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Back in her days, it took them multiple space leaps and interchanges to reach here from the Coalition’s most secluded outpost; the journey lasted close to ten years. Meanwhile, these people, they spent only four days, from the Coalition to where she was. 

She figured that they were close, but she didn’t realise they would be this close. 

The anti-Elge movement was Coalition-wide, and the Coalition’s stance had remained unwavering for several thousand years before Xuan Mo arrived on the blue planet. Now that it was two hundred million years later, she didn’t know how much things would have changed. 

However, the one and only approach that the other civilisations took against the Elge was simple and straightforward — pure violence, in their face.

Currently, only the golden stone in the building in Country Z had emitted the signal. If any vanguard troops were to arrive, they would head straight for the Golden Stone building.

Xuan Mo was a little uneasy. It was going to be a dangerous confrontation. She had no idea what race they were, how they did things and what their abilities and strengths were. Two hundred million years have passed — she had no idea what her abilities would be like compared to them, or whether she was even at all capable if she were to face off this new generation. 


Later in the afternoon when she attended the four-hundred metre item, she saw Lu Yu Chen to her surprise.

“Mo Mo!” Lu Yu Chen ran over. He was holding a huge bag of things and took whatever was inside the bag out one by one, “dark chocolate, Redbull… take it and drink it! Enh and this, hmm? Sanajon? Forget it… what in the world, there’s even Melatonin, wait why did he buy this… Huangjin Dadang? Is this even edible…”

“You don’t know what you bought?”

“I didn’t buy this, my dad bought it.” Lu Yu Chen gestured backwards. Among the crowd of external spectators, Lu Jian Hua was occupied by a phone call. When he saw Xuan Mo’s gaze, he smiled at her and gave her a thumbs up. 

Xuan Mo turned back, grabbed the Redbull Lu Yu Chen held out, opened it and started sipping.

“Check in for the female four-hundred metre item!” As a shout sounded, the surrounding girls started moving. Lu Yu Chen had originally thought that Xuan Mo would have a friend with her, but he didn’t see a single person even after waiting for a long while. He frowned and walked over, asking: “Mo Mo, where’s your friend?”

Xuan Mo thought for a moment, if her dorm mates were counted… “They’re spectating other classes.”

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“Don’t know them.”


Lu Yu Chen was at loss. He walked Xuan Mo in into the check-in area, and accompanied her over to the track, before he finally gave up trying to rein it in: “Mo Mo, don’t you go out with other people to, er… play?”

“Play? Play what?” Xuan Mo was puzzled.

“Mass activities and the likes, your school is very strict but y’all have a lot of activities like these don’t you…”

Xuan Mo recalled, her school did appear to have had quite a number in the past, she did also recall seeing the messages her class rep sent in their class chat, about this upcoming competition and that upcoming event, but she ignored it all…

“I don’t know the tournament items.” It was things like soccer, basketball, volleyball, ping pong and the likes…

“But you can go and check it out!” Lu Yu Chen recalled the situation for his school. Whenever there were tournaments, not only the female students in their school would gather to spectate, even female students from other schools would come over. It was truly a breathtaking and fragrant situation. 

Xuan Mo was even more confused: “Spectate, what? The people or the game?”

Lu Yu Chen wanted to say people, but the moment the image of Xuan Mo spectating the guys in the tournament came to mind, he found it rather upsetting, and so he continued otherwise: “Spectate the game definitely! The strategy, the competition!”

“I don’t think I can understand their strategy even if I watched, as for the competition… I’m not interested in these kinds of bloodless and risk-free competitions.”

In the bleak autumn breeze, Lu Yu Chen stood there in a daze as he recalled his spirited participation in all his school tournaments in the past half year… was his passionate combats simply a joke in Xuan Mo’s eyes…

Xuan Mo completed the four-hundred metre race item in a breeze. When she returned to Lu Yu Chen’s side, he was still stunned from her indirect personal attack from earlier. She frowned and tugged at him: “Hey, what’s wrong.”

“Eh, nothing.” Lu Yu Chen pursed his lips, “Mo Mo, join for us dinner tonight, my dad’s flying to Hainan tomorrow, it’ll be too late otherwise.”



After returning from dinner, Xuan Mo headed back to her dorm. She still felt uneasy somehow, so she used her mental energy to check the Golden Stone building. There was nothing amiss. And so, she could only lie down on her bed as she surveyed the surroundings with her mental net. 

The bed beneath her bunk, the twins were chatting with a girl from next door, “what exactly is Zhang Yi thinking, she looks so pure, didn’t know she had so much going on with so many guys in the past.”

“There’s so many fishes in the sea, you gotta take a good pick right.” The person speaking paused before asking, “Xuan Mo, are you asleep?”

Xuan Mo didn’t move. Yang Jia continued: “Don’t worry about her, she always sleeps early, and she doesn’t wake up no matter how loud it gets, and she’s got a tight lip, don’t worry about her spilling anything she overhears.”

“Not only does she not spill tea, she doesn’t gossip either!” Yang Ni added, “super disciplined!”

“Aye, what a waste, the one with potential has a heart of stone, but the one without potential tries her best to fish the ocean…”

“Don’t be jealous, if your appearance doesn’t pass, people aren’t even going to be interested in your personality.”

“Frankly speaking though — not that I’m worried about her overhearing or anything — I quite like Xuan Mo, even though she’s always cold and anti-social.”

“It’s not just you, me too, even though she seems very unapproachable.”

“She’s really pragmatic too, if this is it, she’ll get it done, and she’s really strong, and steady, low-key too. When I saw her checking in at the race earlier all alone, I really wanted to go in to accompany her.”

“Heh, why don’t you go then!”

“I didn’t dare to in the morning, but as for the afternoon, heh, isn’t there a guy there already!”

“I saw him too, that’s her brother…”

“Ah?! Really?!”

When the conversation topic switched over to Lu Yu Chen, Xuan Mo turned around and rolled her eyes. It was pretty amusing listening to other people gossip about her.

Suddenly, a call came in. Lu Yu Chen’s excited voice sounded from the other end: “Xuan Mo! I just chanced upon a supernatural occurring!”


“I was on the way back to school and heard some sounds coming from a closed clothing store. I’d thought it was a burglar but when I looked over, I saw a set of clothes floating out!”

“?” Xuan Mo didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“What was even more frightening was! As the set of clothes walked, a head appeared, and then legs and arms!”

“…” Xuan Mo sat up. Topping the shocked gazes of her dorm mates, she quickly wore her shoes. “Wait for me.” She quickly swept the entire Police Academy and the surrounding area with her mental net in an attempt to find Lu Yu Chen. 

“No chill, listen to me, the clothes guy walked over to a car, and when he slapped the lock, the alarm didn’t sound at all! And then! He slid into the car and just drove off like that…”

“How do you know that’s not his car?”

“Because that’s my teacher’s car… I recognise the car plate number.”

“…wait there, I’m coming over.”

Lu Yu Chen was puzzled: “Why are you coming over, the car drove off long ago.”

“Then leave the area, quickly now!” Xuan Mo was a little agitated. This dumbo really thought he was invincible, if he saw the clothes person, the clothes person would have definitely seen him as well. Lu Yu Chen would be dead in a blink of an eye if the clothes person was a merciless one. 

“Leave? Leave the area? I’ve already left, I’m in the police station now.”


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