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“I feel like you’re not… if we go by the novels, then I think it’s quite possible that you might be a cultivator, or an ESPer, but… I feel like you’re not.” Ling Yun started hesitantly, as he spoke, he grew more confident, and even started shaking his head, “you’re definitely not human.”

Xuan Mo shrugged: “Alright, I really am not.” She paused, “is this why you’re scared of me?”

Ling Yun’s expression was a little strange: “Anyone who encountered something like this would be a little scared, won’t they.”

“Fine.” Xuan Mo nodded in understanding. 

“Then, what are you?” Ling Yun was still rather nervous, “demon? An immortal?”

Xuan Mo almost laughed: “Aren’t you an astrology hobbyist, you can’t guess what I am?”

“No way! Really, really?!” Ling Yun was so excited his face turned red. Suddenly, he got anxious again, “you, you guys won’t hurt humans would you?”

Hurt humans? Xuan Mo knew that quite a number of movies here were talking about aliens coming to the blue planet for war… and most of these wars happened without rhyme or reason, very illogical. Regardless of the civilisation, waging a war was very consuming in every aspect, to colonise an opposing race and civilisation was far less sustainable than being on friendly but slightly unbalanced trade terms. Even Scorpio Planet would attempt to engage diplomatically before starting any war. 

Xuan Mo’s disdainful expression when the topic of harming humans was brought up had Ling Yun exhaling in relief: “So you’re an Autobot, that’s good that’s good.”

“What?” Xuan Mo was befuddled.

“Autobot, you don’t know what it is?” Ling Yun was suddenly excited again, the cool kid in front of her suddenly turned into a 3000 Whys Blue Cat, asking: “oh right, have you met other aliens before? Are there really Transformers in the universe?”

“Transformers?” Xuan Mo couldn’t help but laugh, “you guys are the only ones with Transformers please.”

“Eh… what about… I mean… Robot Civilisation, Mechanical Civilisation?” Ling Yun wasn’t satisfied with just describing, he even took out his phone, flipped through it and even produced a few Transformers posters, “like this!”

“This?” Xuan Mo looked at the images, “they don’t really look like this, but there is something similar… before…” Her expression became a little strange, “you like this?”

“A lot of young people like this, this is popular worldwide, aren’t they cool?”

“…their mechanical offensive power is not too bad.” Xuan Mo was a little confused, “but I don’t understand why you like them?”


“I’ve seen three of these types of civilisation.” Xuan Mo said earnestly, “all three of them did not come about naturally, they overtook the planet that their creators lived on.”

At Ling Yun’s speechless face, Xuan Mo’s expression became even more strange: “You guys are the ones creating robots… careful don’t let them pull a reverse-uno on you.”

At Xuan Mo’s words, Ling Yun suddenly recalled movies such as The Terminator and the likes, and shivered. 

After revealing her identity as an alien for the first time, Xuan Mo was in a fantastic mood.

She wasn’t worried that Ling Yun would do anything to her, she didn’t see the need to have to put him under surveillance. Just his fearful gaze told her that he was clear of the consequences if he tried to pull anything. 

This also reminded her to not be too thrifty with her mental powers. There still was a need to enlarge the scope of her mental surveillance during sensitive periods like now. Society was also more advanced now, they still did have some standard to their technological development. 

Finals were the next few days. After finishing her examination, Xuan Mo received Lu Yu Chen’s congratulatory text — it was a Maths finals paper.

Xuan Mo was amused. She finished speedily and sent it back the way he sent it to her.

A while later, Lu Yu Chen’s call came in, he was laughing his ass off: “Ahahahaa! Mo Mo, you should’ve seen my Maths teacher’s expression! It was too funny, my attendance this sem was zero so he was staring at me, but when he saw my paper, his face turned green!”

After listening to his boasting, Xuan Mo asked: “Have you booked the flight?”

“I’ll book it later, what time do you prefer, morning afternoon night?”

“Anything, remember to buy three tickets.”

“Three? Why?”

“Someone else is going back too.” Xuan Mo didn’t explain further and hung up, ignoring Lu Yu Chen’s frenzied howling. It was afternoon, and Ai Er Ge was walking over. 

It was actually also fine to leave Ai Er Ge to head back on his own, but when aliens flew in the air, their form would change a little one way or another. When they no longer were bound by gravity, creatures with mental powers would change to adapt to their environment. For example, Xuan Mo’s previous body would become more translucent. As for Ai Er Ge, apparently he would slowly turn into an oval shape.

Therefore to prevent Ai Er Ge from transforming into a pancake in front of everyone on his flight back, Xuan Mo could only suck it up and bring this troublesome being along with her. 

“You’re calling your brother?” Ai Er Ge was dressed very normally today — he was wearing a beige coat and blue jeans, his obnoxious red hair flying in the wind. It was finals period, and a lot of students were able to head back after their examinations, so Ai Er Ge didn’t make himself invisible. Even with the many non-students visiting the school, Ai Er Ge still managed to make himself out to be a walking scenery. 

“Enh.” Xuan Mo held his hand to charge. 

“How did your exams go?”

“It’s fine…”

“I heard, blue planet beings sometimes… fake their answers?”

“In layman terms, cheating.”

“How can they do that?!” Ai Er Ge frowned, “cheating is like covering the eyes of the Goddess of Knowledge! If you cover the eyes of the Goddess of Knowledge, all your people would not be able to see the future! This is too dangerous! As a race with very subpar offensive ability, subpar technology, how can they tarnish the way of knowledge when it’s their only way out of this dump, they will be punished!”

“Why are you so riled up over other people’s business.” Xuan Mo remained calm; she’d even helped a certain someone do exactly this just a moment ago. 

“Aye, I’m feeling a gradual sense of danger at the fact that I’m stuck here.” Ai Er Ge’s eyes suddenly glinted. He grabbed Xuan Mo’s hand, “Mo Mo, the great Marshal Abu! I heard that the upcoming holiday will be a long one, and you don’t have class, can you find the way back home together with me!” His eyes were teary, “I wanna go home!”

“If you mean find the galaxy door, no can do.”

Ai Er Ge clenched his teeth and suddenly said: “We don’t necessarily need to open the galaxy door, because we don’t know where it’ll bring us either.”

Xuan Mo understood: “You mean, activate it with mental powers so that the galaxy door can transmit extra-distance frequencies to attract someone from the Great Coalition?” She was suddenly curious, “who would it attract though, the army, or your people?”

Ai Er Ge shook his head: “I, I don’t know either.” He was a little crestfallen. “I’m not used to this place, I don’t like that I have to charge every day, I don’t like being ordered around by my boss, even the clients I take are less educated than me, we think very differently… don’t you find it uncomfortable here?”

“That’s why they say, Elgeians can use their brains to survive in a high-knowledge civilisation, while Scorpions are the only ones that can adapt to any challenging environments — same thing.” Xuan Mo shrugged, “because it really is rough here.”

“I don’t care! I’mma go all out!” Ai Er Ge suddenly leapt up, “Even if I die, I need to try! If we end up attracting the army, then fine, I’m unlucky! Whatever the case is, I’ve never used this technology before, I’ll be ruled at most seventeen, eighteen years on the military court for being an Elge. If we attract the Elge… well whichever of them comes, I won’t be able to get past you anyway, all you need to do is to announce your name, believe me, you literally have that power to stupefy people.” 

Honestly, Xuan Mo was a little moved. She didn’t dare to even consider opening the galaxy door, too much resources were needed. But activating the door and sending out a transmission, that was well within her abilities… “Then…” Just as she was about to start discussing a plausible plan, a text message came in. 

It was from Lu Yu Chen: “Mo Mo! I’ve already gotten my friend to help book the tickets, and got my hands on the tickets, it’s just that we didn’t manage to get a good seat, only two of the seats are side by side, the last one is separate.”

“Enh, okay.” Xuan Mo replied. Just as she was about to resume their conversation, Lu Yu Chen’s text came in again. 

“Mo Mo! Is your friend a guy or a girl? If it’s a girl, yall can sit together, if it’s a guy then you sit with me, he can go and sit on his own!”

“…” Xuan Mo felt that ignoring this foolish brother of hers really was becoming too challenging a feat. 

T/N: honestly if it werent for the fact that Ai Er Ge was originally a ball of red light, i’d almost almost almost low-key ship them… almost…… orz am i the only one LOL

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This translation is hosted at ZHANLANN.COM

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