before this, they will become related in every way afterwards. Perhaps one might not believe in any religion or anything else, but after the two enter into a relationship, one will find themselves with a partner that he or she will be completely loyal to; they will remain together through both highs and lows, tide through the times of joy and despair together. How is this a joke?” After speaking, she walked off to the self-service counter to get a cup of drink, a little unhappy.

Jin Zheng Hang was silent. He looked at Xuan Mo’s retreating silhouette, suddenly feeling a little strange. It felt as though the person that was truly mature was her, and him on the other hand was the childish one. 

Treating blind dates like a game — wasn’t that the common mentality among people this age. If they were to take things seriously, they’d be seen as archaic and outdated.

After Xuan Mo walked off, she received a call from Ai Er Ge.

He asked: “Marshal, where are you?” The tone of his voice seem to tell her he was harbouring dangerous thoughts.

“You don’t know?”

“Cough, I mean I do know where you are, but I feel like I shouldn’t.”

“What is it.”

“Why did you suddenly go on a blind date? The Scorpio-version of marriage and producing offspring isn’t enough?”

“I’ve completely enhanced my current body.” Xuan Mo said seriously. “To become a blue planet being, I’d need to have a proper body. I’m now a blue planet female, inside and out. Of course I need to live the life of a normal female here.”

“…in other words, you’ll get married, have a husband and have kids?!”

“Even though I don’t know exactly what it will entail, I will take it seriously.” Xuan Mo added, “a blue planet being once said, despise the enemy strategically, value the enemy tactically. Everything is new to me, I will accept all the challenges that I will need to face.”

“Pft, to think that someone who’d grown up in a liberal civilisation like you is planning to settle down, find a husband and have kids, aiya I’m anticipating what’s to come… that aside, where are you right now? If you don’t tell me I’m coming over!”


“…I’m coming over.”


“Your brother is worried about you, and told me to come and take a look. Coincidentally, I don’t have to OT today, so I’m particularly free haha!”

“If you’re here to mess things up, I’ll make sure you regret it.” After which, she hung up and puzzled over Ai Er Ge’s words.

Jin Zheng Hang cooked two chicken wings for Xuan Mo, and smiled: “Your friend called?”

“Enh, an annoying person.”

“Alright, let’s not talk about him then… do you have any requirements about your husband handing you his salary?”

“Handing me his salary?” Xuan Mo’s eyes widened. She’d never seen how other husbands and wives interact. “What are you gonna spend then?”

Jin Zheng Hang seemed to find Xuan Mo’s reaction rather amusing. He gave a bitter expression: “I’ll spend whatever my wife gives me.”

“Is this normal?”

“To ensure that she has enough to spend, to afford the family expenses, to prevent the husband from having an affair… this seems to be rather normal.”

Xuan Mo thought about it, and felt that these were things that she didn’t worry about, and so she replied: “There’s no need. I earn enough to satisfy my spending, and afford the family expenses. As for the husband having an affair… as long as there’s no kid, anything’s okay.”

“…” Jin Zheng Hang was flabbergasted. He tried his best to ignore the last line she said, and asked, “you mom said you don’t have a job, where are you getting your money from.”

“I’m the Director of Technical Development at Huasheng, Aerospace Science and Technology Development Department.”

“…Huasheng?! Huasheng’s Aerospace Science and Technology Development Department?” Jin Zheng Hang almost stuttered. “How’s that possible, you’re so young…”

“Age is not an issue.” Xuan Mo seemed to be annoyed at his surprise. “Do you know how to calculate the data pulse of a transmitter? Only I know, it’s not something that can be helped.”

And so, Jin Zheng Hang realised that beneath this girl’s calm exterior, she seemed to have a wildly arrogant heart, to the point she seemed to look down on humans. 

“So, I don’t need money.”

Just as Jin Zheng Hang was going to say something, a happy voice sounded: “Aiya Mo Mo, took me so long to find you!”

The red-haired Ai Er Ge stood as he smiled. Just as he was about to hug her, he noticed Jin Zheng Hang, and his expression immediately collapsed. He retracted his hands, and started: “Bo-boss…”

Jin Zheng Hang seemed to smile: “Your girlfriend?”

Ai Er Ge clenched his teeth and shook his head: “No… she’s…”

“Don’t betray your girlfriend just because I’m your boss…” Jin Zheng Hang said meaningfully, “you can say yes.”

“Really, really, she’s not.”

“Oh, then I’ll gladly receive?”

“Please, please do…”

“Heh.” Jin Zheng Hang couldn’t help but laugh, “Xuan Mo, Ai Er Ge’s funny isn’t he.”

Xuan Mo felt a little puzzled. She asked Ai Er Ge: “The modern demon you mentioned is him?”

Topping his boss’ cold gaze, Ai Er Ge’s cold sweat beaded down his forehead. He didn’t dare nod or shake his head, and ended up mumbling instead: “I didn’t say anything…”

Xuan Mo was disdainful: “An ancient demon and a modern demon, can you get more creative with your descriptions of bad guys?”

“They are all creatures that will oppress me, that’s why they’re in the same category…” Ai Er Ge was extremely glum.

“Ai Er Ge, you registered for a long holiday yesterday…” Jin Zheng Hang started eerily.

“Enh, I’m planning to travel across Amazon!”

“The year before you went to Yellowstone Park, and Disney. This year, you’re going to the Amazon. The moment you have spare cash on your hands all you do is spend it all.” Jin Zheng Hang raised a brow, “where’s the new proposal? The script? You gave me such a huge background, what about the details? The timeline and date? And you want to run?”

When he noticed that Xuan Mo looking at him, Ai Er Ge pouted: “I’m the Game Concept Designer at his company. The galactic game you were playing last year was conceptualised by me, didn’t you say it was fun… this year we’re doing a continuation.”

Xuan Mo’s eyes widened: “The one with the final boss… that Ghoul General from the Galaxy of Sinister Clouds…” 

“…” Ai Er Ge shrunk into the corner.

Xuan Mo exhaled slowly: “I remember when I maxed my in-game level, you brought me along and killed the boss every day…”


“Ai Er Ge.” Xuan Mo spoke lowly, “I want to throttle you very badly!”

“I know…” Ai Er Ge was in the dumps, “I figured this day would come…”

Xuan Mo gave a cold humph, and turned to grab some food, ignoring Ai Er Ge.

Ai Er Ge met the mischievous gaze of Jin Zheng Hang. At that, Ai Er Ge immediately grabbed the latter and pulled him backwards: “Boss boss, I’m here to do something important.”


“I’m here to interrupt this session because I had been instructed by someone. I don’t know about others but I know you, and I know you’re a rational and understanding person, so…”

This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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