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Ai Bei didn’t manage to finish off prison officer A in the end. 

Prison officer B, the officer that was in charge of searching her down had already rushed over. Officer B had been walking her to her assigned cell room when she suddenly dashed off in another direction. The officer wasn’t too far off her tail though. To be honest, Ai Bei didn’t have any intentions to kill officer A. 

Prison officer A was in a bad condition. Before officer B brought him away, he shot them a glare in warning. 

When the officers left, a certain person that’d been forcing an aggressive and strong front collapsed: “Help me up.” 

Shocked, #2 came to his senses; #2 only managed to get Ai Bei up by pulling and lifting her partially. While doing so, she accidentally pressed against his wounds on his arm. He inhaled sharply in pain, but endured in silence.


She said fragilely: “This body, is not very good.”

He asked, puzzled: “What do you mean not very good?”

“Are all guys this weak?” She recalled #2 being pressed against the wall, as well as her current body. She’s completely spent from trying to hold officer A down earlier, if she didn’t use all the force she had, he’d have escaped her grip. 


The sudden provocation and blow to his ego had #2 wanted to properly prove to her how strong guys can actually be. The moment he moved his shoulders though, it tugged at one of his wounds. 

“Don’t move.” Ai Bei after regaining some strength went to check his wounds, “it’s bleeding.” ♢ CHART TOPPER QUEEN, CHAPTER 07 is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM ♢

#2 held himself up by leaning half his weight against the wall. While she checked his wounds, he looked at the person that was one head shorter than he was. He remained silent even when whatever she was doing hurt. Instead, he spoke: “It’s nothing. What about you? How did you end up here?”

Ai Bei used a backup towel to dress his wounds, and softly replied: “I was afraid that you will get bullied in here, and vent your pent up anger on me during the mission.”

“…did I? Fine I did, but I let you off afterwards didn’t I?”

He was suspicious of her motives. 

Ai Bei realised that this little German Shephard puppy was quite an alert one. Regardless, that didn’t matter; the more wary they were, the more delicious they’d turn out when captured. 

After dressing his wounds, she stretched out his hand and suddenly patted it when his wound was, “I haven’t taken my revenge yet.”

At her sudden action, #2 howled in pain.


A new person joined their cell; the latest addition looked delicate and tender, quite a delicious looking one it would appear. This realisation had the rest of the existing inmates’ eyes glowing as though a pack of hungry wolves. 

After being stuck in jail for seven to eight years, even a female pig would excite them, much less such a beautiful looking person, even if the person was a male.

And the worst part perhaps was the fact at Ai Bei didn’t seem to realise what a dangerous place she’d entered. Her smiling at everyone had them salivating even more. As a result, they grasped every opportunity to make a move on her. 

Not long after she went in, #2 got into a fight because of her. Unable to let off any steam elsewhere, their pent up frustrations had accumulated into a scorching fire. When someone tried to touch her waist, that person was immediately shoved aside by #2 standing beside her. He growled, riled up: “The fuck you doing?”

“Fuck you!”

Exploding, that person sent a blow right at his face. After taking the punch, #2 grasped the opportunity to return the favour, and gave the person a hard beating. 

#2 was indeed seething. Whether it was the ostracising from the other inmates in the cell, or officer A’s earlier unscrupulous attempts on him that almost succeeded, he’d have reined himself if he was still in his previous state of mind. However, he was throwing fists with all his might in the fight he got into today. The two other inmates that came over to help the first guy didn’t have it easy either; all of them were beaten up so bad they were moaning in pain.

#2 wiped the blood at his lips. His glare razor sharp, he made a deliberate to stare at every single inmate that had been spectating. 

He knew that the head among the inmates had instructed them over to figure Ai Bei’s abilities out. For people like Ai Bei, if they weren’t too thorny to handle, they’d be the first sacrificial lamb sent over for the head’s enjoyment. 

Before #2 did anything though, prison officer A made an eerie appearance. He looked at #2: “you again? That started this?” After which, without hearing what the latter had to say, #2 was thrown into the black room as punishment. 

When the prison officer’s eye met Ai Bei’s, he averted his gaze. Ai Bei had left him with quite the traumatising impression, he didn’t dare touch her just yet. 

#2 was taken away by prison officer B. However prison officer A remained standing in the cell. The inmates head figured him out, and went over personally to light him his cigarette. Evidently they had much more bribery happening behind the scenes. 

Prison officer A slipped the item that he received into his pocket silently. “The bunch of you, really, don’t cross the line, I can’t side with you guys all the time.”

“Yes yes yes, you are right.”

The inmate head nodded his head in fervent obedience. The moment they managed to send off the officer that grasped their all of their fates in his hand, the inmate head spat: “Fuck that asshole, you greedy dog will be fucked.” 

His followers too were cursing away in resonance beside the inmate head. It’s a dog eat dog situation here in prison; the anger from being suppressed by the prison officers had them boiling in anger for a long time now. 


Suddenly, the crystal clear, gentle voice of the youth appeared. 

The bunch of them turned at the voice, only to realise Ai Bei sitting beside the bunk. 

The youth was a good looking one, but he seemed to be quite useless so far — he’s as though a little Buddha piece that #2 had especially bought to tender and care for. #2’s protection of him was watertight, but when the former was beaten, the latter remained as silent as a mouse; he didn’t help #2 out in any way either. 

Ai Bei wasn’t one to bother herself with their impressions about her. Her eyes squinting into a curve as a light smile painted her face, she spoke: “I have an idea, do you guys wanna give it a go?”


When #2 returned from the black room, he noticed that the atmosphere in their cell was a little off. 

His bunk was usually rummaged through and strewn all over whenever he returned to the cell. His meals would often be split and mostly finished off by the other inmates too. If it weren’t for the fact that he hadn’t been eating properly for so many meals in the past few days, he wouldn’t be weak to the point he couldn’t even retaliate. 

This time however, his bunk was perfectly fine; to his surprise, Ai Bei was also still perfectly fine. She’d even brought over a bowl of instant noodles.

He’d been feeling rather restrained and morose after returning from the confinement room. The situation in the cell had him confused instead, and so #2 turned to give Ai Bei a questioning look. 

“Shh.” She didn’t let him speak, “why don’t you help me out?”

Ai Bei knew that #2 wouldn’t devote himself to her just because she helped him out once; he was only defending her because he knew that she was a girl. 

Well, she’s not in a rush anyway. 

TRANSLATOR & EDITOR: WYNNE. This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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