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German Shepards often becomes very alert after being wounded. However, the moment they drop their guard, their attachment to humans would rocket to an incredible extent. He was the most important element in this contest, and she was patient enough to wait it out.

Ai Bei left for a while that night. When she returned, she brought #2 to the prison officer duty office. After getting him to hide in one corner, she went to knock on the door. 

Prison officer B was on duty: “What is it?”

Ai Bei told him that prison officer A was being locked in the black room and was unable to get out. Prison officer A had told her to come over to get the key from him. 

Prison officer B probed further. At his questions, Ai Bei stuttered, her gaze floating. Prison officer B immediately understood what had happened. 

He cursed silently, thinking it was prison officer A’s bad habit acting up again, and wanted to lure someone into the black room but ended up locking himself inside. 

Though annoyed, he wasn’t going to ignore this and let his colleague remain trapped inside. He definitely should not be giving the key to a prisoner, so he had to make his way over personally. As for Ai Bei, he told her to quickly return to her cell before he walked off in a rush. 

He wasn’t concerned about Ai Bei running off, they were patrolling at night anyway. 

When the officer left, Ai Bei gestured for #2 to come over. 

“What exactly do you want to do?” He asked. 

Ai Bei tried the door. The control room door that the officer thought he’d closed opened easily. 

She pointed at the surveillance screens, “d’you know how to control the surveillance?” 

“You’re not gonna explain yourself first?” Looking every bit like a criminal, he sat down on the officer’s chair as he asked. He caught sight of a police cap hanging on the chair and went ahead to grab it without hesitation. He plopped the cap on his head almost as though it was a random cap, and crossed his legs as he drilled her.  

The slanted golden police badge coupled with his roguish attitude had him appearing sinfully handsome. 

Ai Bei cupped her chin and looked at him, “here’s an opportunity to take your revenge.” 

She’d found the right moment to hand officer A a strip of paper earlier in the afternoon, and had agreeed to meet with him in the black room. Officer A was gusty as usual, and had thought that she finally recognised his power and authority after getting herself into prison, and that she was seeking protection from him. And so, he went to the black room at the agreed timing. 

Ai Bei then proceeded to lock him inside the room, before pretending to have just arrived and asked him what happened. At officer A’s instructions, she went over to the duty room. 

The back and forth gave them some time to work with, in fact it was enough for the inmate head and his gang of followers to crack their way out of their cells, ambush officer A and relief their vent up anger. 

The most important part of this entire play was the surveillance. How should she fake the surveillance and make it seem as though she was never there in the first place, so that officer A would not be able to identity the culprit even if he tried. 

After #2 listened to her, he cracked his wrist, “Simple.” 

If this was a prison during the galactic times, he wouldn’t dare to pull anything funny. But the Earthen era was very primitive in all aspects, so none of this technology was an issue for him. 

The situation in the black room was a mess. The inmate head was really playing with fire — he returned everything that officer A had pulled before on the good looking prisoners. The moment #2 saw the screen, he cursed in a low voice, turned around and slapped the police cap he’d been wearing on Ai Bei’s head. He pulled the cap down and covered her eyes. 

Ai Bei struggles, “what are you doing? I want to see.” ♢ CHART TOPPER QUEEN, CHAPTER 08 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

The difference in their strengths was very well examplified in their struggle. #2 pressed his palm on her head, not letting her try to remove the cap at all. 

“See no evil.”

Though he said that, his eyes glinted in delight at the officer A’s situation; and he couldn’t help but want to be a little nicer than usual. 

He noticed from the surveillance cameras that officer B was nearing the black room, and so he moved the camera head to give the guys inside a heads up. 

Having climbed to the top of the food chain, the inmate head was no foolish person. Though they had not agreed previously, the inmate head still managed to figure out the hint. At that, he gestured at his gang of followers and told them it’s time to make a move. Ai Bei has roughly gauged how long they’d need. 

In all honesty, Ai Bei knew what he did to officer A, why wouldn’t she.

Just beating the guy up was definitely too insufficient a medium for them to vent their pent up anger and frustrations; given the golden opportunity, they wouldn’t stop until they’ve thoroughly shamed him.

The flower of evil that sprouts in the darkness — she couldn’t be more familiar with this. 

This incident later became one of the unsolved mysteries. Officer A didn’t dare to report it to his higher ups, if he did, he’d have to explain why he was inside the black room himself during that time period, and that might as a result reveal all his previous malicious deeds. Despite being injured, he had to continue working in the end. He decided to figure out the culprit on his own.

Among all the criminals, Ai Bei was most likely suspect, but one, he couldn’t find any concrete evidence, and two, she’d literally just came in, even if she were to use her own body as exchange, she wouldn’t be able to influence the others to act. Officer A really had no idea who was the mastermind behind all this.

After the incident, officer A became even more chilly and ominous. The additional pressure in the atmosphere was also straining his relationship with the prisoners.

At the rate things were going, he might just end up in another situation again soon. 

On the other hand, the atmosphere in the cell that #2 was in improved considerably.

Having found a suitable medium to vent their frustrations, coupled with the camaraderie that had formed as a result of their team effort, topped off with #2 revealing his talent in wiping the surveillance, the gang of prisoners now saw #2 in a new light. Similar to them, #2 was too a hooligan, but he was a cultured one, and that garnered their admiration. 

#2 didn’t notice the subtle change however. Having hailed from a higher civilisation, he could barely keep the superiority oozing from himself at bay. The existing gang of criminals in the cell naturally were unhappy. As a result, he was ostracised in the beginning. After all, the whole lot of them were criminals, no one was better than anyone here.

But when #2 finally revealed his capabilites, the rest of them were struck.

As for Ai Bei…

They would never forget the scene when she quietly threatened everyone not to reveal their action plan. There had been a naysayer back then and crowed that he was going to report this to the officers. The smile she had on her face when she instructed someone to pierce the naysayer’s crown jewels was a smile that none of the men there would ever forget. 

Just the thought of Ai Bei had them shivering. 

But none of this bothered Ai Bei. This entire scheme was not created to put the officer back in his place, neither was it to help any of the criminals out; none of them had anything to do with her after all. 

When she walked over, the rest of the criminals moved aside for her. She stopped beside #2, and looked at him as he played with paper figures to pass time.

“Are you happy?”

Random much? #2 returned with an offhanded reply: “…meh.”

He was still unsatisfied?

Ai Bei didn’t understand, “what will make you happy then?”

His bottled up irate no longer manifesting in scrunched up brows, #2 glanced at her. At her words, he held a cigarette to his lips, “what does me being happy have anything to do with you?”

She replied: “I need to cater to your every wish and make you happy, that’s my mission.”

Her mission was to make sure he got everything he wanted, but this was different — he didn’t give her any instructions. Even when he did for #3, #3 had been incredibly against him, to the point that she was disgusted and revolted by it.

But this was different. 

A dash of smoke ash fell as the cigarette between his lips trembled, scalding the red ace of hearts card he had on the table before him. He stared at it, the ace of heart as though a crimson, beating heart. 

Within the dirty cell, someone’s heart too seemed to scorch for a moment with a hard, sudden thump.

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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