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Yuan Yuan Yuan minced her lips. She strongly believed that this artist was going to get to places in the future. Just look at his courage. If it weren’t for the fact that she was personally involved in this situation, she’d have applauded his fearless effort. 

She couldn’t believe that he dared to draw things like this… and the way he drew it was super realistic too. Just looking at the scene reminded her of that night, she could almost feel the thrill running down her back, as though there was an army of countless demons traversing past above her.  

She had idea what this Ji Qiu intended to do… Yuan Yuan Yuan thought, almost gleefully, because he might very well get into trouble for doing something like this. Maybe it was a grand demon that had been around for too long, and felt that life was too boring, so he wanted to spice things up a lil. 

She shook her head, locked her phone screen and picked up the costume she’d made, ready to head out. 

Overthinking at times came hand in hand with careless ignorance — manyatimes, you’d miss the most important piece of the entire jigsaw puzzle. This was the same case for Yuan Yuan Yuan. She’d never considered why this manga shot to fame. Naturally it would be because the manga had fantastic artist. It could also be his art style that was fantastic, or it could be other factors that he was fantastic at, for example breathing life into the character, and… creating the plot. 

How was it possible that a prominent levelling arc in the plot would come to an abrupt end just like that? Similarly, even the readers had caught on to the fact that the “black shirt demon” was an important supporting character, how would it be possible that the artist didn’t think of this? 

”Enh? Alright alright, I’ll make you another one that fits you better…” Yuan Yuan Yuan replied to the call as she bought a bottle of water in a shop. 

She hung up and sighed. ♢ YOU LOOK LIKE YOU’RE DRAWING ME, CHAPTER 10 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢ 

Shit, after not meeting for so long, she didn’t think that her friend gained weight, she must be enjoying life…

She looked at the costume in her hands, her head throbbing. Her friend couldn’t fit into this one, so she had no choice but to bring it back. She’ll make another one that’s one size bigger and mail it over. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan looked at the sky, it looked like it was gonna rain soon. It rained pretty often in this city. She sped up and decided she better make it home faster. 

When she walked past that familiar alley, her footsteps paused for a moment. That was the alley where she saved Xiao Ying from. The alley looked perfectly normal now. While it was untelling of the previous incident, Yuan Yuan Yuan could still recall every single detail from that night. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan only faltered very slightly before she continued walking forward. 

When she got home, she opened the door and switched the lights on. 

The moment the lights flickered on, she saw a female with pale skin, crimson lips and raven hair seated on the sofa in her house. Yuan Yuan Yuan was so startled she shrieked. 

”The fuck!”

”Relax relax, why’re you shouting.” Seated on the sofa, sister Xue tidied her hair, “I got impatient waiting outside so I came in.” 

”Sister Xue, what brought you here?” After realising the person was her second landlord, she exhaled in relief. She placed the costume in her hands down and asked: “You should let me know ahead of time, I thought someone broke in to murder me.” 

”Tsk tsk, you’re too timid.” Sister Xue shook her head. “If a demon that was really looking for you found its way here, won’t you die of shock?” 

”C’mon sister Xue let’s be more auspicious can we.” Yuan Yuan Yuan entered the kitchen, poured two cups of water and placed a cup before sister Xue. “So what is it that brought you here, sister Xue.” 

”Nothing much, it’s just that I suddenly received a notice from above so I dropped by.” Sister Xue threw a small stone over as she spoke. “The demon here, if you see him, remember to report it up, there’s rewards.” 

”What reward is it… free rent for a year?” Yuan Yuan Yuan caught the stone and remarked. 

Their area was considered one of the more peaceful parts of the city, because the demons head looking after this area was considered one of the stronger ones out there… even so though, there were still a number of troublemaking demons that would come in, so their demon head would serve a notice like these once in a while to get more eyes on the ground. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan was at the bottom of the food chain right now… given her position and abilities, all she could do, had to do and needed to do right now was to receive the orders dished by the higher ups. When she’d first came in, she made it clear that she was as useless as a demon could get, she didn’t know anything. It was sister Xue that had helped to hide some truths on her behalf which finally got her accepted. 

She received the stone, released some demon spirit and a passage of text immediately appeared before her eyes. The relevant information was very detailed.  

“Can you see it?” Sister Xue spoke: “if there’s nothing else I’ll head off then.”

“Okay, stay safe.” Yuan Yuan Yuan got up and spoke. 

After sister Xue closed the door behind her, Yuan Yuan Yuan remained standing in the middle of the living room for a few solid minutes. 

Only she herself knew her legs had turned into jelly. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan threw the stone into a drawer, her head still spinning from the words she saw earlier. 

— Black hair black eyes, good looking, good combat abilities, long red strings as combat abilities, once seen, report to the higher ups immediately. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan was beside herself with anxiety for the longest time, before a line of words suddenly popped up in her head for no particular reason, “that’s not a long string…”

See! See! As predicted previously, all these seasoned demons have noticed something. 

…who knows, maybe all the demons that had reached a certain ability had already known this. Maybe it’s just the juvenile and weaker demons that still had no idea what was going on.  

Yuan Yuan Yuan pondered over why her demon head gave out such instructions — the black shirt guy suddenly appeared in his territory without rhyme and reason, and appeared to be quite strong. Not only so, he seemed to favour humans. She figured that her demon head probably would not be able to close both eyes and let such a black shirt guy roam around freely. 

Hence as to why he gave out such instructions. Perhaps it was only the juvenile and not so powerful demons like her that would have no idea what’s the significance behind this… with regards to her involvement with the manga, she definitely would be keeping it under wraps as much as possible from all these powerful demons. She definitely won’t be the one going around telling people about it. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan clenched her teeth, she wouldn’t know how to explain something like that. 

Enh, and she was quite loyal to the demon head… really… it’s not easy to find such a nice demon head these days. 


This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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