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Yang Jia squeezed out some cleansing foam: “Not that I wanna repeat but, that Ai Er Ge is hot as hell, but as girls we need to be responsible for ourselves, he’s definitely just playing with you, don’t take it seriously, or you’ll be the one suffering. He’s a host man, no way you can out-play him.”

“I can’t out-play him?” Xuan Mo didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at her reaction, “I’m not playing with him.”

“What, you’re serious?! With him?!” Yang Ji freaked out, “no way! When it comes to feelings, the first person that gets serious loses! You shouldn’t have trusted him, he definitely thinks you’re a good girl, so gullible and pretty, and, and rich! He’s only playing with your feelings!”

Xuan Mo felt that her peaceful interactions with Ai Er Ge was definitely not because of her pretty appearance, or the fact that she was rich or whatever. Even if she were to give him ten lives he won’t dare pull anything with her. And so, she’s pretty sure there’s some civilisation gap between her and Yang Jia in their conversation. Therefore, Xuan Mo remained quiet as Yang Jia droned on urgently. 

When Yang Jia saw that Xuan Mo remained unmoved, she started amassing support from around. She first found Yang Ni, and then even pulled over Zhang Yi Ke to share her worry and perspective. And so, the three girls surrounded Xuan Mo and started persuading her. 

“Mo Mo, you should break up with Ai Er Ge, we’re in no place to interrupt if you’re just playing around, but if you’re for real then it’s a no go, we’re not gonna sit and watch you get your heart broken. Trust me. Any random person in your league of suitors would be better than him in every other aspect, except for their looks, that is!” 

“Mo Mo, only in fairy tales do a rich girl and a poor guy have a happily ever after, you can’t let fall for his trap!”

“Mo Mo, I’ve been through and done that, when it comes to romance, you and your partner’s backgrounds gotta match to a certain extent; if it doesn’t, you’ll end up in arguments sooner or later. If your partner is holding himself in for a very long time, then he definitely has an ulterior motive!”

Xuan Mo drank her water calmly, read her book, tidied her things, and changed her clothes. Even when she was finally got on her bed, her three roommates were still going on and on, as though they’d gotten addicted to doing this.

“Stop!” She said. 

The three of them thought that she had something to say, and so they widened their eyes looking at her in anticipation. 

Xuan Mo fell back down on her bed, commanding lowly: “Sleep!” ♢ MY CLASSMATE IS TWO HUNDRED MILLIONS YEARS OLD, CHAPTER 163 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

“Oi…” Yang Jia was very unwilling to give up, but they had no other choice. And so, with reluctance, the three of them finally started getting on with their own things. 

As exams neared, the variety of ongoing competitions also drew to a close. In celebration of their final freedom before their death — in the form of examinations — arrived, the finals for the variety of competitions started off with a bang, providing platforms for students to relax and unwind outside of their studying time. 

Lu Yu Chen had been having too much fun playing previously, and so he could only hole up in school to catch up on all his work. Ai Er Ge on the other hand seemed to have caught wind that this period was their last lap before their examinations. And so, he took the initiative to not disturb Xuan Mo outside of their charging time. As Elge Planet was not a battle-centric civilisation, he viewed examinations as something even more important than Xuan Mo — aka the examination candidate — did.

And so, Xuan Mo was dragged out by the twins that day, a very rare occasion that they succeeded, and out the three musketeers went. 

The twins used to go around with just the two of them, while Zhang Yi Ke would head out with her current boyfriend. Now however, the twins would insist that they have urgent questions relating to their studies and desperately needed Xuan Mo’s help. And so, Xuan Mo closed both eyes on the two of them dragging her around. 

This afternoon, after Xuan Mo was done with her core module, and was done with the military training, the twins came looking for her, and literally dragged her out to watch a basketball competition, saying that the different faculties were competing against each other. 

Xuan Mo’s faculty seemed to have competed in the semi-finals yesterday. The ongoing finals was between the twin’s Humanities and Social Science faculty, and the Military Commander faculty. 

None of them were related to her, so Xuan Mo wasn’t particularly interested. The twins however were surprisingly insistent, so she ended up going with them. The twins’ classmates were already there, and they’d also saved them seats — at the front row. 

Not long after the competition began, Xuan Mo noticed something was off. 

Firstly, the twins would often point at one of the guys to her. The guy was the forward position in the team; his appearance was probably within the definition of “cool”. He was rather expressionless, was a little fierce, and played very offensively. Apparently, he was very good, but Xuan Mo didn’t know basketball, so she couldn’t tell. 

Next would be the constant gazes she’d been receiving from the circle of Humanities students around her, coupled with the countless whispers that consisted of her name and a whole lot of other strange information. 

Xuan Mo looked at Yang Ni who was sitting beside her meaningfully. 

Xuan Mo’s stare had Yang Ni embarrassed. At that she managed: “Hehe, Mo Mo, watch the competition, look at Ling Yun, how handsome!”

“You’re more handsome.” Xuan Mo said blandly, “really.”

“Cough cough.”

“What are you trying to do?”

“Don’t worry, I am a principled roommate, I definitely won’t try to hook you up with someone or anything, I, I brought you over to hype people up!”


“Uh, watch, Ling Yun is usually very cold, but he’s really good looking! Out of all the people chasing you, this is the person that we selected that matches up to you the most.”

What Ling Yun, what chasing her, what’s all this!? Xuan Mo was confused, before she managed to figure some parts of it out: “And you say you’re not gonna matchmake?”

“Fine, no one’s forcing you, it’s just that just by you sitting here, Ling Yun’s abilities will skyrocket! He’s usually not the high-key kind of person, and he doesn’t really care about winning, it feels more like he’s here to help then to compete. But look now, the moment you came, just look at the number of times he scored!?” Yang Ni sighed, “what a shy child, look at him, he’s trying to look at you but is too shy to look over.”

Xuan Mo was too confused and speechless to talk. What exactly was all this?!

When she noticed Xuan Mo’s expression, Yang Ni predicted the truth: “You didn’t know this person existed did you?”


“Or should I say…” Yang Ni hummed, “you didn’t even know that you have suitors?”

Xuan Mo looked at where the basketball was travelling quietly. 

“Ahh! We helped to pass so many things to you, in the box beside your table, it’s never occurred to you to wonder where it all came from?!”

“It’s meaningless knick-knacks…” Xuan Mo tried to explain, but felt very powerless.

“Really girl, you’re on a whole new level… how is it that you’ve never felt anything even though you have so many and obvious suitors!” Yang Ni howled, “my poor Major Yun!”

Xuan Mo tried to recall. Her entire semester had been very routine; the only things she’d bothered to take note of were the golden stone because that was somewhat related to aliens, and Lu Yu Chen who was somewhat related to her, and then now there’s an Ai Er Ge… oh, and she also participated in military training and sports day. As for all the other things and all the other people — she couldn’t care less.

There wasn’t anyone that had been incredibly powerful or strong that had caught her attention. There wasn’t anyone that came too close to her that caught her attention either. The little gifts that she’d received only elicited temporary confusion from her. When the things she received increased in quantity, she didn’t bother giving a damn anymore. In other words, she lived in her own world, and had never bothered about the attention or interest of other people.

Even her mental-net’s had the ability to automatically filter unimportant information out. 

Fine, perhaps if she did pay some attention to her so-called suitors, then maybe it won’t make her out to be this bad; but at the same time, that would cause her a lot more trouble.

She shrugged, therefore the moral of the story was — suitors and whatnot, she really was treating them as passing clouds. 

It’s not that she looked down on them, nor was it a deliberate effort, or that there was a disparity in identities, it’s just that she really, didn’t notice them, that’s all. 

After some time, it was the game intermission. The Humanities team ran over to squat beside their coaches. Xuan Mo just so happened to be sitting behind their coach, so she could overhear the strategies that the coach was saying. 

The Ling Yun guy was listening carefully to the strategies as he drank his water. He didn’t even look in their direction. It was only until the whistle sounded did he sneak a glance over. His eyes were on Xuan Mo, his mouth moved, but he didn’t end up saying anything before he returned to the court. 

Yang Ni was very pitiful: “A bashful Major Yun!”

On the other hand, Xuan Mo found his gaze on her a little strange; she knew for sure it wasn’t anything along the lines of admiration.

It felt more like fear… an emotion that she’d seen countless times before in the past.

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